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"If one has the ability to free another whom doesn't deserve freedom, who gives that man the right to be free?"
―A question about the Assassin ideals raised by Jacob Sterling.
Assassin's Creed: In Memory
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US release
July 19, 2013
EU release
July 19 2013
Action, Historic
Paperback, Ibook
English, Russian
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Assassin's Creed: In Memory is set in Russia from 1956 to 1959 and follows the story of Jacob Sterling, an Assassin defective whom now follows the Templar Order and their ideals. Following the kidnapping of his daughter, Miranda Sterling, Jacob sets out to Russia to infiltrate the Assassins headquarters and rescue his daughter.

Author's Notes;

  • When the text is italicized it's indicating that it is a memory and is in Jacob's head.
  • I'll confess that I did put it in script form since I find it as an easier alternative to writing how they said what and such.

Prologue - Worn Rags For A Worn Man[]

Grand Master: People must have a leader, the alternative is far worse than any of us could imagine, despite what they may believe, to have freedom is to have the world drenched in chaos.

The words of the Grand Master had echoed through the mind of Jacob, like a loud voice in a hollow box. His hands gripped his forehead; the sweat running down his cheek a long with dried up tears he had cried earlier that morning. Twisting the cold tap of the sink and running the water through his fingers, wiping the mess from his face.

Grand Master: They’ll be looking for you too, you know?

Jacob: I know! I just want my little girl back… I have no time for your petty feud!

Grand Master: Then make time, Jacob, you out of all people, should know what the Assassins are capable of.

Jacob: I just want Miranda safe and I am grateful for what you have done to help me on this voyage, not many people would book a flight to Russia for one man.

Grand Master: And that is where us Templars differ from most men, Jacob. We look out for our own kind, when you arrive our contact in Moscow will be there to greet you and show you around your new home.

Jacob threw himself in front of the mirror, sighing as he raised his hood so that it shrouded his eyes in a cloak of shadow.

Grand Master: You have two options Jacob, you can go in strong and slaughter any Assassin on sight or you can use their own tactics and blend. Become one of them and strike when they least suspect it.

Jacob: I don’t need to kill anyone; I go in, get my daughter and leave.

Grand Master: Surely you can’t throw away an opportunity to be rid of some Assassins to aid our cause.

Jacob: I’m not going to risk Miranda in the process.

Grand Master: I’m paying for you and this is how you respond, by not fulfilling a simple request?!

Jacob: There’s an innocent life on the line, we’re fighting for millions of them this very moment but with no results, if we can save this one, then I can die a happy man.

Jacob grabbed the gauntlet off the table, browsing the innovative design of the construct; a well-refined steel to propel most strong objects thrown towards it as well as engravings along the side of the bracer.

Jacob: It’s been too long since I have put these clothes on…

Opening the door, Jacob stepped outside the building and left for the airport where he’d be taken to Russia.

Chapter 1 - Дом, милый дом[]

Jacob rested during his flight, gazing out the window and seeing the glowing skyline of the world it had made him wonder how significant can one man be compared to something that big. The memories of Jacob's time in the brotherhood were distant but remained...

Jacob: Why do we kill? There must be another way?!

Mentor: Young Jacob, you are naive and too young to understand why we kill.

Jacob: Then explain to me, there is no way I can learn unless I have answers, give me an answer!

Mentor: We kill because we've come to realize that people don't change, you can't depend on the corrupt leaders of today to change. The idea is that if we eliminate them permanently then chances are, they'll be replaced with someone better but that's rarely the case since the Templars just replace them with their own corrupt officials.

Jacob: If it doesn't work then why do we keep doing it?!

Mentor: Because it's what we do best, but we're getting weaker by the minute and each day more than 3 of our teams are killed by Templar agents sent by Stalin himself.

Jacob: Why don't we kill the man?

Mentor: We're planning to, and you're going to do it.

Jacob: You're sending me out to kill Stalin?

Mentor: You're always telling me you want to prove yourself to the Assassins, now is your chance.

Jacob: Thank you for this opportunity, mentor.

Jacob held resentment for the mentor, even now he can still picture the anger he through towards the wall following that meeting. A random passenger turned towards Jacob, smiling at him.

Passenger: I'm so excited to be heading to Moscow, it's where my mother grew up! What brings you here?

Jacob: Business.

Passenger: Really, what do you do?

Jacob: I work in politics.

Passenger: That's quite fascinating, I've been writing a book about the corruption in politics...

Jacob: That's interesting, I've been dealing with corruption for many years now.

Passenger: What's your name?

Jacob: The name is Paul Heatherington, yours?

Ron: Ron, Ron Jackson.

Jacob: You wrote the "Diary of One Foretold" which had discussed how the needs of one outweighed the needs of others.

Ron: Ah, my best work.

Jacob: So you're working on a new piece?

Ron: Yes, I'm going to call it "The Backstory of Political Corruption," perhaps you could help me.

Jacob: I wish I could but my task at the moment is quite crucial, perhaps once it is all over.

Ron: It's a deal then, anyway, I'm going to head to sleep.

Jacob: Alright then.

Grand Master: You'll have a new identity, you're Paul Heatherington, an Assassin from Europe whom has come to the aid of the Russian Assassins. They know Jacob Sterling though so you'll need to be masked when talking to them, we have one designed for you luckily so it shouldn't be an issue.

Jacob: Anything else I need to know?

Grand Master: You aren't new to the order but you're not high ranking either which is good so they won't know whether or not you're Paul.

Jacob: Excellent, thank you for this grand opportunity.

Grand Master: The honor is all mine, you have helped us more than you know, consider this pay back.

Jacob pressed his head against the window and began to see the pale whiteness of the Russian snow. Upon the landing of the plane, Jacob and Ron parted ways for the time being and hence, Jacob looked for the man meant to greet him.

Escort: Paul Heatherington?

Jacob: That's me.

Escort: Follow me and allow me to show you your new home.

Arriving at the house, Jacob gazed at the structure, fine craftsmanship used with the finest of pine wood.

Jacob: Home, sweet home.

Chapter 2 - The Haunting of One's Mind[]