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Assassin's Creed: Obsession is the fourth game in the series Assassin's Creed. It follows a Spaniard, Mateo Herrera, during the times of Philip IV's new reign. To the citizens of Spain, the government is helpful and generous, but to those who know the truth, Spain's leader has never been more corrupt.

Sequence 1[]

Memory 1[]

Mateo sits at his father's funeral at the age of fifteen, unaware of the true cause of his death. His mother and sister weep, and his brother kneels, lacking any emotion.
"A medida que enterrarlo, no lo hacemos en el dolor, pero en el recuerdo de un hombre al que quería mucho. Su muerte era invisible, pero no imparable (As we bury him, we do so not in sorrow, but in remembrance of a man we loved very much. His death was unseen, but not unstoppable)," the priest says, angering Mateo's brother Pedro.
"Invisible? Maldito seas sacerdotes! Te quedas aquí y leer un libro de actuar como si usted sabe algo acerca de estos hombres! Era un hombre mejor de lo que nunca será!(Unseen? You damn priests! You stand here and read from a book acting as if you know anything about these men! He was a better man than you will ever be!)"
"Pedro, Pedro! ¿Qué tiene de malo? (Pedro, Pedro! What's wrong?)" Mateo said.