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Assassin's Creed: Rapax
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US release
Decmeber 27, 2012
EU release
Decmeber 27, 2012
Action-Adventure, Historic

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Assassin's Creed: Rapax is a story written by Xangr8 on the ancient Aztec Empire during the invasion of Spanish.

Prologue: The Darkness[]

Tenochtitlan, Aztec Empire


Its a bright morning, the air is full of the smell of flowers and the sound of the fast flowing stream can be heard. Quauhtli is helping his mother gather flowers for their daily rituals. One of Quauhtli's friend, Coatl appears and invited him to come and play with him. Before leaving, Quauhtli's mother said something in Nahuatl language which meant not to wander too far away. Coatl held Quauhtli's hand and ran through the streets. Quauhtli asked him that where was he taking him. Coatl put a finger to his lips and told him to be quiet. They reached a cave. Before entering it, Quauhtli said, "Nantli ilihca ahmo tiahueh huehca" which meant that his mother had told them not to go too far away. Coatl nodded and slipped in the cave and pulled Quauhtli with him. They moved foward with the dry leaves being crushed under their feet. They reached a dead end with a wall infront of them. The wall had patterns on it which glowed to produce a dim blue light. Coatl put his hand in his pocket and searched it. A big smile appeared on his face and he pulled out his hand. He had an object with similar patterns as of that on the wall and glowed in a similar way. Quauhtli asked, "Can chihua temoto" which meant that where had he found it. Matala said that it was a secret. They heard the cries of the priest which was usually done before a prayer. Coatl said that not to tell anyone about it and they went back.

Chapter 1: The Guests[]

Tenochtitlan, Aztec Empire


The time passed by and years later. There were celebrations as General Cortés and his Spanish army had sailed many miles before they reached Tenochtitlan. Cortés and his army had fought fierce battles and won but never had they seen so grand city as the capital of Aztec Indian Empire. It was on November 8, 1519 that the Spanish Army began its conquest on one of the greatest empires of America. Moctezuma II , the emperor didn't knew that General Cortés meant him harm. The emperor believed that Cortés might be the god Quetzalcoatl, who according to the old Indian story, would return from the sea to visit his people. But General Cortés was no god. Once inside the city, he made the emperor, Moctezuma II and his favourite advisor, Quauhtli prisoners and the rest of the people slaughtered or sold as slaves. Quauhtli learnt english with the help of an English soldier who was also kept as a prisoner by Cortés. His name was David Henry. He was in his thirties. A few days later, David and Quauhtli were on a ship to Spain but the whereabouts of the emperor were known to nobody except Cortés. David asked Quauhtli that what had happened to his place. Quauhtli replied, recalling that day,"This man named Cortés arrived at our place and everyone assumed him to be a god who was to return to our land to visit us. I had doubt on him whether he was a god or not. I tried explaining my people but they wouldn't listen. He murdered my family and my people and now here I am, improsioned with you. What about you?"

'Oh me!? I was caught as a spy on this ship when they were on their way to your land,' replied David.

Both sighed.

David questioned,'Well, what is your age boy?'

'Ninteen years,' said Quauhtli

'Can I trust you,' enquired David

Quauhtli reply was affirmative

'I have an escape plan. I may need some cooperation in it...,' said David

Chapter 2: The Arrival[]

Valencia, Spain


Time flew like a fast pace flowing river and at last they reached Spain. The ship had docked at the port of Valencia around eleven in the morning. The streets were full of hustle and bustle, kids playing, dogs barking. They were full of life. Quauhtli and David were pulled out of their cabins, onto the ship's deck and into the streets. They moved through the crowd escorted by four Spanish guards on their all four directions and their wrists tied at their back with the help of a thick rope. Quauhtli and David faced each other and David nodded his head. Quauhtli kicked his leg on the guard's knee who was at their back, breaking it. David kicked the guard in the front between his legs, stunning him. The guard at Quauhtli's left swung his sword towards him, Quauhtli dodged it and ran away. David and Quauhtli ran in opposite directions and the remaining two guards ran before each of them. Quauhtli tried to breack the rope which was tying his wrists and succceeded in it. He reached a dead end with a wooden fence in front of him. He turned around and the guard arrived and said, 'No way to run boy...' A smile appeared on his face, the guard came forward to attack but Quauhtli broke his elbow and stabbed him in the back with his own sword. He remembered about David and rushed from that place. He followed his senses and found David exhausted.

'What led you here,' David enquired

'Intuition I guess,' he smirked

'I think I gotta get a new outfit. Well I don't look good in this uniform, do I? Moreover, I have been wearing it for months. These Spanish bastards,' said David angrily.

David and Quauhtli walked out of a General store with some new outfits.

'It looks pretty nice on you,' remarked David

'Thank you,' replied Quauhtli

A man ran up to Quauhtli and grabbed hold of his collars and shouted, 'Elijah, you owe me money. Its been too long. I need my money. Ahora! Give it back!'

Quauhtli said calmly,'I am no Elijah, you have mistaken me for someone else.'

The man tried to punch him in the stomach but he blocked his attack and grabbed him and threw him into a nearby vegetable stand. David's face was writ with surprise at the swiftness of Quauhtli. He said,'You have new clothes and a new identity. All you now need is a new name..........and maybe an improvement in your accent.'

'So your name should be...,' said David thinking very hard and then both of them exclaimed together,'Elijah!'

David had an idea and said,'I think we should reast at a nearby inn.'

Chapter 3: A New Beginning[]

Valencia, Spain


The next morning as they opened the door of the inn to get into the liveliness of the streets. They noticed a guard holding a poster with a sketch of Elijah and David and enquiring wheather the civilians had seen them.

'I think we are gonna need a 'tool' to live in this city,' said David

They walked out of the General store with a bag of money in the shopkeeper Elijah had a short sword concealed in a good way, and David had a dagger also hidden in a similar way.

'What next,' questioned Elijah

'Actually what are your plans,' asked David

'I plan to take revenge, to kill Cortés,' said David

'I can help you maybe. Because I plan the same. He works for a secret organization known as the Templar Order. My job is to bring him down,' said David

'Well you fight really well,' said Elijah

'Do you want to fight the way I do? We need to talk once we get back to the inn,' replied David

Nearly two years later, Elijah had mastered almost every skill. One day David entered their room at the inn, called Elijah and latched the door from inside.

'The time has come.' said David

'But what has happened,' asked Elijah

David picked up a chest from inside the cupboard and handed it over to Elijah. The chest had an insignia engraved on it. He opened the chest and pulled out a robe.

'What are these,' questioned Elijah

'A gift for your hardwork,' replied David

Elijah wore the robes. The belt had an insignia similar to that on the chest. The robes were whitish-grey with a red sash on which the belt was worn and a long coat kind of thing and boots which came up to his knees and a hood with the tip resembling a beak of an eagle. David took out a pair of vambraces from the chest and handed it over to Elijah, they were the hidden blade.

'Welcome to the Order of the Assassins,' said David proudly.

Chapter 4: An Old Friend[]

Valencia, Spain


Days passed and one night, Elijah was sleeping with David in their room in the inn. He had kept his hidden blade on his bedside. He heard a scream and armed himself with his hidden blade. He left the room with his hidden blade drawn out, he walked down the stairs and saw the place sabotaged, with the tables upturned and the chairs broken. He retracted his blade and knelt down to examine the place for any clues. He felt the cold steel of a sword on his neck. He tried to stand up but the unknown man shouted aggresively,'On your knees!'

'Who are you,' questioned Elijah

'An old friend...,' replied the man

'Coatl,' exclaimed Elijah

Coatl put back his sword, Elijah stood up and turned around, In the mean time David reached there which was unknown to Coatl. Elijah notices a ring on Coatl's hand, it had a Templar Cross.

Elijah exclaimed,'You are a Templar!'

'What,' said Coatl

'What had happend Coatl,' asked Elijah

'I have received an order from Cortés, you are to die my friend,' saying this Coatl stabbed Elijah with his dagger in the abdomen.

David sneaked up behind Coatl and tried to slice up his throat, but Coatl dodged it and escaped the inn. David ran up to Elijah to aid him.

Chapter 5: The Ambush[]

Valencia, Spain


Months later, Elijah had fully recovered from his injuries. The inn had been abandoned since the night of the attack. Only Elijah and David live there now. Elijah left the inn and entered the streets of Valencia. He goes to the market and evaesdrops a conversation between two civilians.

'¿Has oído hablar de ese hombre que caza en la noche la gente y los asesinatos en toda la ciudad?,' said the first civilian.

'Oh, sí ... Sólo me asusta,' said the second civilian.

'Yo escuché a dos guardias hablando de él. Yo mismo lo he visto. Sé acerca de su escondite. Es en uno de los almacenes en los muelles,' said the first man in a scared voice.

Elijah understood bits of the conversation which proved to be useful to him. The following night, he draws out his hidden blade, testing it and pulls up his hood and leaves with David. They reach the docks through the rooftops. Elijah uses his sixth sense to identify the warhouse, which was at a distance. The reached the entrance but it was locked from inside, David kicked at the door, opening it. They found Coatl standing infront of a table cleaning his weapons of some fresh blood on it. Elijah charges towards him, Coatl turns to be grabbed by Elijah with his blade at his throat and David standing by his side.

Elijah questioned, 'Who the hell do you for?'

'I am not gonna tell you, I am gonna die instead,' replied Coatl spitting on Elijah's face.

Elijah wiped his face and puched him, breaking his nose.

'Tell me or I don't know what thing of yours will be broken next,' shouted Elijah.

'Cortés, I work for Cortés,' replied Coatl.

'But, he ruined our place, killed our family,' said Elijah

'Its not my will, Its his, that amulet,' said Coatl

'Elijah, he is talking about the Key of Knowledge,' said David rembembering somethin from his past.

'What does he seek,' interrgoated Elijah

'He searches for a vault, he says inside the vault there is infinite knowledge,' said Coatl

'Do you know about its location,' asked Elijah

'Yes, its that cave...,' said Coatl before fainting

'He was once my best friend...,' said Elijah in a low voice

Chapter 6: Death Of A Friend[]

Mediterranean Sea


They were on their way to Marseille. The sea was calm and they were almost at their destnation. One day Elijah was woken by some noises. David was fast asleep, Elijah reached the deck and asked the captain,'What is the matter captain?'

'What could it be? Pirates! They are here,' replied the captain.

A cannon shot was fired at the ship's hull, damaging it, Elijah armed himself with the hidden blade, pulled up his hood and climbed up the rigging. On reaching the top, he takes out his spyglass and scans the sea. At a distance, he sees a pirate ship moving towards them at full throttle, emerging from the mist. A chain shot is fired at their ship, damaging the ship. David reached the deck in the meantime. Elijah climbs down the rigging.

'Elijah aren't too far away,' says Elijah.

'Our destination is just a few miles away...,' said the ship's captain

David asks, 'What is going on!?'

'Pirates, they are gonna be here any minute,' replies Elijah

The pirates reach there and board the ship.

'They are here,' cries the captain.

Elijah draws out his hidden blades and David arms himself with a sword. There was fire and smog and the air was full of the smell of gunpowder and burning wood. A pirate runs up to Elijah and strikes him with his sword, Elijah dodges it and disarms him, then he breaks his knee and plunges his hidden blade into his eye. He quickly boards the pirates' ship, two pirates charge towards him, he tackeled them and they fell into the sea. He spots the pirates' captain at a distance. The pirates' captain takes out his pistol to shoot at Elijah, he takes cover behind a wall and dodged it. He charged towards him and countered the pirates' captain move and sliced up his throat with his blade. Elijah got back to his ship's cabin and found David lying in a pool of blood and was severly injured. He tried to help him, but it was too late. He got back to the ship's deck and asked the captain,'Is there any pirate alive?'

'I knew you would ask, There is one whom we have locked up. He is in one of the cabins below,' said the captain

Elijah marched to the cabin where the pirate was held up. He opened the door and entered it. He grabbed the pirate by his neck and lift him up.

'Whom do you work for,' interrogated Elijah

'For the captain...,' said the pirate in a shivering voice.

'Tell me or I will...,' shouted Elijah applying a little pressure on his blade which was touching his throat, ready to slice it up.

'For Gaspard, Gaspard I de Coligny, he lives at Marseille, in a big villa. This is all I know. Ne me tuez pas s'il vous plaît' replied the pirate in a shivering voice.

Elijah scalped his head and left him to suffer to worst death he could...

Chapter 7: Revenge[]

Marseille , France


The following day he reached Marseille. Elijah got down from the ship and into the streets. There were sumdges of blooad on his robes. He climbed up the rooftops. He climbs onto a high point and locates the villa at a distance. He quickly scales the rooftops and soon reaches the villa, he then jumps into a nearby haystack and keeps an eye on the entrance of the villa. Two gurads were guarding it, he comes out of his hiding and draws out his blade. He performs a high profile double assassination with his hidden blades without arousing suspicion. He took cover behind a wall. A guard came closer to inspect the area. He whistled to attract his attention and as soon as the guard came near Elijah, he came out of his cover and assassinated him. Elijah climbed into the villa through an open window. He heard someone coming into room and he took cover underneath a table. The door opened and two men entered the room. One of them was wearing a long, dark blue overcoat and a dark red cravat. He also wore short leather boots, he was Gaspard.

Gaspard shouted in an angry voice,'Baron, did you say that we have an assassin here!?'

Baron replies,'Yes, the guards guarding the gate are dead.'

'Now what are we gonna do,' said Gaspard taking out a piece of paper from one of the drawers and leaves the room. Elijah came out of his hiding and grabbed Baron.

He questioned,'What was in that page which Gaspard had!?'

'What are you talking about,' asked Baron

Elijah drew out his blade and threatened him.

'Oh that! It would not prove to be useful to you assassin,' replied Baron

Elijah knew that the page would give him a clue to his next assassination which would take him one step closer to retrieving the Key of Knowledge. Elijah stabbed him in the chest and left the room. A guard saw him and came near to inspect him. Elijah stabbed him in his abdomen and ran through the corridor. He entered another room which was empty. He looked down through the window and saw Gaspard leaving in a carriage. He ran and crashed through the window and landed in a bush which broke his fall. He quickly ran towards the gate and easily scaled it. The carriage had not gone too far away. He found it at a distance and ran through the streets. He climbed up the rooftops and quickly scaled them. He found the carriage to be right under the rooftop, he jumped onto it making him have some minor injuries. He broke in through the window and entered it.

'Assassin,' Gaspard exclaimed.

'Give me that page,' shouted Elijah

'Are you looking for this assassin,' said Gaspard taking out the page from a pocket in his coat. Elijah grabbed his throat and strangled him, he then took out his blade and stabbed him in his head killing him instantly. He retrieved the page and escaped.

Chapter 8: Back At Home[]

Tenochtitlan, Aztec Empire


Elijah was back home. This time his target was a man named Francisco de Garay, an ally to Cortés. Cortés was also present there. The Spanish had brought this whole place under their reign. The place had changed a lot since Elijah's last visit. Elijah found the Spanish camp where Cortés and Francisco were. The camp had a lot of big tents, around twenty. Elijah took cover behind a tree. A guard walked up to another guard as Elijah eavesdropped them.

'¿Sabes dónde Cortés es?' questioned the first guard.

'Él está en esa tienda,' said the other guard pointing to that tent.

Elijah followed the guard until he reached the tent, nearby there was another tree behind which Elijah took cover as the guard entered the tent. A few minutes later the guard came out of the tent with Cortés and they walked away talking to each other. Elijah had the chance and then entered the tent. He saw a man standing with his back at him, who probably was Francisco de Garay.

'Come to kill me Assassin,' Francisco asked as he turned around.

'Maybe you are right,' said Elijah as he drew his blade.

'Have a seat,' replied Francisco.

'What are you doing here,' interrogated Elijah

'Nothing, just accompaning Cortés,' said Francisco as Elijah charged towards him and grabbed him. He then said,'Now tell me, what are you doing here?'

'Helping Cortés to open the doors of the vault,' as Francisco as he struggled to release himself from Elijah's hands.

'Do you know anything else, tell me or it won't do you any good,' said Elijah as he touched the tip of his blade on Francisco's neck.

'I really don't know anything,' said Francisco as Elijah slit up his throat and left him to die. He searched his pockets and found a letter. He came out of the tent. A guard caught sight of him and raised the alarm. Elijah had to escape.

Chapter 9: Being Followed In The Shadows[]

Madrid , Spain


The letter proved to be useful to him but he had to wait for fourteen years to track down his next target which might be his most important target till that day. Elijah was at Madrid as he waited for his target who walked out of a huge building. His target was wearing a black colak and a dark hood covering his head and templar cross on his shoulders. The man walked into the dark streets with a little bit of moonlight guiding him through the streets. He reached the nearby stables and mounted a horse without knowning that he was being followed. He galloped his horse through the empty, dark streets as Elijah followed him by the rooftops. He could clearly hear the sound of the cold metal of the horseshoes hitting the stoned pathway. Elijah followed him until they reached a small house. The man dismounted from the horse and entered the small house. Elijah got down from the rooftops and peeped in through the window of the house. The man pulled down his hood. His grey shoulder length hair were tied at the back with a white ribbon and he seemed to have a few wrinkles near his eyes and mouth. He shouted the name 'Russel' as a short clumsy looking man rushed into the room.

The man enquired,'Have you found it?'

'Yes, here it is sir,' Russel said as he rushed into another room and returned with a folded piece of paper and handed it to that man.

Elijah quickly took cover behind a pillar as the man pulled back his hood, covering his head and he walked out of the house. He mounted the horse and left. Elijah entered the house without wasting any time and charged towards Russel and grabed his neck.

'What was that,' Elijah questioned.

'I am forbidden to talk about it,' said Russel.

Elijah drew out the hidden blade and held it close to his throat as Russel started speaking,'That page contians the location of the Temple, the alternate route to the vault. But, you won't be able to deciphere it unless you have the lense which is with Edward, the man who has the page.'

'Where is he going,' enquired Elijah as he pulled back his blade and took a step back.

Russel said,'He is headed to Seville, you won't be able to catch up with him.'

Elijah quickly rushed out of the house and left the place.

Chapter 10: The Chase[]

Seville , Spain


A few weeks later, Elijah was chasing Edward through the forests as their horses galloped on through the dry soil raising clouds of dust. There was just a gap of a few metres between them.

'You cannot catch me Assassin,' said Edward in a taunting voice as they were reaching the city gates. Within a few seconds Elijah was on Edward who was lying on the ground with his blade at his throat and his knees on his chest.

Elijah interrogated,'Where is that page?'

Edward gave a smirk and spat at Elijah's face. Elijah put a cut on his throat making it bleed. Elijah asked again but to no use. He then slit up his throat and left him to die. Elijah then searched the bags on Edward's horse and found the page and the lense.

Chapter 11: The Mysterious Friend (Coming Soon)[]


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