"As much as I value its purpose and value, Aiolos, I cannot use it. I do not require the Oracle to forsee that that will happen. It will take control over me. Or you. Or anyone that wields it. I shall guide my soldiers with my OWN power'. If I need a god-like artifact to aid me in my fight, then I am not worthy of fighting at all. If I am destined to fail, I shall do so. The Gods will judge me for my actions, and not for my ability to use theirs. "

-Leonidas to Aiolos, regarding the Apple

Assassin's Creed: Mythology is a fan-canon story created by Jace Palladino. It features the story of Aiolos, a young Mycaenian assassin and ex hoplite that fights against both the Persian and Templar oppression in Classical Greece.

Chapter 1 - The StormEdit

Aegean Sea, 485 B.CEdit

It had been a long day for Aiolos. Hours and hours spent pulling ropes and screaming at the slaves who pulled the trireme too slowly, according to the Captain, really brought him down. Aiolos felt a little sorry for the slaves: they didn't do anything to deserve getting whipped just because they weren't strong enough. Yet he knew that everything the Captain did, he did it to assure the welfare of the others on board. He knew the Captain very well: after all, it was his older brother, Aiolia. The two never went along smoothly, yet fate had decided they had to meet up again. All these thoughts run so fast through Aiolos's head he didn't have time to concentrate on any of them, so his body gave up and he just fell asleep on the outside of the ship. His slumber was doomed to end soon, as a raindrop fell from up into the sky right into his eye. Aiolos woke up, screaming and yelling. He retook conscience just soon enough to realize that every eye on the ship was looking at him.

The Captain was the first one to speak. "So, don't just stand there! Get back to work!" he yelled. But just as he was about to crack his whip onto his brother, he froze. He squinted at the horizon, trying to see something. Aiolos looked at him, a little worried.

"Is something wrong?" asked Aiolos. No response. He got closer to his brother.

"What is it?" he asks again. "A ship" answeres the captain. "It's a- KEEP MOVING!" he yelled at the slaves,who stopped working, as he cracked the whip upon them. "It's a Persian ship. And it's coming this way. For us"

More raindrops kept falling on deck. " All hands, battle stations!" yelled Aiolia. "Prepare for combat!" Aiolos ran for his bow and Aiolia for his bronze sword. He was the greatest warrior that Aiolos had ever seen. With him on board, every battle was sure to be won. As the two ships started getting really close, the Captain climbed on top of the masthead with his sword firmly in his hand. Rain was now getting really strong.

"Ready the catapults! Ready the bows! Fire on my signal!" he yelled. Everyone on the ship could feel his charisma filling the air with strenght. Aiolos ran to his brother's side with his bow in his hands, ready to fire.

"Steady" he ordered. "Steady,Steady..."

Catapults and bows were ready. The battle was ready to explode.

Aiolia raised his sword high in the stormy sky "Fire at - BANG!!" Lightning crackled from the sky and direclty onto Aiolia's gleaming bronze sword. The whole ship was left breathless while watching their captain incinerated by a blast of electricity from the heavens. Fate was not on their side that day.

The ship's crew took a few seconds to get over the shock of the lightning and got ready to battle. Aiolos didn't. He froze. Not a mucle in his body was moving. His eyes hurt too much to stay open because of the flash, yet he struggled to look. To look at his brother, laying down, carbonized. He was still young, only 23 years old- but never had he seen something so debilitating. He witnessed his father get beheaded on the battlefield of Marathon, but that was nothing compared to what just happened.

Suddenly, a loud THUMP woke Aiolos up from his trance. The enemy ship had hit the trireme pretty strongly and Aiolos was thrown off of his feet. He quickly got up and made a run- for his brother. He didn't care about the Persian soldiers jumping on the ship, that was now his one. He threw himself next to Aiolia's corpse and grabbed his sword. He then took a bronze coin out of his pockets and tossed it towards him.

"One for the Soul Carrier, my brother"

Aiolos then stared at his reflection on Aiolia's charred sword. "I won't forget you, brother. I will keep on fighting" But even before he began, one of the solidiers hit him in the knee with an arrow. The pain was so strong that it bended and twisted Aiolos's thoughts and, as he witnessed the rest of the soldiers get massacred, he began questioning himself whether the enemy was ordered to take prisoners. The Persians then proceded to carry Aiolos' semi-consicent body over to their ship, and as it took off lightning struck again, this time on the center of the trireme, that promptly caught on fire and, together with its ex Captain, proceeded its inesorable fall towards the depths of the Underworld.

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