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Assassin's Creed: Ragnarok was a comic book series from Abstergo. During development, the project went under codename "Ragnarok". The series focused on two characters from start to end.

The story begins with the introduction of two Viking brothers living in Scandinavia at the beginning of the 10th century; Njord and Aivor. The two brothers are engaged in a generational war between their family and another family, which is intertwined with a mysterious and ancient order. After the death of their parents, the brothers collect the remaining members of their clan and flee to Britain. In England, the brothers have to make a name for themselves but their enemies from Scandinavia find them, and they discover that the mysterious order is bigger than they thought. The story continues with the settling of accounts between the two brothers and the rival family, only to reach a crossroads. Aivor will choose the path of justice and honor in a stealthy brotherhood, while Njord will side with the order intent on conspiring. This will lead to a fraticid war that will lead them to an unknown fate ...

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