WARNING: Spoilers are ahead! Read on if you dare!

Info: Assassin's Creed Hope is a fan made story which is set in an alternate reality in which Desmond lets the world end, it is set in the year 2060, and all is peaceful... For now, at least.

Chapters 10 & 11 are finally released! The epic conclusion to Hope has arrived, what is in store for Steve's final battle?

Chapter 1: 50 years ago

Today is December 21st, Earth Day. A day in which every family makes a ball, and sets it on fire. We do this to honour our leader, Desmond Miles, who made a choice to let the world end, for a limited time of course. Desmond is now 77, and has 3 children and a wife, Jane Pollama, now Jane Miles. Only 7 of the 90 survivors around the world have lived to see this day, and we will remember the people who helped shape a new Earth, an Earth in which the people have control, an Earth in which everything is peaceful, an Earth, where everyone is equal. But Desmond has been acting weird lately, and nobody knows why. Some people say the spirits have been telling him something big is about to happen, some say he is going to die. And some say, he will turn on us, murder us all, so that HE may become king. But I don’t think he would do that, not at all. He has told us everything he knows, and he is COMPLETELY honest. Is he? Of course! What am I saying? He tells the story like this: he, Rebecca, Shaun, and his father, William, had finally opened the door to the inside the grand temple. A long pathway was ahead, and 2 spirits appeared. One was Minerva, the person who was trying to protect humanity, the other was Juno, the person who wanted to enslave everyone. Minerva told Desmond that by letting the world end, very few survivors would be found, and that he would become the leader of a new world. This is the choice he made today. Although people say there is more to this choice, it sounds believable as it is, although I do suspect Desmond is hiding something from us about this story. The other choice was to put his hand on the pedestal, using his energy to create a shield around the Earth, protecting us from the solar flare, killing him in the process. Desmond realised Juno would make humanity her slave, and so he didn’t want anyone to have to be tortured by a god. So he chose Minerva’s option, “It was the only way you would be here, free today.” He tells us. Though many died, we spent our time re-creating society, from the ground up. Just like a new beginning! Life is hard, and only the elders know what the magical devices known as “televisions” and “radios” were like. They say they made life easier. I sometimes dream of having magical devices like the ones the elders speak of here, but we can’t have them, we have to work to obtain them. Our descendants will live in a happier world where the things the elders speak of exist. Each month, Desmond comes out to tell everyone the news about our lives, and what the spirits say. Today we are having a special assembly, no one know what Desmond will do or say, but we know it will be amazing.

Chapter 2: SecretsEdit

We all walked to the assembly, happy and eager to hear what our leader had to say. We took our seats and waited for our leader to show himself. He finally came out.

“Silence!” He said.

“Today, is a special day. We remember the old Earth, and the new one. 50 years ago, my companions and I made a hard decision, a decision, that keeps you all free and happy today. You have all heard my story, but I have kept one thing from you all. Minerva had said that dark forces would eventually rise and that our peace would be destroyed, I fear, that now is the time the evil will rise.”

We all stood shocked as he told us this shocking news. He reassured us that there was nothing to worry about as his thoughts do not mean it will happen. But I know these forces exist, and that everyone is too afraid to do anything about it. So as soon as I get home, I will prepare to protect myself from these forces. But right when I walk through the exit, a man wearing a hood touches me on the shoulder and says “I know who you are. I know what you want. Follow me, I can help you.” I have two choices, I can either follow the man to a potential threat, or go home to safety, where he may hunt me down. I know how to protect myself, so I choose to follow the man. It seems he is taking me to Desmond’s home. I wonder why he is here, is he going to break in? I run away hoping to warn Desmond, but he grabs my arm and points a knife to my neck. He hides the knife and continues walking with me. He pulls out a key and opens the door. The inside of the house looks normal, but he pulls a stick on the ground like a lever. It activates a secret basement door where a collection of weapons and outfits are stored. Inside is also an obstacle course which looks like it could only be completed by experts. He takes off the hood. “Desmond!” I say.

“Why did you take me here?”

“So you could be trained. To be like, us.”


Shaun and Rebecca step out of the darkness. “We are assassins, people who are dedicated to protect the peace of the Earth and it’s people, and there is one force that keeps us from doing this, the Templars.” Shaun explained. Desmond continued, “Now, we need you to get into this. It’s called an Animus. It let’s people relive the memories of their ancestors. We searched your name in the Animus Database, and we found an assassin. An assassin we believe will help you learn new techniques to aid people in modern times.” I have no questions, so I enter the machine to relive my forgotten ancestor’s life. I close my eyes as Desmond instructs me and in a flash my ancestor’s memories flow through my head, him becoming a soldier, sailing to somewhere called “Germany”, killing someone named “Adolf Hitler”, and then dying in his bed. I had learned his skills in less than a minute. I was ready to become an assassin. I was ready to stop all evil.

Chapter 3: InitiationEdit

“I, I feel…. Different…” I say. I am confused, what has happened? My head, too many memories, I… can’t explain it. “Don’t worry, it’s a temporary side effect. Anyway, what’s your name?” Asked Rebecca. “I’m, I think… I’m Steve Medam.” I tell her. I still don’t know if that’s my name, I’m too confused. Am I Steve Medam or John Weipool? I.. Don’t know… Desmond tries to help me by saying, “Steve, we need you calm down, close your eyes and remember.” I do as Desmond says, and I begin to feel better. “If everyone’s done chit chatting, I think it’s time Steve went to find his first target. But, before we can do that, we need to find out where he is hiding out, and hopefully, we’ll find the other Templars too…” Shaun tells us. I remember hearing people talking quietly, saying things like “They know about us.” Or “If they find out, they’ll kill me!” I need to find out more about these men who people are so afraid of. “I know what I have to do, I’ll be back, hopefully in a few minutes.” I say. I walk out of the house, but Desmond grabs my arm and holds out a blade concealed within a bracer. I nod my head and leave the house. I put on the bracer and look around. I see two suspicious looking men talking in secrecy. I walk up to them, and sit with the civilians, hiding my arm. I listen, and I hear this, “That old fool knew about our existence all this time, he may even know the location of our hideout! Anyway, the boss told us to meet him at the William Miles monument at 12:30 tonight. May the father of understanding guide us. Good luck my friend.” I needed to follow one of the men and disguise myself, one of them walk near a dark alleyway, so I needed a distraction to lure him in. I find an empty bottle and throw it at the wall, he walks into the alleyway. I walk over, draw my blade, grab his shoulder and pierce him in the head with my blade. I take his clothes and now, I wait. (9 hours later) It is time, I can take out the templar. I walk to the monument and try to act natural. The templar begins to talk,

“Men, We are gathered here tonight to discuss the murder of Desmond Miles.” He says.

“You never said anything about murdering Desmond!” I say

“I don’t believe I know you, soldier?”

“I… I’m…”

I blew my cover, everything is ruined! I must attack now, or never! So I reveal my blade and try to stab him in the head, but he blocks the attack, and throws a butcher knife into my shoulder, the pain is… Unimaginable, I see them walk away, and I was sure to die. Everything was turning dark. It was the end. I am going to die. But just like am I waking up, time skips to a house. A house with weapons along the walls, portraits of people, one of them being the man that defeated me, I look around and see a woman wearing a hood. I struggle to get up, but she says “Please, stay still, you’re hurt, badly. I know this must be very strange for you, so let me introduce myself. I am Mary, Mary Nale. And like you, I am an assassin.” She smiled kindly when she told me this news. I calm down, I am here with a fellow assassin. I am safe. But then I remember. “I need to get out of here, they, they’re planning to… The Templars are going to kill Desmond!” Her smile turned to a shocked face very quickly. She told me, “Steve, the reason you failed to defeat the templar was because you hadn’t practised the skills your ancestor taught you. I’ll take you to Desmond’s house, you can train there.” So she took me to Desmond’s house. I don’t know whether Desmond is still alive or not, but we’ll find out when we open the secret door. It opens, and the bodies of Desmond and his companions lie in a pool of blood. We were too late, the leader of the assassins is dead. Mary tries not to cry, and is strong. “We’ll take our revenge Mary, don’t worry. The Templars WILL pay. Even if it’s the last thing I do on Earth.” I say. She then tells me, “We need to get the weapons, armour and any documents or maps that will provide any useful info on our target, let’s start looking.” I nod my head, and look for any weapons or armour. I see a belt carrying throwing knives, and pick it up. A recipe for some sort of… Poison. I think it may be useful, so I’ll put it in my pocket. And I see the robes of an assassin, white, with red scattered around the costume. I put on the robes, and find a bow behind it. So I grab it, and the arrows. “Steve, I found this.” Mary gave me a folder, with the word “Targets” written with pencil on the front. I look inside, and only one Templar has been identified, and it was the man who had beaten me in the fight. Details were inside, including his hideout. This would be very useful for me. I put the folder away in my robes. I tell Mary, “We’ll start training later, we need to bury the bodies.” She nodded her head. We each picked up one body, and dug it up. We made a tombstone for each of the Assassin mentors, and decided we would hold a funeral for them the month after, but for now, we needed to take care of the Templars. We head back downstairs, where we begin training. I train, it has been several hours, but I am getting better, I managed to free run across the first set of obstacles, but lost my focus on the last set. I switched to combat with Mary, she is strong, but I manage to win the fight. The day after, we stop training, I don’t know why. Until Mary tells me, “Steve, you wield the blade, fire the bow, and wear your robes with pride. Today, I will make you an assassin. Meet me at the lookout tower tonight, and we will begin the ceremony.” She smiled and walked away. I spend the rest of the day training. I think I am ready, it is time. I head to the lookout tower, where I see Mary high above the city. I climb the building and take a breath when I finally reach the top. Mary turns around and says, “So, you came. We will begin the ceremony.” She says.

“Do you, Steve Medam, pledge your allegiance to the Assassin order from now until death?”

“I do.”

“Where other men and women blindly follow the truth, always remember…”

“Nothing is true.”

“Where other men and women are limited by morality and law, remember…”

“Everything is permitted.”

“We work in the dark to serve the light, we are Assassins. Nothing is true, but everything is permitted. Welcome to the order, Steve. Traditionally, we remove a finger when someone is initiated into the creed, we will do so with you.”

I close my eyes, and feel pain, I move my hand around, and my finger is gone. Mary quickly wraps a tissue around my hand to try and stop the bleeding. Mary smiled and said, “Let’s see if you’re really worthy to be an assassin, jump off this building and land on both feet without killing yourself.” She jumped off the lookout tower, if she could do it, then I could do it. Could I? I take a deep breath, and jump off, surprisingly, I’m still alive. It truly is a day for celebration.

Chapter 4: RevengeEdit

2 months have passed, and I have spent my days hunting down the Templar. I have learned his name, he is Peter Listerm, his parents were murdered by a criminal who was later caught and sentenced to death. His guards protect him while he walks to his HQ, and then he locks himself inside. That could be the place where his life ends. But how am I going to get in? I need a plan, so I’ll ask Mary for help. I walk into her house and ask, “Mary, I need a way to get to Listerm, I know he locks himself in his hideout, but there is no way in without causing noise, any suggestions?” Mary replied, “Well, the guards drink coffee while he’s inside, one of them is sure to carry the key. I made some poison with the recipe Desmond left. Here, I’ll start you off with 5 bottles.” I thank Mary, and offer her coins, but she refuses. “No brother, the Assassin order is a family, not a group. Good luck brother.” I bow and leave the house. I check the map for the location of the Hideout. “South-East of William Miles Monument” the map says. So I begin my search, and see a house, larger than the others, with two chairs at the front and 2 cups of coffee on the tables. I walk over to the coffee, and check for anyone watching, no one is near, so I poison the coffee, and now, I wait. The guards draw nearer with the Templar, I quickly run behind a tree, the Templar walks into the hideout. The guards drink their coffee, and start coughing, luckily not making much noise. I quickly run over to the guards and search them for keys. I found the key, now to open the door. I open the door with the key, but no one is inside! I blink, and suddenly everything turns blue! What is happing? I’m panicking; I look around and see a glowing painting. I blink again and everything is back to normal. What does it mean? Is there something behind the painting? I lift the painting off the wall to unearth a secret door that has been opened. I walk down the staircase the door leads to, and hear people talking.

“Please, you need to give me more time! I promise he’ll be dead by next week!”

“You said he wields a hidden blade, he is an Assassin! He must die! You may act tough in a fight, but look at you now! Begging for forgiveness at my feet! Pathetic….”

“You know what? When I’m done with this so called “Assassin”, I’m leaving the order! Fuck the Templars!”

The other Templar laughed and said, “If you seriously intend to do that, we’ll just hunt you down and feed your body to the dogs. I expect the body of that Assassin by TOMORROW Peter!”

The Templar walked away and Peter said to his guards, “Bastard! Guards, come here! You are to let NO ONE enter the door am I understood!” The guards responded by saluting. When Listerm went through the door, I jumped down and began fighting the guards. One attacked, and I countered with my blade, pushing it into his neck, he hangs from a wall. My blade is stuck in the wall, and I can’t get it out! The other guard tried attack me with his sword, but I have enough strength to take the blade out of the wall and get down onto the ground, the sword leaves only a scratch across my arm, I then get up and take the sword from him, drop it and grab him. I look at the door, and see a lock that requires a code. I hold my blade at the guard’s neck and say “How do I open the door?” He says, “I’ll never tell you!” I become frustrated and move the blade closer to his neck. “Now will you tell me?” He responds, “Okay! Please don’t hurt me, the code is, circle on the outer layer, diamond on the middle layer, and triangle on the inner layer! Please don’t hurt me! PLEASE!!!” He begs. “Thank you,” I say. “I’ll let you live, now go! Tell your masters that your captain is dead!” He looks very frightened, and he runs off, crying. I smirk as he runs away, and adjust the lock to show the correct combination. The door is unlocked, so I open it. And there he is, I stare him in the eye as he sits at his desk.

File:Assassin's Creed (3).png

“Peter Listerm, I have come for you.” I say.

“I knew you would come back. I would’ve finished you off if that Assassin didn’t take you away.”

“I’m not here to kill you. You’ve had a hard life, I understand, that’s why you commit these murders. Your parents were murdered, you had no family, and you’re running out of money.”

He started to laugh and said evilly, “You really believe all that nonsense? I’m not running out of money! I’m filthy rich! And my parents were murdered, BY ME! And I do have a family, they’re called the Templars! And I will protect them at any cost necessary, even if it means killing a pathetic worm like you, assassin!”

He quickly picks up a crossbow hidden under the desk, and shoots my leg, he pushes me out of the way and runs, trying to call for help. I pull out the arrow and follow him, he looks back, panicking. He knows I’m there, so I need to get into the darkness, I need to get to higher ground. So I climb up one of the walls, where a shadow covers me, and he tries to hide, but he forgot to check the roof. I take a deep breath release my hidden blade, and jump, pushing the blade into Peter’s head.

He has a few moments before he dies, so I let him redeem himself.

“Peter, your murdered our great leader, he was making everything alright, why did you do it?” I asked.

He struggles to breath, and says, “I… Desmond was going to destroy us all, we’d be… We’d all stay like this, we would never have evolved, we’d stay poor, without the great machines our ancestors had, he held us back. He HAD to die!”

“That is your opinion, not mine. Not the people’s choice. Do you not realise the Templars “World of Order” would keep us all from being free? And it would keep us at the same point where we are now.”

“But, no we wouldn’t, we’d be greater than our ancestors, we’d… We’d… Order is the only kind of peace, as long as the Assassins exist, this world will never be…. Will never…. Be….. Free…..” he stops talking and dies. I close his eyes and walk away.

“We were free, we have freedom. We would evolve, But no, Not your way. Rest in peace, Templar. May the lord forgive you for your crimes against his planet Earth.”

Chapter 5: The Brotherhood of 2063Edit

It’s been a year since I assassinated Listerm. The Templars are obviously aware of his death, as they are leaving no traces. I have searched all over the city, and there is no sign of them. I fear I’ll never be able to find the other Templars. Maybe I should ask Mary for help. “Steve, congratulations on assassinating your first target, I have a present for you. It’s the legendary sword of Altair. It was passed down to generation after generation of Assassins, and I think you should carry it.” She gives me the sword, and I say,

“Thank you Mary. You are very kind, you have done so much for me. And, sadly, I need you to do something for me again. I’m not having any luck with finding the rest of the Templars. Any suggestions as to where I might look?”

“Well,” Mary says. “I don’t know where you can look, but I do know how you could get some information. There are many people who have found out about the Templars, and the Templars are hunting them down. Maybe you can assist them, and they may give you some information, or they may even join our cause.”

“Thank you Mary.”

“Don’t worry about it, peace be with you brother.”

I bow and leave the house. I look around, and hear a man screaming. He carries a small knife and is fighting off men with coats baring the Templar Cross, I quickly run over to assist the man, I take out the first guard wit my hidden blade, and the rest with my sword. I have several injuries, but they will heal later.

“What do these men want with you? Do you know who they are?”

“Yes, I do. They want me because I found out about their not so secret meeting.” He breathes heavily and then asks, “Who are you anyway? I mean, excuse my rudeness, thank you for helping me. I’m Jarred Logan. If there’s anything I can do in return, just tell me.”

“Actually, there is something you could do for me.” I say. “What do you know about the Templars?”

“Not much, I only know their meeting somewhere in the forest tonight. Why do you care anyway?”

“I’m an assassin, we are dedicated to protecting the peace and freedom of the people, and the Templars keep us from doing that. Thank you for the information Jarred.”

But before I can walk away, he says “Wait! I’m interested in you, “Assassins”. And I hate those bastard Templars. May I join your Brotherhood?”
”Of course friend! I welcome you into the Brotherhood with open arms. Who knows, maybe you have an ancestor who was an assassin too! Go speak with Mary, she lives at the house down the road. She’ll tell you everything.”

“Thank you, friend, I will assist whenever you need to be helped.”

He walks down to the road to Mary’s house while I walk to the forest. I hear growling, and barking, like that of a dog. But I think nothing of it. I step on something hard, and look down. It’s a dead horse. Covered in blood. I look back, and see a wolf. It warns me to get away from the forest, but I’m not leaving. Not now. So the wolf attacks! It’s scratching me! It’s trying to kill me! I can’t do anything! A woman walks over and yells “Get off him!” She aims a bow at the wolf. It stops to think for a second, and decides to step away from me. It then runs away, I am safe. I go to thank the woman, but when I get up she is not there! Someone grabs me from behind, it’s the woman. She yells, “What are you doing in these forests? Your leader agreed not to damage the forest or its inhabitants! Explain! Now!”

“I need to, get to a meeting. It’s urgent.”

“You expect me to believe that?!”

“I need information; I need to find someone, a Templar. Heard of them?”

“The Templars?” She then let’s go of me in confusion, and asks, “What do you want with the Templars?”

“They stand in the way between us and peace. I am an Assassin, the Assassins are dedicated to protecting the peace and freedom of Earth, they are having a meeting tonight, and I need help. Would you be able to help me?”

She then replies, “Yes, but only because these Templars are after me, don’t think this means I’m one of you “Assassins”!”

“Thank you, I appreciate your help. I need you to go and fetch a man named Jarred, he’ll be staying at a house in the city, bring him near the hut at midnight. I’ll see you there.”

It’s been 7 hours, and it’s time. My companions are here, and the meeting has begun. My goal is to speak with the weakest looking guard and question him, while my friends fight off the others. We wait above a tree, and then I signal my companions to attack. One of the guards flee, so that’s who I go after. I jump off the tree, draw my bow and shoot the fleeing guard in the leg. My fellow brother and sister of the Brotherhood finish off the guards, and we begin to question the last one.

“Who do you work for!!?? Tell me and you shall be spared!” He spits in my face and doesn’t tell me, so I nod my head and Jarred holds a knife to his neck. The guard starts crying.

“Okay! I’ll tell you! Please don’t kill me! I work for James Ken, he usually stays at his headquarters by the largest tree in the forest! I told you all I know please don’t hurt me!”

“Let him live, he’s helped us.”

The guard runs away. And I say my many thanks to my fellow Assassins. I then head to the largest tree in the forest, where I’ll start my search for the hideout.

Chapter 6: Shaving the SkinnerEdit

The tree I’m looking for is famous, as it is the first tree Desmond and the other Assassins found. It is marked with a red piece of cloth tied around it, and has a sign under it saying “Tree of Hope”. All I need to do now is find it… I hear screaming, someone yelling “NO! Help! Someone help!” I run to the sound of the screams, and see a man being tortured, I need to help him, he may know something about the Templars. When I show myself, the guards scream “Assassin! Kill him!” They must be Templars, else they wouldn’t know who I was. I quickly climb up the nearest tree, jump off and slice one of the guard’s neck with my sword. The other guard wields a boarding axe, he attacks and I try to counter with my blade, but he’s too powerful. I need to find another way to stop him. I blink, and the strange vision activates again, I see a glowing object, it must be able to help me somehow. So I try to lure him over there by running to the location, and he follows, and falls over the object. This is my time to strike, so I take the axe he dropped and finish him off. I drop the axe and walk to the man. I cut the ropes with my blade, and say,

“Sir, are you okay?”

“Yes, thank you uhh,”

“My name does not matter, nor does yours. The only thing that matters is your safety. But before you go, do you know what I will find in the cave over there?”

“Yes, it’s why they took me here. There’s a room, a hallway. With men who wear armour with a cross, their leader is a man nicknamed “The Skinner”. They call him that because, well, after the guards are done torturing the victims, he skins them alive, and hangs their remains to “decorate” the cave.”

“Thank you for your help. Be safe.”

I look at the cave, and see the skins of those poor people, but James Ken will pay soon enough. I walk over to the cave, and look inside, it’s just a wall made of bricks, but one of the bricks stand out. So I walk over and push it back. It activates a secret door that leads to a huge hallway, with several doors inside. Ken is sure to be inside one of them. I open many doors, but I stop at one when I find a note on a desk. It says:

Dear C,

The Assassin has killed Peter, I fear he will come after one of us sooner or later, who knows what will happen, the guards may slip up or he may end up freeing one of the prisoners. I was informed by one of the guards that you would arrive here for an inspection on Friday, so I leave this note for you. YOU MUST LEAVE NOW! The Assassin is sure to follow one of us here, so I moved to the base back in the city, inside the house. When you find this letter – IF you find this letter, you need to go to the house NOW! Be safe, and may the father of understanding guide us.

-The Skinner

Damn! I was so close! Ken was here, and all that information was useless! I need to start eavesdropping on civilians, see if they know which house the Templar is hiding out in. I need to get back to the city. The quickest way would be to buy a carriage, but I don’t have enough money. I need a quicker way to get to the city, but how? I see a horse whistle on one of the guards outside, so he must own a horse. I use it, and a horse arrives. This will be a great way to get back to the city. I need to hurry, so I start my ride. I finally reach the city, and blink, so I can check for anyone that’s talking about my target. I see a group of 4 people, highlighted in gold. I blink again and walk over to them. I sit down with them and say,

“So, you guys heard ‘bout that fellow who’s staying in one of the houses?”

Surprisingly, one of the people responded, “Yeah, apparently he’s not staying in a house, but in the abandoned shack by the assembly hall, some say he’s the one Desmond secretly picked to be his successor, and that he murdered Desmond. My opinion is, I think all that stuff ‘bout him murdering Desmond is true.”

“I agree, well friends, bye!”

I walk away and head for the shack, but I think I blew my cover. One of the men looks at me strangely, and I’m afraid he’ll start a fight. So I walk away as quickly as possible, and finally reach the shack. But before I can open the door, the man who I saw before says

“I know who you are, Assassin. The boss told me to keep you away from him. And I WILL do whatever the boss says. So, it’d be best if you ran, NOW.”

“I’m not leaving. Not now. And if I must kill you to get past, so be it. I’m sorry for doing this.”

I pull out my sword, and he pulls out a knife. He aims for my neck, an obvious spot for him to aim, but I manage to block the attack, then kick him in the stomach and try to cut his arm as a warning, but he manages to get on the ground quick enough, where he trips me over, he gets up and holds a knife to my neck. “Well Assassin, it seems it’s the end for you, any last words?” He says. “Just one, EAGLE!” I call, that is the call of trouble in the new brotherhood, and that signals when an Assassin is in trouble. My sister in the brotherhood assassinates the Templar and helps me up. “Thank you Jessica.” I say. “No problem, after this I’m back to the forest, so I won’t be available for help again. I might bring back some meat to celebrate the death of the Templar. Good luck, brother.” After Jessica leaves, I try to open the door, but it’s locked, and I don’t have a picklock. There are rumours that there are tunnels that lead under the houses, I might be able to use them to get into the shack. I find the entrance to the tunnels, who knows what’s inside? But I have to kill the templar. So I enter the tunnels, and finally find the entrance to the shack, so I use my sword to try and break the wooden floor, surprisingly it works, maybe it’s because it was Altair’s legendary sword? It really is legendary. I made it into the shack. And there he is, the legendary skinner. Seems he’s set up an archery range, he’s practising. But he won’t be soon.

“James, the Assassins have found you. It’s time to die.”

“Call me The Skinner. And did you really think I didn’t know you’d follow me here?” He turns around, and continues. “Why don’t we settle this like men?”

“That’s exactly what I intended.”

He pulls out a sword, and I decide to finish him off the way my ancestors did, with a hidden blade. He pretends to aim for my head, but instead cuts my leg, causing me to fall down. He runs down into the tunnels, but doesn’t go out. I quickly get back up, and look around the tunnels. I see people’s skins hanging from the roof. It makes me want to throw up, but I need to kill the Templar. He’s obviously using the skins to hide. “So much for settling this like men Ken, Come out and fight!” I yell. He’s a coward, hiding. I can’t find him by guessing, I need to track him. Before he went into these tunnels, I cut him on the leg with my blade; I need to follow the blood. I find a trail of blood, and I follow it, it leads to a door where he’s sure to be. The blood trail stops at the door, so he must’ve noticed the blood. Seems he didn’t take the time to clean up the trail, or at least a part of it. So I open the door, and look around, but no one is here! Unless... BAM! I get knocked in the head with a pipe, and fall to the ground. I think I’m passing out… Everything is going… Black…

I wake up and find myself tied up in a chair. The coward is so afraid of me that he captures me. I try with all my might to get out, and I manage to loosen the rope. But instead of getting out of the seat, I plan to stay here and trick him. So I get back into the position in which I was in, but first, I need a distraction that will make Ken come and check on me. So I pick up a stick, and remember that I have a match in my pocket. So I set it on fire, and throw it on the floor, so it starts a fire in the house. I close my eyes, and wait. James finally comes in, and puts out the fire. He walks over to me angrily and yells, “Did you do this!?! You pathetic assassin!” He slaps me in the face, and I release my blade, get out of the chair and stab him in the stomach.

“Why, why haven’t you finished me off?”

“I’m offering you a final chance to redeem yourself. No man or woman should leave this planet without knowing some kindness, as Atlair once said. Do you regret joining the Templars?”

“No… We were going to shape a new Earth.”

“We already have a new Earth!”

“No… It’s exactly the same as the shit hole we lived in 500 years ago! We take everything for granted! The water, the trees, the animals! That is why I honour them, by putting their murderers skins for the whole world to see!”

“No. You are wrong. Our god intended for these creatures to help us live. To help us by giving us their food and meat. Their wood and liquid. The Templars want us to tremble under their power. Allowing them to win this eternal war would mean we all serve them! Even those minions who helped them achieve their goal! You are their minion!”

“Now that you mention it, I see the truth now… The Templars want us to be their slaves… But at least… They wanted…. They wanted order…”

I close his eyes, and search his body for any notes or letters. I find one stating that the mysterious person known as “C” or “The Leader” is hiding out in New Canada. If I finish off their leader, their threat will be lessened, and they will be split up. I must ride now. So I walk out of the shack, and never enter it again.

Chapter 7: The Ride to New CandaEdit

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Mary, I’m leaving for New Canada. Anything I should know before I leave?” I ask.

“Yes Steve, there is something you should know. I have a contact in Canada who is also an Assassin, he can help you locate this mysterious “C” and he’ll provide you with supplies and weapons. Steve, good luck.”

“You too, Mary.” I bow and leave the house. Mary gave me some money to buy a horse, so I’m all set. “I need to buy a horse, I’ll take the fastest one you’ve got.” I hold out the money and get on the horse. New Canada is a long way to travel to, so I’ll need to be quick. That slippery son of a bitch could leave the country at any moment. So I make the horse follow the pathway to Canada, and we go. It was discovered that most of the land was destroyed, and replaced by a great desert while someone was travelling to the country. So it’ll be humid, and hot. A whole quarter of Canada was filled with desert, while the rest is filled with green grass and beautiful trees, and even one of the biggest cities on Earth.

After an hour of travelling, I find myself in the Great Desert of Canada. I see the Great Rock of Poppa Mountain, one of the famous landmarks of this place. I’m getting hungry, and decide that if I see a camp I’ll check to see if they’ll help me. The first few people stated “They didn’t have any” when they obviously did. I finally stumble upon a camp, it seems this is the final one for miles. So I get off my horse and try my luck. But before I can enter, a man with a bow reveals himself after hiding from a rock. He aims the bow at me and yells,

“Why are you here!?? State your business!”

“I need food and water, I will not harm you, I just need your kindness, for a fellow traveller!”

“No, we know who you are! Assassin…! The Big Man payed us to kill you, and he’ll pay me a fortune if we do it! All I need to do is kill you, then he’ll pay us. Then we can get extra dough if we murder him after! The perfect plan!”

“I’m not going to let anyone get in my way, I’ll murder you. I’d best suggest you leave… NOW!” I yell

“Doesn’t seem very likely, now does it?” He says. He then pulls out a butcher knife and points it at me.

I have no choice but to fight. This man is quick, so countering his attack or attack him directly won’t do anything. I need to disarm him. He tries to slice my throat, but I get onto the ground and kick his legs causing him to fall down. The knife is on the ground, we both struggle to get it. He gets it, and manages to scratch my leg, he then pushes me onto the ground and points the knife at my neck.

“Any last words?”

“No…” I quickly take the knife and stab him.

“It doesn’t seem you’re in the position to be making threats now, are you?”

I get back onto my horse and continue riding for Canada. Each day I become hotter and hotter. So hot that I feel sick to the stomach. I feel like I can die at any second. I fall off my horse, thinking there’s no hope for me left. But before I pass out, I see a man in a hood. He walks towards me. But then everything goes black.

I wake up in a bed. I call out for help, and someone opens the door.

“I assume you’re Steve, because if not, I’ll have to kill you now that you’ve seen my home.”

“I’m Steve, are you the contact Mary mentioned?”

“Yes, let me introduce myself. I am Zack Metallion. At your service fellow assassin.” He bows.

I get up and say. “I need to find out how and where I can find the Templar known as “C”.”

“Well…” Zack says. “We’ll need to get the city first. It’s very unlikely he’d be staying in a place like this. If he’s the leader of the Templars, I’d suggest one of the richer looking homes. We’ll start riding again tomorrow.”

I nod my head and fall back asleep.

That night I am woken up by the sound of people trying to break in. “There he is.” A voice says. “Let’s end his pathetic little life here and now!” I quickly get up, grab my blades and run outside. I need to lure them away from Zack, or my only way to get to the Templar will be gone. One of the five men attack with an axe, I counter by stabbing him in the head, roll over to the next one and hit his stomach, where he drops a sword which I pick up to pierce into his neck. I climb up to the top of the house, where I jump off and push my elbow onto one of their heads. To finish off the other two I run over, stab the first one in the stomach, jump up into the air and push the blade into their head. I wake up Zack and he yells, “What the hell is goi- oh. Clean this mess up, quickly.” So I dump the bodies into the lake and head back inside where Zack tells me, “Steve, we should probably leave now. The Templars know you’re staying here. Let’s go.” So we both get onto our horses and ride for the city.

I try to start a conversation by saying, “So, you have any children?”

“I did, but they were murdered by the Templars. Though when I checked for my daughter’s body, it wasn’t there. To this day, I still hope she is out there somewhere, waiting for her daddy to come home. Until that day, I will help the Assassins.”

“That’s a very… Sad story. Who knows, she may have wound up with the Assassins too…” He stops talking, and becomes serious. So I switch the subject to the target. “So which building do you think he’ll be in?”

He replied, “Well, If I had to guess I’d say The Tower of Freedom. Last time I visited it was surrounded by the guards. That’s something that normally wouldn’t happen. I’m afraid I can’t show myself in the city, so when we get there, I have to go.”

“I understand.”

I can hear screaming from far away, it can only mean trouble. When we ride over the mountain, we see the entrance of the city. With slaves being whipped to build houses. “I’m sorry friend,” He says. “I must leave, be careful.” I nod and say goodbye. I’m about to enter one of the largest cities on Earth. I need to be careful. What will I face? Only God knows. The Templars end forever, HERE.

Chapter 8: The Thieves

“Hey! Outsider! Get out of here! You don’t belong on Canada!” A guard yells. If I approach directly, they’ll catch me. So I need to climb the walls of the city. Several cracks are in one wall, so I try to climb up it. I keep falling down! It seems cracks won’t work, I need something else. But what? I look around, nothing that can help. The best I can do is wait for an opportunity to get in. A woman walks behind the guards, and holds a rope. She winks at me, is she going to help me? I hope so, it’s a pain standing around for so long. It turns it, she is helping me. She climbs up the wall, throws down the rope and quietly says, “Come on! Climb up!” I nod, and climb up begin to climb up the rope. She quickly pulls it back up before I can climb up it. She smiles and says, “No! Not yet! You have to promise that you’ll help us later. If I let you up, you need to help us.” She says.

“A thief? Me? Help you!? Are you mad?”

“Okay then, you can stay down there and rot!” She said as she was walking away.

“Wait!” I say. “Maybe I could help you…”

“Great!” She said. “Come on Steve.”

I begin to climb up the rope again and ask, “How do you know my name?”

“The thieves know everything around these parts. Even your little… Secret, but we’ll discuss that later.”

What secret? I have nothing to hide, apart from the fact that I’m an assassin of course. What could she be talking about? I can’t worry about that now. I need to follow her to her home. “Us thieves use the rooftops of this broken down city as transportation, I assume you know how to climb?” She asks. “Indeed I do.” I reply. She climbs the walls, runs across the buildings and dodges the attacks of the guards well! Obviously not as good as I. Well, maybe a little better than me. I follow her to a small hut. Lots of noise is coming from it, and she opens the door and says, “Welcome to the Headquarters of the Thieves.” She smiles at me and says, “Friends! This is the man we’ve all heard of, this is Steve Medam!” Half of the crowd cheers, the other half looks at me with anger.

“You bastard! You killed Desmond!” One said.

“Desmond was holding us back!” Another said.

I said, “What is all this talk about me murdering Desmond? I did no such thing! The Templars murdered him not me!”

“What? Who are the Templars!?” One asks.

I need to reply quickly, I’ve nearly blown my cover. “They uhh…”

The girl quickly saves me by saying, “Okay boys! You keep drinking while Steve and I go and talk outside!”

She takes me outside. The guards are nowhere to be seen, why aren’t they here?

“Umm…. Why aren’t the guards out here?”

“Oh, the guards ‘round here are corrupt. We paid them to stay away from our base.”

“Well, I can see you thieves ARE good for something.”

She laughs and says, “Indeed. I never got the chance to tell you my name, I’m Jessica Roberto. Nice to meet you Steve!”

“The pleasure is mine.” I say. “What is all this talk about me murdering Desmond?” I ask.

“Well,” She says. “There are rumours of Desmond being murdered by a man with a hood, who carries many weapons. We’ve sent out thieves to find the man who murdered our great leader, we suspect you to be the murderer.”

“Then why don’t you kill me right now?” I say.

“Well, I like you. You’re not like other murderers. You stay cool, you’re powerful, and you’re honest!”

“Then you’ll believe me when I say I didn’t murder Desmond, and I need your help to get me to the man who ordered the attack.”

She looked away with a face of confusion, she looked back and said, “Okay. But you need to help us first. The bandits from the outside of the city are invading our bases, and this base is their next target. We sent out spies to see what the bandits are doing, however… We either found their bodies, or we didn’t find anything. And well… I think you’re better than our rookies. Come find me in the morning, and then we’ll begin!” She says.

“Okay.” I say. “I’ll help you, goodnight.”


I walk into the thief’s hideout, where Jessica shows me my bedroom. She walks out, and I fall asleep.

I am awakened by screaming and yelling. I jump out of bed, grab my blades and charge out of my room. Thieves are handing each other swords and knives, and bodies are falling to the ground. Jessica looks at me with eyes of hope, and she screams “STEVE!” Everything is slow, I look next to her, a man with a bow is about to release the arrow, I charge to Jessica and push her out of the way, the man fires the arrow. Something hits my chest, I look at it. An arrow is stuck in it. I fall down, and my eyes close. Before I die, I hear a scream. A scream of a woman. She says, “STEVE! NO!”

I had a dream while I was in the short coma, it was a dream of the legendary Ezio Auditore da Firenze. He is walking into a large cave, many of his assassin pupils seem to be creating a pathway. He says, “Everybody, leave. It is time.” Everybody leaves, and the old man walks to a tall stone pillar. He presses a hidden button, and places a piece of paper inside, they seem to be blueprints of some sort of weapon, but I cannot make out what the design shows.

The dream stops, and I wake up tied to a chair. A man walks in, he walks over to me and says, “So, the ally of thieves is finally awake! Let us see how he fairs with me!” He slaps me in the face, and I kick him, he pulls out a knife and cuts my cheek. I yell in pain, and he spits on me. He then leaves the room, and sends a guard in with me. The guard walks over and says, “How dare you attack our leader!” He is about to stab me with a knife, but I break the rope with my hidden blade, and quickly stab him in the stomach before he even gets a chance to get a hold of the knife. I run outside, where two guards are talking, the guard on one side is about to notice me, so I poison the tip of my arrow and shoot him in the leg. He begins to cough and act strange, so I sneak up on the other guard and cover his mouth, causing him to fall asleep. I hear yelling, I look around the corner, where I see the leader of the bandits, yelling at one of his soldiers. He seems to be carrying some sort of long range weapon, he aims it at the head of the soldier and it makes a loud “BANG!” sound. It seems like a very strong weapon, as it only took one hit to send the bandit’s head into a pool of blood. As he walks away, I glance at the projectile it sends flying out. It seems to be some sort of metal cartridge, perhaps I could find some way to add one of these devices to my blade. But there is no time to waste, I promised Jessica that I would kill the leader of the Bandits, I must hurry. The leader must’ve heard me, he is calling for the guards, and is looking around the shadows for me. He quickly activates a switch, opening a hidden door, and cowards away into his “safe” room. There are guards scattered around the room, I need to take them out one by one. I crouch, and stay in the shadows, one guard is staying stupidly in front of me, I stab him, grab him, and throw him into the shadows, where he will die slowly. The next guard is not so gullible. So I need to get above him. I find a dagger and some string, I quickly combine them so that the dagger is on the end, and the string is turned into a rope. I get above him on a piece of wood that has managed to grow through the wall, it must’ve been damaged, I climb up, onto the piece of bark and throw the dagger end of my newly constructed weapon into the neck of my target, I pull the rope and let myself fall down. He is up there, with his lifeless eyes. He is dead. Hung upon a piece of bark. A statue is in the middle of the room, and a guard is right under it. I quickly climb up the statue, pull out my sword, jump off the arm of the statue and thrust the blade into his head.

All the guards are gone, so I run over to the hidden door, and activate the switch. A staircase is inside, and I hear a man crying. It is likely the leader of the bandits. He is looking outside a window, holding a portrait of a woman in his hands, he is continuing to moan the name “Katie, oh my beautiful Katie! Why did you have to die?! Why?!!” I walk over to him and say,

“You have done horrible things. Your time has come.”

He turns around and says, “Can’t you just leave a crying man alone!?”

“No, I cannot. For I am here to end your mourning. You will be with your wife in the afterlife.”

He does not hesitate and walks over to me. “Please, end my pain. I deserve to die.”

“I will,” I say. “But you have shown yourself to be a man of goodness as well as evilness. I will not end your life this way. I grab his coffee mug and poison it with my blade. I give it to him. “Drink this. And wait, you will be with your wife soon enough.”

“I thank you for showing me kindness, as I did not with my victoms.”

I walk away and find my way back to the city. Jessica is crying, but when she sees my the tears from her eyes stop dropping. “Steve!” She yells. She runs over to me, and hugs me.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“Yes, I was worried, I thought you were dead!”

“You thought that of me?”

She laughs and says, “Are the bandits gone?”

“They will be no more trouble for you anymore.” I say.

She smiles.

Chapter 9: The Eagle Catches It's Prey

Four months have passed, and I have been enjoying life with the thieves. But I have still had no luck with finding the Templar leader, until now.

“Steve,” Jessica calls. “I may have found a way to get inside of The Freedom Tower, my thieves will take you there. Good luck.” She says. She kisses me and I leave.

The thieves are a fast group, and I am having trouble keeping up with them, but I am managing. The thieves stop on top of a building, where we can get a good view of the tower. “Steve,” One of them says. “The plan is for you to whistle on top of the lookout tower once you’re up there, that will give us the signal throw our torches at the wooden shed, causing a distraction. While the guards are distracted, you will jump into the bale of hay, and quickly get inside the building, from there on unfortunately, you are on your own.” He says. I nod my head, showing that I understand.

I begin to climb up the lookout tower, where the birds are flying around. I whistle, and the Thieves do as planned. The shed is lit on fire, and clouds of smoke hide the air. I jump into the bale of hay, exit, and quickly enter the Freedom Tower. Inside, I find that the guards are waiting for me. The entire first floor is full of guards armed with spears, bows and swords. I reveal my hidden blades, grab them, and use them as my daggers.

Two guards run up together, and throw the spears at me, I duck, and the spears hit the guard opposite the way they were thrown. I cut a guard in the leg, he falls down, I stab another in the stomach, I then return to the guard that fell down, and finish him off. One guard tries to attack me with an axe, I crouch and give him a small cut on the back, little did he know he’d been poisoned, and would die ten seconds later. I roll over to another guard, push one knife into his stomach, and another into his head. Seeing this as an opportunity to attack, a guard attacks me with a sword while I’m unarmed, I grab his sword and murder him with his own weapon. Two guards are on the staircase, firing arrows at me, I quickly retrieve my daggers, and shoot one of the guards with my newly crafted “Hidden Gun”. The other archer runs away, I follow him, I prove to be too fast, and I push my sword into his back. All the guards are now dead. I walk up the staircase, and I hear a man laughing. His laugh is full of evil, it is the laugh of absolute power. This man is corrupt. He is a Templar. Though he is not the one I came for, he does not appear to be the mysterious “C”. He is another sent in his place.

He turns around and says, “I was expecting you, assassin!” He chuckles, he is hiding something behind his back, and it is glowing gold.

“Where is C?!”

“I’ll never tell! Die bitch!” He yells.

He pulls out a circular shaped object, with patterns all over it. It is the colour of gold, it is glowing. Suddenly, multiple bodies of himself appear! This foe is formidable indeed, and I need a new strategy. So I pull out both my sword and dagger, and prepare for battle. His clones all pull out hatchets, all of them come at me at once. I try to stab one in the stomach, but the attack fails, so I try again on another by pushing his axe down with my sword, and stabbing him in the neck with my dagger. I cut another’s hand with dagger and push the sword deep into his stomach, I fail to retrieve the sword, so I grab my other dagger. I slice another one’s legs with both daggers, and finish him off by poking him in the neck with my fingers. Only one is left, he is the real deal. I climb up the walls of the tower, aim for his head, and fire my hidden gun.

I still hear laughing!

“Did you really think I would be THAT gullible?”

He is cloaked by the glowing artefact, he reveals himself and pushes a dagger into my stomach. He grabs one of mine, and points it at my throat.

“Any last words assassin?”

“No, just an action.”

I knock him in the head with my own, pull the dagger out of my stomach and kick his hand, causing him to drop the artefact. I walk over, hit his ribs, then his jaw. He falls down, I stomp on his stomach, and I begin to give him the final blow. I grab my dagger, and push it into his head. I pass out after the fight. The last thing I see is the artefact falling to pieces.

“Steve, wake up! You did it Steve.”

I open my eyes and see Jessica. A quick memory enters my mind, “I hope that one day, she is still out there, waiting for her daddy to come back.” Said Zack while we were riding to the city.

“I did what?”

“You killed the Templar.”

“Oh. Jessica, I know you lost your father years ago. Come with me, and I will show you something.”

She looks at me, very confused. I take her to Zack’s hut, where she is shocked. “This is… Where I used to live!” She has tears in her eyes, I call Zack. He comes out. He is very happy. “Jessica?” He runs over to her and gives her a long hug. I smile, and begin my journey back to the city of New York.

Chapter 1Chapter 1

Chapter 10: A Mouse Hides…

Desmond Miles





This is what it said on Desmond’s grave. He was indeed a hero. Not like me. He would’ve done something to stop all this chaos. Everyone has turned against me, and I am alone now. The body of one of the guards lies beneath my feet, everything is wrong. She holds the knife to my neck. Who? The person I once trusted. Mary.

“Steve. You betrayed us, now you must pay for your sins.” She says.

I don’t talk, I wait. And I take the knife from her, and knock her in the head, causing her to become knocked out. “Sorry Mary.” I say. “You are confused, and I don’t think I can show you the error of your ways.”

I need to remember, but I don’t. Heading out of Canada, and nearing New York… All of it is a blur. Some guards try to attack me, but I manage to counter their attempt by stabbing them with my knives. Outside of the city, I see first a ring, of the Templars. I continue to walk along, and I find some blood, but no body. I walk past a tree, and see a wanted poster.



Citizens describe as blue eyed, brown hair and light skin.

Wanted for the murder of Jane Miles, wife of Desmond Miles.

Reward: $1,000,000

The poster appears to be new, I am beginning to piece the evidence together. It all makes sense now, I walked out of Canada, fought and killed a man working for the Templars, hid the body, took his ring as evidence, and everyone thinks I murdered Jane. I need to find a safe place to stay for the night, and I definitely won’t find it here. I come across a boat, and sail to anywhere it takes me. I bring as many foods and liquids as I can, as the journey may be long. I must get away from America.

DAY 17

When I first started my journey, I was worried that people would follow me, so far no one has. I have passed many Islands, and countries. All of them, were not safe. I must travel further

DAY 67

I am running out of food and supplies, I hope I get to my destination soon. Men are boarding my ship! I run over to attack them, they take my weapons, by using their thief skills, and I am left unarmed. I knock one in the head, kick another in the stomach, go to the next, and slap his face, I then push him off the boat. The one I kicked has recovered, and is coming to attack. He is strong, VERY STRONG. He tackles me off the ship, and I barely manage to grab onto the side, he is holding onto my leg, I kick him off, and he drowns. I make my way up the ship, and get my weapons back.

DAY 102

I have made it somewhere safe, Italy. This place has many buildings, it is very beautiful too. Especially the city of Rome.

Before I find support, I need to look around for anything that may convince the other Assassins that I did not kill Jane. I look around statues, asking people questions, and I find one cave that stands out from everything else. I walk inside. A huge pillar is inside. Many statues of famous Assassins such as Aquilus, Altair, and even Ezio himself are inside. I walk along the pathway to the pillar, and find a secret button.

Could this be the pillar Ezio hid the blueprints in?

It very likely is.

I push the button, and inside the pillar are blueprints for a modification to the Hidden Blade. It allows the user to press a button on the blade, causing to more blades from the sides to come out, allowing group kills. This upgrade also allows the user to press the button twice, allowing all 3 blades to spin around. The creator, some man called “Leonardo Da Vinci” nicknamed it “The Razor Blade”. I see why Ezio would hide this, it is very valuable, and very strong. I apply the modification to my blade, it will definitely help on my long journey to defeat the Templars. I exit the cave, and a man walks over to me and says,

“The women here are… Delicious! Beautiful! Maybe you should…”

He looks at me in shock. I look at his hand, and find a ring, it is the ring of the Templars. He runs away, and I run after him.

“Where is C?!”

He is too scared to move, but he manages to move his mouth. “He’s in Rome, in the largest castle, something called “Il Leggendario”. Please don’t hurt me!”

I cannot spare this man’s life, I must kill him. But I do it without him knowing, I poison him, and pretend to spare his life. I walk away, and he dies a minute later. The final battle awaits, for me alone to face. No Mary, no Thieves, no Assassins, and no Desmond. If I complete this, I will become worthy to call myself Assassin.

Chapter 11: And Then Reveals Itself

The forest is amazing, Beautiful. My razor blade slices through the wood easily. If it can do this, it should be able to take care of a human being with large amounts of ease.

I have set up multiple wooden targets, they are placed for me to practice assassinating on. I climb up the tree, look down to find my target, jump down, activate my razor blade while in the air, and finish it off. My next targets are in a group, I jump over the log that blocks my way, and activate the triple blades. They all have holes in their heads, so I walk to another set of targets and continue my training.

After hours of training, the sun sets, and I begin my journey to the motel in Rome. I begin to hear footsteps, this person is obviously not very experienced in the art of stealth. I turn around with haste, and see Jarred, the Assassin I recruited a year ago.

“Jarred, don’t do this!” I say.

“None of your tricks will work on me… Templar!”

He strikes me with a butcher knife aiming for my neck, luckily it only gave me a small cut on the cheek. I pull out my daggers, and try to trip him over, but he knocks me in the head. I’m on the ground, so I hit him in the stomach, he is stunned, so I quickly knock him in the jaw. He spits on the ground, and realises he has dropped his knife. We both glance at each other, he is about to reach the knife, but I kick it out of his reach, and stomp on his back, he yells and gets back up. He kicks me in the face, and I fall down. He runs over to the butcher knife, and holds the knife to my neck.

“Jarred, everyone is confused, but no! I will not let you fight me! We are assassins, I did not murder Jane!”

“You told me lies, and now I want revenge! Die Templar!”

I struggle, there is only one way out. Blood pours from his neck, onto my face. I push him off me, and retrieve my dagger.

“Jarred, do you wish to redeem yourself?”

“Why should I tell a Templar my sins…”

“Because, I’m not what you think I am. Remember this, when you go to the heavens, you will know I fight for good, and not evil. You will watch me from above, and then, you will know the truth.”

“We shall see… Either way, you are a murderer…” He is gone. I shut his eyes and walk away.

At the motel, I am greeted by the owner, who promises that this is “The quietest motel in all of Rome”. “No,” I reply. “It is the 11911991419th quietest.” Translated into letters, this spells “Assassins”. In most stores and motels, all workers have been told to open a secret room if they hear that number. He pulls a switch, and opens the door. Inside there are many weapons and folders. I am looking for one particular folder code-named “RAT”. I pick it up, and open it. Where have all the Templar names and biographies gone? This one is a fake, I need to find out more about C, he must’ve taken it. While I’m here, I should look for any weapons that may be of use to me. I find a pocket of knives, small, but deadly. These will definitely be useful. It seems someone else beat me to it, when I was creating the knife connected to the rope. I read the folder called “DEATH”, so that I may find out info about these weapons. I find a rope dart, this says it was created by Shao Jun. I pick up the rope darts, and leave.

But before I can do that, the motel owner points a “gun” to my head. It is a weapon that works a lot like a bow, but much more powerful. It is the weapon I used to create my Hidden Gun. “Did you really think we wouldn’t follow you here Assassin?” He says. I look at his hand, and find a ring with the Templar Cross on it. He fires, but I roll the other way. I jump over the desk, and kick it out of his hands. He is on the ground, and I use my razor blade to finish him off. Only piles of blood, arms, and legs remain. Normally, I would puke, but once you become an Assassin, you get used to it.

Time to leave, I quickly run out, and get my horse.

I find myself at the foot of the Il Leggendario castle. The guards have heard me, so the knock down the door from the inside, and begin to attack. I pull out a sword and a knife. Two of them attack at once, so I thrust my sword into the back of one’s head while the other one jumps into the blade. I reach for my sword, but am interrupted by another guard, who carries a large axe, I cut his leg, kick him in the face, and take his axe. I finish him off by throwing it into his head, revealing his now broken skull. Another guard seems to be carrying 2 pistols, it seems I may have to find who created them and destroy them all. He continues to shoot at me, but I run over to the guard who had my sword in his back. I take it back, and run to the guard with the pistols. He tries to knock me with them, but I disarm him and shoot him in the stomach. They’re all dead. Except one coward.

He blocks the door with chairs and pieces of wood, I need to find another way up. There are many cracks in the walls of the castle, it seems that I can climb them. I must move quickly, otherwise the other guard will reach C. Each rock I put my foot on falls to the ground so I must be careful. I fall! There is no way back up. But there is still a chance I can kill the guard. I ready my hidden gun, aim and fire. He’s dead, but it made a lot of noise. C was sure to hear it. He looked down from the top of the castle, and laughs.

“C!” I yell

“Is that what you’re calling me? “C”!? You never even tried to find out who I really am before you came to kill me!”

“Then who are you!?” It was a stupid question, but my mind thought of nothing else.

“I shall tell you before you die then. I am Cameron Molak. And I am your worst nightmare.”

I look around, and begin to think. There is one crack in the castle at the top of the building. I can’t get to it, by climbing. I look at my rope dart, and my bow. I think of a way to get to the top. I must combine my rope dart with my arrow, and I can climb up the rope. So I try, and it reaches the crack. I use the other end with the rope dart knife to pin down the rope. I climb up, the rope wobbles, so I must be careful. I quickly climb up it, and reach the top of the castle, where Cameron tries to kick me off. I use some smoke bombs I looted from a dead body to blind him, and use the time to get up. It eventually wears off, and we both prepare for battle. The final battle.

A sword in one hand, and a hatchet in the other, we begin our battle. He Throws a dagger at my foot, forcing me to stay pinned to the ground. I quickly remove the dagger, and scratch his stomach, it seems it didn’t do any damage to him at all, judging from the look of his face. I drop the dagger, and try to thrust the hatchet in his head, he dodges and slices a deep cut in my arm. I yell in pain, and he sees this as an opportunity to attack. He throws his arm forward, with a dagger in his hand aiming for my head, I dodge and try to stab his stomach. He grabs my hand, and takes the sword. He holds it in both hands, and snaps it in half. I am amazed at his power, but that makes me no more a coward. I come running at him with my hatchet, little did he know my intention was to slide under his arm and throw it into has back. I get back up, his back is turned, and I throw it into him. He yells in pain, and pulls it out, and throws it off the top of the castle. I am unarmed, I have no weapons left.

He holds his daggers, smile on his face. There is nothing I can do. I must face death. No, he must face death. He runs over to me, I get my razor blade ready, and put it into his stomach. He is sure to die now. He falls to the ground. The battle is over. Even the Templar leader deserves a second chance, however.

“Cameron, why would you command an army of people who wanted to control the world?” I ask

“So, the act worked. You believed it was true.” I looked at him, confused.

“What?!” I say

“Steve, you killed the Templars, you have won. Let me explain… I am actually one of Desmond’s ancestors, Ratohnhake:ton Kenway. In my final years of life, I discovered an ancient artefact I called, “The Cup Of Eden”. It was created by people my tribe used to call, The Gods, or Ones Who Came Before. It allowed the carrier to live forever, so long as they drank a liquid that had been put in the cup. I used it to live for 300 years, and Desmond and I became friends. He and I both decided our time had come, so I made it look like Desmond was murdered, when he really poisoned his own drink. I, disguised myself as a Templar, and rose high up in the ranks.” He tells me. This is shocking news. I must find out more.

“What about me?” I ask

“You…” He says. “You were the son of Desmond…” He coughs.

“You, Steve… Desmond saw the future with the Apple of Eden, he saw that you would become the one who would protect the world, doing it in the shadows. He knew your life would work out, that you would be different from your siblings, so he left you at the orphanage.” He grabs my hand.

“Steve…” He continues. “You must… protect… Us all….” He is dead, so I close his eyes.

All of this was just a big mission to assure I became a protector? This is all too much to take in. I can’t stay here. I need to go back to America. I feel there will be many more Templars there.

I was not destined to be a normal person. I was given the destiny of becoming an Assassin, it is something I wish not to be, but I will continue to be the thing that I am none the less. This world needs a protector, not a leader. It need freedom, not slavery. I protect this world while staying in the shadows. And should anyone dare try stand in my way, they will be shown the same fate as those who try to show the world darkness.

I am Steve Medam. Son of Desmond Miles, I am one who serves the light, in the dark. I am an Assassin. I am, the only hope.

Author's NotesEdit

  • Starting with Chapters 4 & 5, each edit will introduce two new chapters, so stay tuned kids! (Or adults lol)
  • Assassin's Creed Hope is about an alternate reality where Desmond does not let Juno escape from the Grand Temple, and where Desmond becomes leader of the new Earth
  • I may create a story about Steve's ancestor, John Weipool who fought in World War II and assassinated Hitler
  • I make up people's last names, that's why they sound so weird! (eg, Medam, Weipool. lol)
  • I chose a futuristic "new civilisation" setting because I wanted to stay in style with the Assassin's Creed "old times" settings, but since I'm not good with history, I wanted some originality too, so I ended up choosing this alternate reality setting! :D
  • The picture of Steve Medam in the assassin's robes was originally The Prowler (AC Brotherhood Multiplayer char), I then copied Altair's face, used the prowler's hidden blade, I drew the bow, the poison bottles and belt myself, can completely change one thing to another o.O
  • There may be a delay during the chapters being uploaded, as the sometimes the ditor srangely does not load for me sometimes... Weird
  • I have begun writing a direct sequel to hope, Return of the Eagle! What obstacles will Steve have to overcome next?
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