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Assassin's Creed: Divinity is a new instalment of the Assassin's Creed series. It features a new assassin, Abderus. Te game is set in the Ancient Greek heroic age.

Abderus is a son of Hermes, and must aid the greatest heroes of mythology in their quests, all leading up to the Trojan War.



Abderus is raised in the time where Athens is a corrupt city, with the Pallantides roaming wild and unrestrained.

Murder of Androgeus[]

The current king of Athens, Aegeus, is in fear that a Cretan visitor, Androgeus, will befriend the Pallantides and the two will make an allience. Knowing that Androgeus' father, Minos, is one of the most powerful kings of the era, he orders the player to kill Androgeus. Abderus must do a collection of missions leading up to this moment.

Arrival of Theseus[]

After arriving from the city of Troezen, Aegeus' son Theseus befriends Abderus. Abderus helps Theseus slay the Marathonian Bull, which is rampaging in the town of Marathon. When the prince returns, he and Abderus visit the king's palace, where the queen, Medea, attempts to poison both of them. After Aegeus discovers that Theseus is his son, Abderus must assassinate Medea.