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Chapter 1: Awakening[]

"Wake want to protect her right....."

The voice then dissipated into nothingness as the man awakes in a hospital like room. He scanned his surroundings and found out that he was not in a hospital he got out of bed while the dextrose was still attached to him.

"Damn...what is this place...and who am I...."

He found a bag in the seat beside his bed and started checking it, he saw a set of clothes inside and assumed it was his.

"As much as i want to change clothes this dextrose won't allow me though"

He noticed that he was still a little dizzy but he wants to know his location right away and above all that he can't seem to remember his name so he went outside the room to check his name....

"Strange i thought hospitals put the name of their patients in the front door."

When he gazed at his surroundings he discovered that the place he is in is not a hospital since the rooms in the hallway don't have a room number.

"What the....? WHERE EXACTLY AM I?"

He raised his voice a little bit but it echoed through the hallway, he expected someone to arrive but to no avail so he continued traveling the hallway as he traveled he encountered an intersection and decided to take left hallway, as he walks he heard voices from the door in his left.

"Is this a CIA base? I don't even remember being a terrorist though i don't remember anything about me...except,......."

His head started to hurt like it was being split into two and his mind keeps seeing blurry images of the woman that he always saw in his dreams with a certain someone...though he can't tell since the other person is completely blurred.

He bumped into the door creating a noticeable noise then he felt like his consciousness is fading he heard the two voices coming nearer to the door and his mind still showing him images and sounds of events of that woman with a certain someone..then he faded out.

"Hey....thank you for accompanying me you really are my bestfriend"

"Who exactly are you?"

He asked the woman but she didn't answer on the contrary she gave him a smile then he felt strange as if he can feel the sincerity of that smile then his surroundings began to fade as the woman walks away he tried to chase her but she seemed to be gliding in the air rather than walking then as the woman faded his surroundings became pure white.....then he woke up in the same room where he came from earlier.

"Hey where am I?"

Then he saw a redhead woman wearing a red blouse standing in front of him.

"Thank goodness! You're already awake i thought you are gonna die when we found you collapsed in the hallway, luckily you collapsed just beside the room where I am in so we were able to stop the bleeding from you dextrose right away if not you would have completely please don't do that again and you're still pretty weak right now so try to rest a bit more. "

He then asked the woman about his name.

"Troy..Troy Mercer...that's who you're an Assassin"

"An Assassin?"

"Rest for now and we'll explain everything to you later when you're ready"

"By the way...what's your name?"

"Darlin....Darlin Rainaka Santilla that's my name...strange i have to introduce myself to you've really lost all your memories."

"Actually no...i remember a certain person"

Darlin then look the him surprisingly "Oh and who's that?"

"I don't know I see her all the time i was asleep though the images are blurred and the sounds are kind of static though the only thing i heard from her was the word bestfriend"

His head began to ache a little as he tries to remember, Darlin noticed this and told him not to force it.

Troy lay down in bed again.