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Assassin's Creed: New World Order is a spin-off in Assassin's Creed action-adventure series in genre of Fighting developed by Ubisoft's subsidiarie Blue Mammoth Games, released in January 22, 2020 in US and in February 1, 2020 in UK.

It was first hinted in 2018, under the code name "Fighting Templars". It was finally anounced at E3 2019 in Los Angeles, with release date anounced as "First Quarter of 2020". In September 2019, the official date of January 2020 in US and February 2020 in UK was anounced. Originally, it was planned to have all of the Animi Avatars used in the previous games plus two new Avatars in the game, but developers quickly realised it would be very hard to make this many characters, so it was quickly cut to only 4 characters from each game. It was officially released on January 22, 2020 in US and February 1, 2020 in UK.

The player can take control of one character out of the 18 avalaible. All of the character are Animi Avatars, created from genetic memories.

The game is set in 2012.



Abstergo Industries launches a new Animi Training Program, based solely on training their employees hand fighting skills. Employees have to go through 8 opponents, and in the end face the main opponent, created separately for this program, using multiple genetic memories - Enigma.


Gameplay is pretty much similar to any other fighting game: You have four main buttons: High Punch (Triangle on PS5 controller, Y on Xbox), Low Punch (Square, X), High Kick (Circle, B), and Low Kick (Cross, A). You also have R2, RT for Block, R1, RB for Throw, and L2, LT for Special Ability. There are 5 Special Abilities that can be used in the game, with 3 of them unlockable. 2 available from the start abilities are: Knifes(stuns opponent), and Bomb (Launches opponent in the air and also poisons the opponent, which means that he will have cheap damage for 5 second). 3 unlockables - Snapshot (deals damage and stuns), Teleport (teleports your character to the back of the opponent, which leaves him vulnerable), and Air Throw (your character launches your opponent in the air and throws him down, can be used as a combo ender). To earn Special Ability, you have to fill up the scale fully. You do so by attacking the opponent, or when your opponent attacks you. Also, every character has his own, unique move-set. Each move is designed separately for specific character.



Arcade Mode

Versus -> Player versus Player, Player versus CPU, CPU versus CPU



1v1 -> Ranked, Freeplay (Rooms, Play with Friends)

King of the Hill

Team Battle

Playable Character[]

Legend - (U) - Unlockable
(DLC) - Downloadable Content
(PO) - Pre-Order exclusive
(UR) - Uplay Reward

First Stage (Brotherhood)[]

Barber - Wearing ordinary noble's clothes and displaying white streaks in his dark hair, the Barber used a razor to assassinate his targets quickly and efficiently.

Captain - Wearing decorative armor and possessing refined sword skills, the Captain wielded a thin rapier and killed his targets with stylish flair.

Courtesan (U) - A sensual woman in liberal clothing, the Courtesan charmed her targets before assassinating them in fluid, but lethal movements, with her special bladed fan.

Dama Rossa (U) - A young, but serious looking leather clad woman, the Dama Rossa killed her targets similarly to a black widow spider, by using her double pronged hair pin.

Second Stage (Revelations)[]

Brigand (DLC) - A daughter of a rich noble, the Brigand stole relics and traded secrets from her targets, as well as ruthlessly pursuing those who dared to betray her, in order to earn wealth by serving the Templar cause. Her specialty weapon was a spear.

Count - An infamous Wallachian ruler feared for being brutal in torture, he was given the nickname "the Impaler." There were also many rumors of him being a vampire, due to his pale skin and bloodthirsty personality, contributing to his infamy. His specialty weapon was a bladed mace.

Crusader (PO) - A traitor of the Assassin Order and a secret Templar agent, the Crusader held Al Mualim and other Assassins hostage after a siege of Masyaf's fortress, though he failed, as he was assassinated by Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. He carried a claymore as his specialty weapon.

Trickster (UR, DLC) - After many years of abuse and ridicule, the Trickster became a con artist, using her guise as a Romani fortune-teller to trick citizens out of their money. She also proved to be the Templars' link to a vast underworld of criminal activity. Her specialty weapon was a dagger.

Third Stage (III)[]

Commander - Cold and calculating, the Commander was a British military officer whose loyalties lay with the Templars. He wielded an elegant sabre as his specialty weapon, perfect for waging military campaigns.

Huntsman - With an invented fighting style and lethal iron claw to match, this French nobleman and Assassin fought tooth and nail for his cause in the New World.

Lady Maverick (UR) - A cold-hearted woman that seduced her way up the social ladder and eventually fell in with the Templars, the Lady Maverick traded wealth and power for her only remaining family, the Robber. Her specialty weapon was a poignard dagger, small enough to fit into a purse.

Night Stalker - An Assassin motivated by justice, the Night Stalker used rumors to instill fear into the populace, making them believe he was a psychologically unstable mercenary. At night, he hunted for Templars, ripping open their throats with his favorite weapon, a butcher's hook.

Fourth Stage (Black Flag)[]


Cutthroat (DLC)


Lady Black (U)

New Characters (Fifth Stage)[]

Acrobat (harvested from: Olesya Razin) - Sister of the Vanguard (Oksana Razin), she was also a member of the templar order. She was a very skilled warrior born in Odessa, who was enticed by martial arts from the childhood. She was used as a bait in the most of her missions.

Diva (harvested from: Diana Zullo) - Born in rich family, she had a talent of signing. But besides singing, she also had a unhealthy love of blood, murder, and had the same beliefs with the Templar Order. After killing her own step-sister and escaping from home at the age of 16, she joined the templar order as a spy.

Unplayable Characters[]

New Characters (Fifth Stage)[]

Enigma (harvested from: ???) - a mix of few genetic memories created specifically for Animi Training Program.


Havana (DLC)

Saba Island

Santa Lucia

Saint Pierre


Florence (DLC)







Galata (DLC)

Ippokratous (DLC)

Animus Core

Boston Harbor

Boston North End (U)

Fort Wolcott