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Assassin's Creed: New Order is the sequel to Descent into Madness and follows the new Order of assassins maintained by a family of three who really doesn't get along.


Main Characters[]


The Myers Family
Joseph Joseph is the oldest of the three and at one point was an FBI agent before going completely into the Order.
Mary Mary is the second oldest and has a job as a Kindergarten Teacher and has the lowest DNA of the Isu of the three.
Elsie Elsie is the youngest with the Highest DNA of the Isu and is a Professor at a college. She has a Tumor on her head which has her seeing the world differently than the rest.


Ellie Blair A Mysterious girl that has shown up as Elsie's hallucinations more than one. She was the creator of the Assassin's Brotherhood and had left Joseph with a cryptic message.



Volume 1[]

Chapter Name Description


- Around the year of 1917, a scientist who is a Templar discovered a way to slowly kill of assassins with the use of their own special DNA. He used a poison that slowly kills them but is very contagious to those with high concentrations of the Isu Genes. This caused the deaths of many of the mentors and assassins resulting in only a few still living and the Order dissolving.