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Assassin's Creed Resolution is a fan-canon story made by Jim Logan, it takes place directly after Revelations and is in the same universe just with more weird stuff.

I only used it becuase it is my fav Armor

Chapter 1[]

In a blink of an eye, all over the world, a black light flew over every inch of land and sea, for three days straight with no one able to move or even think. After the three days passed, it turns to Monteriggioni/Villa Auditore, where once again leading the city is Mario Auditore, back from the dead, questioning his return to Earth, sees his nephew Ezio, wearing the Armor of his ancestor, greeting him, Ezio showed him a watch that seemed to "absorb" into his arm and disappear at will. When asked, Ezio said "It is another artifact of Eden I found in Constantintople, called The Watch of Eden" which allows me to do various things, a favorite of mine, besides controling my age and reviving people, I can create anything I can think of, just at the sacrafice of something else!" Mario responded "Like sacrafice what?" Ezio repled "You want a heavy sword right now?" Mario nodded, Ezio gave a gesture to a large wooden stick and within seconds, a bright black flash and the stick turned into a large sword. Mario "Amazing!" Ezio said "I dont need to sacrafice something, but it is much easier." Mario said "So what now?" Ezio said "I don't know about you Uncle, but I shall be heading back to Florence to see Leonardo da Vinci, I advise you, to do what you please." Before departing on a horse to Florence Mario asked to Ezio "Can you create another one of those things?" Ezio repled "Yes, but it becomes a little weaker after every time another is created." Mario said "Ah, I see, well good luck to you Nephew."

After a 13 day ride back to Florence to see the entire city cheering and chanting, celebrating being alive. Ezio whom had not only revived Leonardo, but gave him his age of around 25, and his old workshop back. Ezio walking through city of his birth, barley noticed by any of the people, walked into the workshop to see Leo working on another invention of sorts. Leonardo saw Ezio and in an instant a wild smile spread across his face. Leonardo said "Ezio my friend, what brings you to my shop here in little Florence eh?" Ezio gave him a friendly hug and said "Well, I found a Codex page, I don't know if you could do it, but I hope you can try." Leonardo took the Codex page with interest and asked "A missing page, or one you forgot about?" Ezio laughed and said "You really think I would hold one out on you?" Leonardo laughed at the joke and said "No I guess not . ."---- Leonoardo turned the page upside down ---"Ah! It's a bracer!" Ezio replied "A new weapon?" Leonardo replied "Of sorts, it is what seems a combination of such." Ezio gave him a quizical look. Leonardo said "Instead of having to swtich your weapons every time you want to use them, such as your Hidden Blade or Gun, you could instead you would switch them on this wheel system, you select, lock in place, and use." Ezio said in amazement "Whoa, how long until it is ready my friend?" Leonardo replied with joy "In about three or four days, why are you leaving soon again?" Ezio replied "Ah . . no, I shall be in town for a week or two." Leonardo said "Ah, I shall start working tomorrow, I would start right now, but I havef a special project done tonight." Ezio asked "What is this project?" Leonardo replied "Well, it is a project for Le Pope, he wants a special firearm made." Ezio replied "Ah, so you are a weapons maker eh?" They both laughed at Ezio's joke. There was a knock on the door, at that second, Ezio withdrew his pistola. Leonardo said with a giggle "Ezio, the Pazzi are gone, the Templars are in hiding, this just just the mail courier!" Ezio laughed at his suspision, putting his pistola away. After giving the courier what he needed. He resumed his work on the special firearm to which looked more like a mini canon. Which Leo called a 'bazooka'. After a small "dinner" of cakes and wine, Ezio departed from Leonardo's to his old family home, which had been rebulilt by order of the Pope before his death, to see Flavia and Soifa playing a chess game, and from what Ezio could see, Sofia was losing. They greeted him with a smile. Ezio asked "Where is Marcello?" Flavia replied "Your friend 'La Volpe' came bye, and took him on a tour of the city." Ezio nodded at his old friend's kindness. The following days he spent with the family, enjoying his time he could get. After six days of being in the city, due to he wanted to give Leonardo a couple extra days to complete his projects and his project. Ezio put on his father's old robes and walked down torward Leonardo's Workshop.

Chapter 2[]

When he entered the door, he caught the smells of baking sweet cakes, aged wine and fire, lots of fire, he heard little sound except the giggling of Leonardo. Upon seeing Leo, he saw Leonardo drinking a fairly large glass of wine, talking to another courier. Leonardo saw Ezio and gave a creppy-looking smile which he looked fairly drunk. Ezio said "Oh I hope I am not interupting anything." Leonardo said with haste "Oh no my friend, we were just wrapping up!" He clapped his hands and within seconds the "bazooka" Leo invented was handed to the courier, bowed and in seconds the courier was gone. Leonardo asked "Ah, what is it you were coming over for? Some wine, or cakes?" Ezio laughed as he saw Leo sway around as he tried to take a few steps. Leo said "Ah! the Bracers!" Ezio laughed and nodded. Within momments Leonardo came back with a box with two Bracers that looked identical to the onces he was wearing. Leo seeminly, in an instant, sober again said "Ah, here, Ill show you how these work"--Ezio doing as he told, took off his bracers and placed them next to the three empty bottles of wine, put on hsi two bracers--"Here this is how it works." For the next two hours, Ezio was taught how to switch between his normal Blades, his Poison Blade, hid Hidden Gun and Hookblades, learning how to swtich between all within seconds and locking them into place. After three hours, Ezio paid Leonardo about 500 florins despite Leo's constant "No, it's fine."'s Before leaving, Ezio asked "Uh, Leo, what's with the three and a half empty bottles of wine?" Leonardo responded "Oh, that's uh we uh had a minor"--cough--"party last night, celebrating the defeat of the Spanish." Ezio said "Ah, I see, well, I wish I had more time in this city Leo, but Sofia, Flavia, Marcello and I are going to Constantinople and Masyaf." Leonardo said with a polite smile "Well, may fortunes ever smile on your brother." After departing from his workshop, and getting packed, Ezio changed into the Armor of Brutus. After a three week carriage ride to a small town to which the family found a boat to Constantinople, another two week boat ride. After the brutal month of riding, Ezio and the family finally stepped foot in the illustrious city. Within seconds an arrow flew past Ezio's head and nearly hit a man behind him in the neck. Ezio looked up to see Yusuf, and several of his fellow Assassins laughing at Ezio's shock. Ezio said with a laugh "bastardo!" Upon getting all the luggage off the boat and hiring a young man to send their luggage to The Assassin Headquarters, Ezio showed him the "switch lock Bracers" Yusuf amazed with the usefulness of the weapon, asked about the Hookblade, to which Ezio wheeled and locked in the Hookblade and made it spring out. Yusuf said "Oh amazing, may I ask whom made it?" Ezio replied as they started walking torward the Assassin HQ "Altair made the design, Leonardo da Vinchi made the bracers for me." Yusuf asked "So what is this 'Watch of Eden' I heard so much of?" Ezio replied "Oh, it is a mystical device that allows so much, but unlike The Apple, it doesnt corrupt one." Yusuf asked "And what has yourself done with this device?" Ezio replied "Revived many people, such as you, a few mentors from our Order and a little regretably, past lady friends." Yusuf laughed a bit and asked "So can you make a copy of that watch and a couple of those bracers for me?" Ezio laughed and handed him a watch, which stuck to his skin like glue, to which Ezio gave him a minor lesson, next he handed him a couple of Bracers, to which Yusuf learned quickly how to use by seeing Ezio use it. After five minutes of walking, a group of Byzantines jumped a corner and attemtped to attack Ezio to which sprung out his Pistola and fired a shot right between one of the three Templar's eyes, to which he dropped dead. Ezio then quickly switched to twin Hidden Blades and started a fight the big Templar, while fighting he saw Yusuf, using a Sword and Hidden Blade togther, killing him in a few momments, while Ezio countered a death blow and killed him with a quick shot from his Pistol. After killing the Byzantines and making sure everyone was ok, Ezio and the group made it to the Assassin Headquarters to find their luggage all ready for them. After settling in, the family was treated to a small celebration, that lasted through the night. The following morning, Ezio using the Watch, created a perfect replica of Altair's robes and changed into them. After getting into the normal part of the Headquarters, he grabbed the of his ancestor, to complete his get-up, he switched his bracers, Hookblade in his right hand, Hidden Blade in his left, he heard that Sofia had taken Marcello to her old bookshop for the day, so Ezio and Yusuf took Flavia for a tour around the city.

Chapter 3[]

By noon, Flavia, Ezio and Yusuf had blown through 200 Ache on clothes, flowers and sweets desired by Flavia. Yusuf laughed "Well Mentor, it seems your daughter is quite the shopoholic." Flavia hit Yusuf in the leg and said "I am not! I just like shopping!" Ezio asked "You ready for some lunch?" Flavia just shook her head happily. Cutting across Hagia Sofia, they spotted Sofia and Marcello having a minor picnic, they three walked over to Sofia and Marcello. Sofia greeted them "Hello Ezio and Yusuf!"--Sofia then picked up Flavia with a hug--"Hello dear! You want some lunch?" Flavia said with a smile "Yes please!" After lunch, the family returned to the Assassin HQ to which they spent the night sharing stories of their adventures in Constantinople. The following morning was cloudy and hot, which Yusuf explained it was the hottest day in about three years, using the day to explore the city, Ezio took Flavia on a tour while Sofia and Marcello stayed in the Den. While walking, Flavia ran down an alley way, a minute later, Ezio heard a small clank noise, and a small explosion from a bomb, in a panic, he ran down the alleyway to see Flavia crying in pain with three large pieces of a vase sticking out of her stomach. As soon as she saw Ezio, she gave him a weak smile before starting to cry again, Ezio picked her up, being careful of her wounds, before he could leave a Janissary started to run up to Ezio asking "Are you ok?" Ezio replied with a anger "No, my daughter is bleeding bad! Why did you throw that at her?!" The Janissary replied "It was an accident, we thought the alley was desserted!" Ezio shouted "Then tell me where the nearest doctor is!" The Janissary lead him to the nearest doctor. Doctor Goldvane said "Hello, what can I help you with?" Ezio laid Flavia down on the table Goldvane said "Oh, I see the problem, just give me some room and a few mintues, how did this happen?" Before Ezio could say a word, the Janissary said "It was a bomb accident." Ezio looked to see his former-white shirt now bloodstained all over. After a few mniutes, Goldvane looked up at Ezio and said "She is a strong little girl, I only had to tell her to calm down or relax once or twice, usually it would take a few dozen." Ezio nodded as he paid Goldvane 300 ache. Goldvane said "Messure, she only needs to relax and let her body heal for a day or so before she can well, do her normal routine, I shall be at your house in tomorrow to remove the stiches I put in." After a brief talk with the Janisarry, Ezio saw Flavia trying to stand up, Ezio whispered "Flavi, don't try to walk, I will carry you home alright?" Flavia nodded. After an hour walk, Ezio came up on the door to the HQ to see Yusuf and two other Assassins, Yusuf asked "Mentor, are you ok, what happened?" Ezio replied "Everything is fine, a Janissary injured her in a bomb accident, she just needs to sleep for a day or so." Upon laying Flavia down on a sofa, Sofia walked in and asked what happend to which Ezio told her what happened. After changing out of his blood-stained clothes, he put on his father's old Assassins robes, grabbed an Assassin Yataghan Sword, a Romani Stiletto, locked his Bracers into twin Hidden Blades and put on a cape with the family crest on one side and the Assassin insignia on the other.

Chapter 4[]

After leaving the HQ, he walked to the Palace to which he saw Prince Suleiman. After spotting Ezio, he greeted his friend with a hug. Suleiman asked "What can I do for you my friend?" Ezio told him of the accident involving the Janissary and his daughter. After a few minutes, Suleiman said "I shall see what I can do about that, but first, i must say, congrats about the marriage and the children!" Ezio said "Thank you Prince." Before anything else could be said, Sultan Selim arrived with at least 30 Janissaries. Upon seeing Ezio, Selim almost exploded "What is that trash doing here?" He waved his hand and the Janissaries surrounded Ezio, Suleiman shouted "Father! He is not our enemy,If not for him and the Assassins, this entire city would be ruled by the Byzantines!" Selim nodded to this and said "I gave him leniency by letting him live, to let him thrive in my city, in my Empire, I don't think so!" Just as one of the guards was about to strike at Ezio, Ezio said "Wait, what threat am I to you if I not only saved the life of your son, but saved your Empire from collapse?" Selim said "What if I was to see a few ways of these 'Tempalrs'?" Ezio responded "Unless you become a Templar, I shall not harm you." Before another thing could be said, Suleiman held up some parchment and said "I have given Ezio and any Assassin, leniency in the city and the entire empire!" After a brief arguement, Selim bowed to Ezio and said in disgust "Thank you for helping my empire." Ezio nodded. After departing from his meeting, he would spend the next few days overlooking Flavia during her recovery. After 4 days, Goldvane was lead into the Den to see Flavia resting on the sofa. After 20 minutes, Goldane rose and was about to leave when Ezio stopped him and asked "Aren't you going to charge us?" Golvane responded with a smile "It was paid for by the Janisarries." Upon hearing this, Ezio told Sofia and Yusuf about his plans on seeing an Assassin in Masyaf. After an hour of talking, Yusuf gave a bow and Sofia agreed to jouryneying to Masyaf.

Chapter 5[]

A month later Ezio and the family arrived in Masyaf to see thousands of Assassins and villagers thriving in the city. Sofia asked in shock "Did we not only visit this place about 10 years ago?" Ezio replied "Yes, I guess somone liked it." After taking 6 steps, a guard weilding a replia of the Sword of Altiar asked "What is your business?" Ezio showed him his cape having the symbol of a Mentor Assassin. The guard lead Ezio and the family to the castle to find a young man in white in his 20's with a young woman near him, working on writing. Ezio bowed to him "Hello Mentor Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad" Altiar looked up with a small smile on his face and said "Salute Assassin, how may I assist you?" Ezio said "Well Mentor, I wish to be able to stay here for a month or so before we depart to Roma" Altair responded "I would be delighted to have a fellow Mentor stay here in Masyaf, I just ask to not draw any of your blades while you stay here in the castle." Ezio nodded. After a few minutes Altair asked "Is there anything else you need?" Ezio said "Yes, I actually have something to show you, in private." Altair nodded and said "Abbas, Maria, can you please show these three to a room?" In an instant the two were left alone. Altair asked "What is it?" Ezio replied "Well, I have something here, you might be interested in"---Ezio pulled out two of the Bracers Leonardo made for him--"I hope they are to your liking!" Altair put a bracer on his right arm, he tested it for a few seconds. Before Altair could say anything, Ezio gave him a replica of the Watch of Eden, to which Altair acccepted. Altair said "Thank you for the gifts brother, what does this artifact do?" Ezio spent an hour telling Altair what the watch could do, from what Ezio had seen it could. After doing so, Altair put the new bracers in his back and put on his original bracer before heaing back to work, to which Ezio was shown to his room by a guard, before shutting the door, he saw three guards moved in front of the door. After getting settled in, Ezio changed out of his father's robes and into his special armor. After going to dinner, he would have a sparring secission with Abbas and several apprentices. After a week, Altair, sent Ezio on a mission to Paris, France to kill a Templar Captain. Upon returning and telling Altair of his success, he took out an Apple. Altair asked "How did you get this"--Altair got up into Ezio's face--"I hid my Apple downstairs." Ezio said "It's a fake, not nearly as powerful as a real Apple." Altair asked "What, use it as a decoy or something?" Ezio said "Yes." After unvieling this, Altair explained to Ezio and Sofia that he was in charge of the Assassin in Masyaf but Al Mualim, was the conduit, or giving orders through him. After another 3 weeks, just as Ezio and the family were about to depart to Monterigginoi when Altair explained he was leaving on a one week mission and needed Ezio to run Masyaf. Three days into running Masyaf, Ezio was approached by Abbas. Abbas said "How did you get that?" Ezio asked "What?" Abbas shouted "The Apple!" Ezio looked at him, he saw that Abass had been sweating uncontrollably, despite it being in the 40's. Ezio acted distracted and asked "Why do you ask?" . Abbas didn't answer and walked away.

Chapter 6[]

The following days, Ezio had summoned a dozen guards to protect the study, due to the fact that every day he had heard strange noises late at night. The last night before Altair returned, Ezio had taken a walk with Flavia around the gardens with the Apple in his pocket. When he returned two hours later, he found Abbas destroying the study. Ezio shouted "Hey! What are you doing Abbas?" Abbas shouted back "The Apple! Where is it?" After a minor shoutfest, he drew his sword and shouted "Give me the bloody Apple!" Abbas started to attack him, Ezio parried using his bracers before disarming him, after a minor struggle, a few guards took Abas away. The following day, Ezio told Altair about Abbas, before departing with his family to Villia Auditore. After a two week carraige ride, they arrived at the Villia to find it thriving with hundreads of people living there. Ezio spotted Mario near the training area. Ezio walked up to his uncle and greeted him with a hug. Mario shouted with joy "Salute Nephew, how goes it?" Ezio responded "Wonderful Uncle, Sofia, the children and I are making a visit before we head back to Florence." Mario replied "Well thank you for stopping bye." Sofia asked "So, how goes your fortress?" Mario replied "Very well, I belive in a year we should have this place up and running as you had it before the Siege!" Ezio laughed at the statement. Mario asked "So how long are you staying?" Sofia replied "We should be leaving in a couple of days." Mario nodded and asked "So these are my grand nephew and niece huh, how are you doing?" Flavia replied "A Janissary threw a bomb in a vace, it blew up and gave me scrathes!" Mario gave Ezio and Sofia a scared look, to which they just nodded. Mario asked Marcello "And how are you doing little guy?" Marcello hid behind her mother. Mario laughed and asked "Shy one aint he?" Everyone laughed. After a few days, just as they were about to depart, Ezio handed him the replica Apple and asked "Uncle, can you protect this in the Sanctuary for me?" Mario nodded, took the Apple and watched the family ride off back home.

Chapter 7[]

Upon settling back home, Marcello and Sofia went shopping in the Market, while Ezio, dressed in his Noble attire, took Flavia to see Leonardo. Upon stepping in the door, memories flooded into him from the first time he stepped into the shop. Ezio saw Leonoardo working with his birds, Ezio said "Hello Leo! It's good to be back in Florence!" Leonardo replied with a smile "Ezio my friend, its been a few months, what brings you here and whom is this little one?" Flavia said "Hello Mr. Vinchi, I am Flavia Auditore." Leo shook hands with Flavia. Leonardo asked "So what brings you here my friend?" Ezio smiled and replied "Well, just stopping bye to tell you we are in town." Flavia asked "Is there anything cool you can make me like the bracer things you made for my daddy?" Leonardo pondered this for a few seconds, started to rummaged through some old-looking papers and books. Leonardo said "Well, come back in a few days and I should have something for you little one." Upon leaving the workshop, Flavia and Ezio walked past a Herald, the herald said "OFFICALLY, BY ORDER OF LORENZO DE' MEDICI, IT IS NOW LEGAL FOR A MAN TO HAVE UP TO HALF A DOZEN SPOUSES WITHOUT . . ." upon hearing this, Ezio quickly looked to Flavia who was surley more interested in the street performers. Upon arriving home, Ezio found Sofia making some stew and warming some bread, as soon as they spotted each other, they shared a kiss. Sofia said with a smile "Hello my love." Ezio replied "We visited Leonardo today." Sofia asked "Did you hear the news?" Ezio replied with fear "What news?" Sofia laughed for a few minutes. Ezio asked "What, all bookstores are increased value?" Sofia just game him an angry,annoyed look. Ezio asked "What?" Sofia said "The able to have 6 wives?" Ezio gave her a sheeplish look. Sofia giggled and said "Ezio, don't be embarassed, I know you had lovers before me." Ezio looked away, which Sofia gave him a hug to try and comfort him. Ezio said "I know I love them, but you Sofia, you are my true love." Sofia said "I love you too, if you need closure, you need to talk to them." After some more awkward conversation, they went to bed. Ezio then spent the following three days sending messages to Cristina, Caterina Sforza, and Rosa. After finishing the letters, Ezio took Flavia to Leonardo's workshop, upon entering, one of Leo's apprentices told them Leonardo was asleep from working two nights through on a painting project for the city. Ezio said "We can come back later." Just as they were about to leave, Leonardo started to stir, he started to rummage around in what he was working on and saw Ezio and Flavia and said "Oh, Ezio, Flavia, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to miss our appointment!" Ezio laughed at his friend and helped him stand up. Flavia asked "How can you still be asleep, it's almost noon?" Leonoardo looked at her in shock and said "Really?" Ezio laughed and said "No, its closer to nine." Leo gave her a joking look and said "You little devil." Ezio looked around at his seeminly-trashed studio and asked "Leo, were you broken into again?" Leonoardo replied "Oh no Ezio, I was just busy, I forgot to clean up." Ezio and Flavia watched as Leonardo ran around the room collecting random things from desks, behind bookshelves and stuffing them into briefcases. Leonardo said "I am sorry I have to go to a meeting, I shall see you in about three hours." After waiting the three hours by having some brunch at the park, Leonardo returned and gave Flavia her "bouncy ball" which was made of pure rubber. A few days later, Ezio had Flavia and Sofia sent to Villia Auditore with his Uncle Mario.

Chapter 9[]

Altair was watching over the fortress of the Order of Assassins, when an explosion went off. A cannon ball broke through the front gates and killed a guard, within an hour, Assassin Guards and normal Assassins were battling the Templar invaders with a cause. Altair charged the invaders weilding an Old Syrin Sword, killing a few Templars before seeing a a man in white robes similiar to his, fighitng and losing to the Templar leader a huge man, 10 feet tall, with the mass of bulls, Arn Fleir, an Florentine born 30 years ago. The man in white was covered from blood, head to toe. Altair noticed Arn weild a huge sword, at least weiging 100 pounds, go to strike at the man, who was clutching his bloody shoulder. Altair got in the way, blocking the killing blow, only for the sword to snap in half, causing Altair to fall backwards. The man yelled "Mentor!" Altair turned to see Ezio Auditore throw his[Altair]'s sword, Altair caught it, spun and stabbed Arn in the neck, causing blood to splatter. Altair turned to see Ezio weidling the false Apple. Altair whispered "Why is that thing here?" Ezio took off his now blood-covered robes and said "I am here to tell you, I am taking this thing to Constantinople to have it 'hidden forver' " Altair thought for a second before another Templar came charghing in flailing a mace back and forth to which Ezio shot the man straight in the side of the head. Altair nodded and said "Fortunes be with you, but why come all this way just to tell me this?" Ezio shrugged before struggling to stand up. Altair noticed a large hole in Ezio's left shoulder. Altair asked "What happened to you?" Ezio replied with a grin. "Myself and a few 'pheso' Assassins"-Ezio grabbed his left shoulder-"Stopped a much more large army of Templars from attacking this place." Altair asked "What do you mean false Assassins?" Ezio was being helped to a doctor when he looked up and tapped the Watch of Eden . Altair said "Oh, you created them!" Ezio replied "Yes, based off the greatest minds of the Assassin Order, I have met." Altair asked. "Like whom?" Ezio said "Yusuf, La Volpe, Niccolò Machiavelli and a few Apprentices from Constantinople" Altair nodded to the guards and asked "So how many did you kill?" Ezio replied "About half, we had to use some kinda super splinter bomb Yusuf made for me." Altair asked "How many fell?" Ezio shook his head sadly "About all of them, only La Volpe survived to the village and he held Arn off long enough for me to warn the people." After day, Ezio departed to Constantinople, destoryed the fake Apple, Ezio returned to Florence, had a secret room similar to his Uncle's Sanctuary in Montergonie, bulit beneth his Villia to house all the armor and robes he had worn throughout his life. Over the next ten years he trained Flavia to be an Assassin.

Chapter 10[]

After ten years, Ezio now at age 40 again, heard Altair had been consumed by a Templar experiment. Before Ezio could do anything, he had callled a meeting of the Brotherhood in Montergoni, to which was discovered Al Munulim and Altair were planning to take over the Assassin Order. Flavia offered to go fight Altair while Ezio fought Al. Ezio declined, instead gave her the armor of Brutus and sent her to take care of Al Mulim, Ezio took the Armor of Altair. After a 10 day journey to Masyaf , Ezio arrived to find it a barren wasteland, full of scorch marks, from what Ezio saw, the only living Assassins were in extreme pain no man or woman should ever go through. Just before entering the castle, he checked to make sure he had a sword, his rotating Codex Bracers, and most importantly, his Apple. Upon seeing Altair, he looked as if a man insane, a man that has gone through far too much for one lifetime. When Ezio got within 15 feet of Altair, Altair shouted "Stay back Ezio, or I will kill you." Ezio peered down to notice, in his left hand, was the Apple, on his wrist a single Hidden Blade, in his right, an Old Syrin Sword. Ezio shouted "Mentor, turn away from these dark thoughts rushing through your head, fight them, rejoin the Assassins!." Altair shouted back. "My allegiance is to the Assassins, but not your Assassins, my Assassins are a combination of both Orders, for Peace, and Order throughout the globe!." Ezio said "This false Order you have created in your mind is nothing more than Templar trickery!" Altair said "If you are not with me, you are my enemy." Ezio withdrew his sword, keeping his Apple hidden in his pouch and said "I will do what I must." Altair withdrew his own blade and his Apple, with it, a red-ish yellow glow exuted from it. Altair shouted jumping in mid air, struck at Ezio, Ezio parried and struck back hard with the force of 10 men, the duel long and hard,and took them all around Masyaf after what felt like hours, Ezio disarmed Altair of his sword, picked it up and snapped it over his leg. Altair shouted in rage, activating the Apple to it's full power, threw all his might at Ezio, in pain dropped to one knee, with the voices of everyone ohe cared about screaming his name. But one voice, the voice of Flavia screaming the loudest Get up Papa! Ezio looked up to see Altair with Ezio's sword in hand ready to strike Ezio down, Ezio withdrawing his own Apple, Ezio imagined all of the voices inside his head being thrown at Altair, with he falling to the ground as if being hit with a bat. Altair threw Ezio's sword down the stair case, Ezio and Altiar took out their Hidden Blades, but Ezio getting tired of the fighitng, unleashed his Pistola and shot Altiar in the gut.

Chapter 11[]

Ezio awoke a few weeks after his fateful duel, looking at both his and Altair's Apple with disgust. He got up, looked outside his room window to see Villia Auditore, with smoke stacks still coming out of a few of the houses. Ezio walked into his Uncle's study which had a canon ball fly threw it during the battle. Ezio looked up as Flavia and Mario himself walked through the door, Ezio hugged Flavia as if nothing else was important. Ezio finally released his "strangle hold" and asked "Are you ok, were you victorious?" Flavia shook her head happily before Altair walked out of the medical room with a bloody bandage streching from his gut to his neck. They shared a brotherly embrace and Altiar said "Thank you brother, you have saved me from myself before it was too late." Ezio turned to see Sofia walk into the room.

But then a white flash appeared in front of him, he looked around to only see white, then in what felt like a second, he awoke on a very hard metal table, and Desmond standing over him. Desmond shouted "He's awake! It worked!" Ezio startled got up. grabbed Desmond by the throat and shouted "What did you do to me?" Desmond said "We brought you to the year 2013." Ezio shouted "Why?!" Desmond pointed out the window to show him dozens of creatures with crab-like heads screaming with muffled speech. Ezio asked "What the hell are they?" Desmond said "Zombies, Ezio". Ezio gave him a quizicial look and Desmond said "I will explain later, right now, we need to go." Desmond tossed Ezio a pouch and a gun. Desmond said "That is an Uzi, an automatic weapon." Ezio asked "Where are we going?" Desmond replied "A fort in Flordia, the last remaining full-human location in the United States." Ezio nodded and followed. After getting into a helicopter, and flying out torwards the ocean, he saw an entire city on fire.

The Zombies Ezio saw.

Authors Notes[]

  • Ezio and Altair refer to an Assasssin created from the Watch of Eden as a false Assassin, this is not to be confused for False Assassins(the ones Abbas hired in Revelations.
  • This story takes place about half a year after Revelations
  • The Watch of Eden is a Piece of Eden(of course) that can manipulate anything in the world the bearer can imagine(e.g, turn a stick into a sword.) or do anything, later in the story Ezio states "The Watch doesnt limit me, I limit the Watch."
    • The Watch also has the ability to generate someone's age, such as Ezio returning in his 30's.
  • The reason Marcello isnt in this much is, I dont know how to write him.
  • In an original plan, was for Ezio to still be revived, but for Ezio to be executed by Templars for "all his crimes" and for Flavia to discover a revived Paola, Altair and Mario to train her as a "Super Assassin" to avenge her father.
  • Although it is not and is not planned to be stated, Altair and Ezio have a friendly relationship, but also have a friendly rivalry between them.
  • A planned ending for Chapter 13 - 15 was to follow Star Wars Episode III:Revenge of the Sith, with Altair turning evil, betraying the Assassins and having a duel with Ezio(seriously it was gonna be like point by point same as Episode III) but was decided against as it was "clieche".
  • The ending of the chapter 11, and the story is meant to foreshadow a sequel to Resolution. I am announcing here on June 17, 2012(Father's Day), that a sequel is being made entitled "Assassin's Creed:Exposition".