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Assassin's Creed: Obscurity is a trilogy of fictional fanon with currently two entries-Disintegration and Interim. A third and final entry is currently on the works. The trilogy revolves around the former half of the 20th century and how the Assassins and Templars tussled to gain momentum as the latter half starts to unfold.


Obscurity currently contains two entries with a third entry currently on the works. These two entries are Disintegration and Interim.



July 1914, Europe plunges into war. Templar-backed activists in Serbia manipulate the armed forces to invade Austria-Hungary, taunting the Assassins in Germany and Austria-Hungary to formally declare war. Hoping for a quick victory, the Austro-Hungarians repel Serbian movement and catches the attention of Russia, who quickly march in ready to assist Serbia. Germany, an Assassin-backed empire, quickly declares war on Russia and France, a Templar-controlled nation opposing the regime in Germany. What the Assassins could not see developing was a trap orchestrated by the Templars and prove an easy doom for the Assassin-backed Central Powers.


It was July 27, 1914. European interrelations start to crumble as the Serbians become stubborn. Meanwhile, in London, an established Assassin presence monitors an uneasy British Rite of the Templar Order. Jessica Rees, an orphaned Assassin, successfully claims her target's life in a secret room in St. Paul's Cathedral. While searching her target's workplace, she finds an encrypted letter which can easily be deciphered by the Assassin Council. However, before she could find anymore evidence in the vicinity, Metropolitan Police shows up and she is forced to burn the workplace and escape. After escaping the Cathedral grounds, Jessica heads towards the Assassin Council. She presents the letter to Mentor Wilson Heathers who deciphers the encryption. As he reads the letter, he was astonished by the contents. The letter details a planned assassination of a crucial Austro-Hungarian political figure on July 28. Seeing that it was too late to foil the plot, the Council agrees to send Jessica to the main European headquarters of the Assassins in Munich, Germany as a representative of the British Assassins. An hour later, Jessica catches a steamship headed for mainland Europe.

2 years later, Borris de Clerq, a Belgian Assassin, pledges allegiance to the German Army, and joins the Stormtroopers due to a strange invitation. At a camp in German-occupied Brussels, Borris finally meets his superior, a German general known as Ernst Lehmann. Ernst discusses his regulations in the Stormtrooper regiments while leading Borris to an abandoned warehouse. The abandoned warehouse turns out to be an Assassin safehouse, and Ernst reveals to Borris that he is a Master Assassin and that the Stormtroopers were in fact Assassins fighting for Germany. As Borris' first assignment as a Stormtrooper, Ernst assigns him to a squadron designated to escort a shipment to St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral, containing weapons for the Stormtroopers. In his first assignment however, Borris and his squadmates step into an ambush by Belgian criminals. In the exchange of fire, Borris manages to prove his skills as a sharpshooter and manages to pick out most of the criminals but spares one.



1929, the West plunges into the Great Depression. A weakened Assassin presence in Europe was replaced by the dominance of Templar-backed nations. With the Great Depression severely hindering Templar function in America, the American Assassins sought to step into the enlarging power vacuum in cities such as New York City. A young Master Assassin hailing from Boston, Marlon Wesley, leads the Assassin assault on New York City, guided by an aging Borris de Clerq, an Assassin who proved himself in the Great War. As the Assassins dig deeper into New York, they learn of a Templar conspiracy which seems to be too late to take down.