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Autor's notes: First English is not may first lenguage so don't be surprised if you find grammatical errors. Second this story is about my character Jak'Na Key and his journey through the americas, africa and europe in his fight against templars and slavery. And third , if you want you can give me tips or ideas to improve in my story. ENJOY IT!

- There was a time where this lands where free, beutiful, glorius and free. And then they came from the see. The white people and part of me is like them. But i'm not like them. They raped women, the killed men and made children slaves. I will save my people or die tryin.

My name is Jak'Na Kei. A man of an already destroyed nahua village.They simply came when i was a kid and destroyed everything. They took our gold , killed our men, and raped our women. I was the only survivor. From that day on i trained every single day of my life to have vengeance. I will kill his men,i will free their slaves and i will make them fall. A year ago i met a man. He introduced me in his world i learnd how they're cities work, because they want gold and their faith. And then he offered me a life, a reason, something to believe. And since then i became an Assassin. I am in the way to my new mission i must assassinate a templar at the city of leon. I may have a cause, but my desire for revenge is still strong.

Chapter 1: Entering the city[]

Santiago de los Caballeros de Leon, New Spain, December 25 1524

I was outside the little city of leon. It was founded by a man named Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba months ago. I was supposed to wait my contact here outside the city. It was logic, the city guards would never let an armed halfblooded indian simply to enter in his city. They know very well what a indian warrior already can do. My superiors said that my contact would solve the enter-to-the-city-problem. Then i saw something on the rode, a line of people, but they were tied and sorrounded by guards.-slaves- i thought.Yes they were slaves, black and indian slaves. I hated to see slaves. Poor people driven from their home to serve others that wasn't fair. I wanted to kill that guards and to free that people, right there outside the city. I was about to do it when i felt a hand at my shoulder. I looked behind me. And there was my contact. A man in his 40tys maybe, with european assassins robes and he was quite european too. White skin, black beard, blu eyes, tall, i mean VERY TALL, maybe 2 meters or so and he seemed to have strong arms.- there is no time for unnecessary battles brother- he said in a accent that i didn't knew.- You must be my contact, my name is Jak'Na Kei, nice to meet you- -Nice to meet you to, my name is Viktor Dravolich, i see that you are a bit confused with my accent, I come from Prussia and yes it's in europe, west europe- - Wow it's seems that you are so smarter than big- -Thanks- -And how do we enter in the city, we are a halfblooded indian and a giant- - easy we bribe the guards at the city gate- -I hope it works and so i do not have to chrush a bunch of guard heads- i said smirking. It was as easy as to kill a guard armed with a spoon, the only thing he did was to give the guards a bunch of gold coins and we where in. The city for me was beutiful, i saw villages but not cities. But then i saw the slave cargo entering the city.I din't feel very well viewing that slaves. I had to do something. - Sorry Viktor but i have to do something-Then i ran towards to the slave cargo. When i was close enough i hid in the crowd. But Viktor followed me-ARE YOU CRAZY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?- said viktor in my ear- I need to free that people- i whispered -but that isn't our mission!- - that does not matter, doyou think it's fair that people be driven from their homes to serve others?! -no- -then help me?- -ok but if something goes wrong , it's your fault- -good enough for me, come on- We followed the slave cargo to the port of leon at the the lake of xolotlan. there were ships and other slaves cargos. There where 5 guards watching the 3 slaves cargos. They where bothering a group of young girls from the slave cargo. The girls where scared from the guards, no terrified. I could hear the conversation of the guards.-tomemos a unas de estas putas y divirtamonos(let's take a pair of this whores and have fun)-said one of the guards. The girls were screaming.-Pigs- i though. The first thing i did was to take my club and throw him to one of the guards. The club hit the guard's head and before he hit the ground, the guard was dead. Then lightningfast i took my obsidian knife and ran towards to the other four guards. I cut to the nearest guard and rode taking my club and striking the next guard head.- only 3 of 5 - A guard took his sword and charged towards me. I dodge him and cut his neck with my knife. Then i guard took me from the back. But i hit him in the stomach and knock him dead with my club. From my back i heard a noise-!click!- - ! a pistol !- I was right , the guard behind me was pointing at me with a pistol. But in the last second came Viktor and stabbed with his machete the guard's chest.-well that was close Victor, good timing- - thanks but now , we must free that people- I began to cut the slaves strings with my obsidian knife. I wasn't bad, but Viktor was doing it much faster. He doesn't had a knife, he had a bracer but he could deploy a blade from the inside of the bracers - i wish i had one those- i though. When we where finish we said to the men and women that the should leave the city fast, because the guards would come soon. And we too left the port freerunning trough the rooftops.-So , who is our target- i questioned. - Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba-