Assassin's Creed: Purge
Assassins vs Templars
US release
3 October 2014
EU release
5 October 2014
Science fiction
Historical fiction



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Assassin's Creed: Purge was a comic book series from Abstergo Publisher (AP). The series covers the Caribbean Purge in the years before, during and after the purge. During development, the project went under codename "Purification". The series focused on different characters from start to end. Abstergo Publisher decided that it was a risk to publish these comics, but came to the agreement that the American people would interpret the Templars as the saviors and good-guys, while the Assassin Order would be interpreted as the evil force.

In the start, the story focuses the story of Quentin Blaise who tried to get the Templars get a foothold in the Caribbean sea. After this, the story have the focus on lady Concord and Eric Rackham, who acting as Templar-assassins before they are turning to the Assassins' ranks, and their fight in rebuilding the Brotherhood after the Templars killed almost everyone of the Assassins. At the end of the Assassins' time in the Purge, the story goes to the Scottish Templar Callum Kerr, taking down the Assassins once more after Concord made the Assassins gain power again. After killing Concord, the story are now represented by a conspiracy that need to be taken care of by the Grand Master.

The series ended in 2016, but Abstergo Publisher had got enough money to create a PS Vita game, allowing the gamers to take the role of an Initiate, and at the start: choose to join the Assassins or the Templars in the same events that was represented in the comic book series. If the player chose the path of the Assassins, they would play as the Native Illarius Checco; joining the Templars, and the player would take the role as the British Templar Evie Queen. During the gameplay, these characters would cross each other history-line. The game was released under the name "Purge".

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The comics created by AP employees Mark Danes and Isobel Fauna.

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