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Assassin's Creed: Millennium
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Ninja Comics
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Science fiction, Historical fiction
Graphic novel
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Assassin's Creed: Millennium is a graphic novel series published by Ninja Comics. An ongoing series with an unplanned duration, the initial release date is yet to be confirmed. It is also due to be adapted into a television series, however details about this are not yet confirmed.

The series follows the story of (main character - to be confirmed), set in modern day United Kingdom sometime after the death of Desmond Miles, however the exact year is not known. Various Assassins from within the Assassins Creed franchise are also featured at various points within the Millennium series.

Plot Summary:

With the Templars gradually gaining the upper hand in the Assassin-Templar war by attempting to influence all aspects of modern day life, the Assassins turn to somewhat unorthodox methods of fighting back, through education. With the creation of various private schools, they look to recruiting fresh young talent to train up and become the next generation of Assassins within the secret war over the fate of humanity itself.

Enter (main character), a secondary school student who, after a series unusual events, ends up in the centre of a kidnap attempt by his very own headmaster who seems to have ties with the multinational Abstergo Industries. This plot however fails due to the appearance of a hooded individual bearing an unusual yet familiar symbol on their uniform. The kidnap attempt results in (main character) transferring to (school name), a private school with many secrets and a whole lot of history. Once there, (main character)'s life is changed as he trains to become an Assassin, balancing his studies at school with his assignments out in the field, all whilst learning and trying to connect with his own Assassin ancestry. Can (main character) and his classmates fulfill their duties as Assassins whilst protecting the identity of their school, or will their activities both in and out of school attract unwanted attention that could compromise the Brotherhood?

(more details to follow)