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Assassin's Creed: Inheritance

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US release
January 7, 2012
EU release
January 7, 2012
Action, Historic
English, Italian, Czech
A prologue and 14 chapters
"As long as there's war, there will be people who want peace. There are people who want to force peace, and they're as good as parasites. And there are people who want to teach peace. People who fight for it. Who truly want it to last. I'm one of them, like my brother, my father and my grandfather. My name is Flavia Auditore, and I'm an Assassin."
―Flavia Auditore in her memories.

Assassin's Creed: Inheritance is an in-progress story that follows the events immediately subsequent to Ezio Auditore's death, narrated through Flavia Auditore's written memories and a series of letters between her, her brother Marcello and some of their relatives and friends, like Giovanni de'Medici, Marcello's first mentor, or Alessio Falcone, an orphan who joined the Brotherhood.

The story begins with a prologue in which Desmond Miles and Shaun Hastings, in New Year's Eve, 2012, discuss the retrieval of the diary under the Tower of London, then, in Chapter 1 are narrated Ezio's final days.

Due to the length of the story, only the summary will be published on this page. The link to the story is in the infobox.

Part 1: The Bande Nere (Chapters 1-10)[]

Flavia, 11 years old, and Marcello, 10, come to know just before their father's death about their family's Assassin heritage. They are introduced in the Brotherhood and meet the men who will teach them, Francesco Vecellio and Giovanni de'Medici, Caterina Sforza's youngest son. Giovanni is also a spy: he has found three Templars in the armies of Kaiser Charles V, and the Brotherhood's plans are to eradicate them.

They also meet a homeless kid, Alessio, whose family name is later revealed to be Falcone. Flavia and Marcello quickly befriend him, despite a fight between Alessio and Marcello after the former steals an old wanted poster depicting Ezio's face. Some days after the fight, Alessio, too, is taken as an apprentice by the newly-promoted Assassin Benvenuto Cellini.

After a year, Marcello shoots dead one of the three Templar leaders, General Georg Von Frundsberg, head of the Landsknecht army, but something goes terribly wrong, and Giovanni is gravely injured and dies some days later.

Part 2: The Apple and the Stone (Chapters 11-20 estimated)[]

Ludovico Ariosto gives up his place of Mentor, and Francesco Vecellio is voted to succeed him.

The two remaining Templars leading the Holy Roman Imperial armies, helped by a traitor Assassin, kidnap Flavia and travel to Rome, at the head of an army of Spanish and German soldiers. After finding out they're planning to steal the Apple in the Colosseum Vault thanks to a coded message left by Giovanni before his death, Marcello and Alessio escape the Assassins' sanctuary in the old Medici villa and travel to Rome, where they manage to cripple the treacherous Assassin and save Flavia, while Alessio's master Benvenuto shoots dead one of the Templar leaders.

After meeting the Assassin Giovanni Borgia, the trio heads back to the Medici Villa del Trebbio, where it is announced Giovanni's seven-year-old son Cosimo will join the Brotherhood until he is not able to defend himself. Two Assassins, the writer Pietro Del Buta and the former soldier Arturo Spada, pick him up in the latter's hometown, Pescarenico, in the Duchy of Milan, while Alessio, Flavia and Marcello travel with Francesco to Basel, where Desiderius Erasmus has signaled suspect movements in Giovanni Borgia's trails.

One of the Assassins in Basel, Bombastus, has his mind corrupted by an ancient tome, and starts burning books in the main square before being taken away by Borgia. Flavia meets Shao Jun, who is on the tracks of Imperial soldiers on the way to Paris.

After a journey to Paris and a brief fight with local Templars, the trio befriends a witty Flemish Apprentice, Andreas. Nicolas Flamel is found by both Assassins and Templars, and when his wife is kidnapped, he resorts to the Assassins to ask for help.

During the battle, Marcello and Andreas fall into the catacombs and meet a member of the First Civilization, Mars, who warns them of a plan by Juno and talks to a man called John urging him to save Desmond Miles.

Flamel gives Marcello the Philosopher's Stone, and, after returning to Italy, Marcello is tempted to use it to bring Giovanni de'Medici back to life. He is stopped by Arturo Spada's younger sister, Laura.

(to be continued)

Part 3: Turning Tables (Chapters 21-30 estimated)[]

Part 4: Back to Florence (Chapters 31-40 estimated)[]