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Assassin's Creed: Oblivion is a fanon created and owned by DanChan123 based off of one of his previous ideas regarding AC set in East Asia.


Assassin's Creed: Oblivion takes place in the Far East in the mid-1800s. In this time period, East Asia has begun to go through a rapid exodus as relations with the Western world has increased. The Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and British compete for trade relations as conflicts with the West and East bring technology to more primitive Eastern nations so fast, the people of those nations could not comprehend their futures. At this time, Templars in both East and West are soon to come to a unity. Things are tough already for the Assassins. With the Qing being an incredibly vast empire, targets are almost countless, and the secret plans of Western Templars in collaboration with the Eastern Templars makes the web of conspiracies, enemies and allies, and cause-and-effect situations stickier than ever before for the Assassins. It gets worse when the Dutch-turned Chinese Assassin Chen Wei, or Bartel Noltes, makes a fatal mistake that kickstarts the second and largest purge of Far Eastern Assassins in Assassin-Templar history. Soon enough, the purge begins, and a lucky Bartel, now known as Chen Wei since he was stripped of his Dutch citizenship, is able to flee safely to his mid-China hometown. But the purge is far from over, and soon enough, the Eastern Brotherhood of Assassins is hunted into oblivion. Many are dead; others are hidden, exiled, and some never to return to the aid of the Brotherhood.

For one assassin, Chen Wei, the cause of such obscurity, the spark for absolution begins with the terrorism of just a minor Qing warlord. After discovering an assassin potential in a particular young man, Wei seeks one thing on his mind, redemption. Gathering several exiled Assassins, each with their own story thats becomes part of the greater one, Wei leads the Eastern Brotherhood back into the legends it once held. The revolution of Wei's Brotherhood will eventually clear the way for the great Asian revolutions of the 20th century, and top the Brotherhood back into the balanced clash with the Templars.

It is 1846, and the Far East is in turmoil. From the West comes wonder, new things, new ideas, along with the powerful Templars into our lands and our seas. Trouble with the Asian Imperiums have given our order enough trouble it could sustain. But the coming of those in the West, a world alien to the many eyes of the public, brings much concern to the Eastern Brotherhood. The Western Brotherhood have little to help us with. They suffer many difficulties in the West. The Templars are growing in power in a rate faster than we can assassinate them one by one. If we cannot defeat them soon, we will lose half of the world to the Templars. My name was Li Chen Wei, and today it is Bartel Noltes. I was born in the East, and came to West to take up the Brotherhood. 18 years later, I am on a voyage back to my ancient homeland, uncertain for what could happen there, just as uncertain on my voyage West when I was young man. But I do know one thing; I will face great inconvenience.

Prologue - Indian Ocean, 24 miles from Rangoon, Burma[]

"Captain! We've entered the bay! British flags fly in sight!"

Masses of clouds drifted overhead like ships in the sky toward the distant shoreline just as the Hai Ying, or Sea Hawk, drifted in correspondence toward the city ahead. On the deck of the Sea Hawk, a galley entrance swung open with the face of an adult man in the doors shadow, a part of his view in the opposing set of color to the shadow, in near perfect proportion to a face of a crescent moon. The man rose out of the entrance, and slowly walked toward the sailor with a spyglass in hand. He was an average height, muscular, Han Chinese man with dark facial hair that made him appear more robust than usual. Although addressed as captain, he looked more like a lone mercenary. Various weapons hung on his coat like patches or almost static Christmas ornaments. He wore no voyagers hat, and his only headwear being the hood that lay back upon the shoulders of his uniform.