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Assassins Creed:Exposition is a fan story made by Jim Logan, it takes place directly after Assassins Creed III

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Chapter 1[]

"It has only been four years into America's freedom, and although the young country is truly coming together on it's own, I believe that it is in no better shape then when England was in control. Other then America coming together, I am distressed to find my father Haytham survived my attempt to Assassinate him and is has healed from his injuries. I now see it fit to hunt down this man, as he could be the cause of America's recent distress."

Connor walked out of the Homestead, armed with a couple tomahawks, six rope darts, a flintlock, with twenty bullets, his Hidden Blades, a Codex he found in Achillie's bedroom, a hundred dollars, the clothes on his?

back, and a few alternate outfits. Connor had contacted the other Assassins to keep on the lookout he also put Stephane Chapheau in charge of the Order until he returned. Connor then started his uneventful journey out to Virgina. A month later, upon entering the crowded streets of Virgina, Connor almost immediatly saw a young man, probably in his early 20's wearing a Templar Cross openly, Connor guessed his father knew Connor was coming and set up a trap for Connor. Connor then spent the rest of the very rainy afternoon stalking the man to a nearby Church, and instead of entering through the door, he climbed up to the roof, only to see a Templar guard watching the roof, Connor silently took the guard out with a tomahawk to the neck. Connor then watched a meeting? between what he thought the American branch of the Templar Order, for several hours, only to see his father, the very head, suggest something, that caused ruccus amoung the viewers, who proceeded to draw their swords, Haytham drew his own blade, but was attacked from behind by his own bodyguards who proceeded to beat him to the ground, stole his ring and threw him to the ground outside, and left him to die, coughing in the rain. After waiting an hour and a half of nothing happening, no one entering or leaving, Connor stepped down from the roof, Hidden Blade ready to kill his father. Just before Connor could deliever the death blow Haytham looked up at Connor with a face full of sadness and pain and said "Hello son, come to kick the man while he is down?" Connor said "Why should I even let you live?" Haytham laughed "Because I am your father." Connor shouted "And that gives you reason to live?" Connor went to stab Haytham in the neck before Haytham shouted "I have information on the Templars!" Connor hesitated at the statement, retracted his Hidden Blades and helped Haytham up. Connor asked "What kind of information." Haytham whinced as Connor grabbed a wound on Haytham's rip "The names of their leaders, their home locations, their schedules, their strenghts and weaknesses, whatever you need." Connor asked "Why did the Templars attack you and throw you into the rain, why didn't they just kill you?" Haytham painfully chuckled "I said, since I knew you are one of the few Assassins left in America, I offered to take them to you to, you know, but their new leader, his name Nediar, disagreed, thinking I was an Assassin ordered they attack me." Connor nodded "So why didnt they kill you?" Haytham thought for a second "I guess they wanted me to die slowly." Connor asked "So are you going to deny the Templar cause and rejoin the Assassins?"