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Assassin's Creed: Source
Titan Comics
Brian Michael Bendis
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Historical fiction
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Assassin's Creed: Source is a comic book mini-series series published by Titan Comics.

Acting as a sequel to Assassin's Creed: Heritage the story focuses on the protagonist and newly-indoctrinated Assassin, Horatio Pierce as he relives the genetic memories of his ancestor Osyka to find the Source of Eden and his father.

Issue 1[]

The first issue picks up immediately where Assassin's Creed: Heritage left off. Horatio asks to know the name of his father. Hayley tells Horatio that his father's name is Arnold, Arnold Pierce and that he is one of the greatest men she has ever known. Still holding some resentment toward Arnold, Horatio doesn't fully believe her. Jason advises that Horatio begin reliving the memories of his ancestor as soon as possible before Abstergo figures out a way to decode his DNA and explore his memories themselves. Horatio reassures the team that according to Abstergo, it will be difficult to view his ancestor's memories due to his and their high count of Isu DNA, Erica rebuffs this fact and stated that Abstergo can find someone with the same count and relive his ancestor's memories just as easy.

Meanwhile at Abstergo in Ontario, Alexandre manages to decode Horatio's DNA and upload his memories to Abstergo's cloud server. Alexandre employs several Abstergo employees to test if they have a high count of Isu genes so they can relive the memories of Horatio's ancestors with no problems. Bacque discovers that a member of Sigma Team Kyle North has a high enough count allowing him to relive the memories of Kenneth Ravensdale, because of this North is indoctrinated into the Templar's Inner Sanctum and assigned to explore Horatio's genetic memories as well as hunt him and Hayley Yasutake down.

Back to the Assassins, Horatio begins to relive the genetic memories of Kenneth Ravensdale in 1768 through the Animus 5.0. Horatio through Kenneth's avatar arriving in the Thirteen Colonies. Kenneth meets with the former Mentor of the Colonial Brotherhood, Achilles Davenport, initially Achilles refuses to speak with Kenneth. Unaware of the Purge of the Colonial Brotherhood, Kenneth demands to know why, Achilles angrily tells him of the Assassin Purge. Sympathizing and empathizing with Davenport, Kenneth tells Achilles of his own Brotherhood's decline in England. Hearing this, Achilles allowes Kenneth to stay in his homestead for a while.

Over the next few months, Kenneth hears rumors that a Choctaw tribe had discovered an artifact but wouldn't disclose it to the colonists, Kenneth goes to find this Choctaw tribe. In the Frontier, Kenneth discoveres some Choctaw slaves being transported through the forest, not standing for slavery, Kenneth immediately jumpes in and killes the slavers and frees the Choctaw slaves and also frees a young Choctaw warrior named Coahoma.

She thankes Kenneth for freeing her and Kenneth sarcastically says that she could repay the favor by telling him where the artifact was, Coahoma informes Kenneth that the slaver Paul Birch has taken the artifact from her people and that she was tasked to get it. As Kenneth was about to leave to retrieve it, Coahoma stops him and tells him that she already tried that but was captured due to his camp being heavily guarded. Kenneth askes what she suggest they do and Coahoma comes up with the idea that they weaken his operation across the Colonies.

Over the course of several months, the two did exactly that and began freeing many Choctaw slaves and weakening Paul's operation. During this time, the two developed feelings for each other and entered a relationship because of it. Suddenly and abruptly, in December 1769, the Animus begins focusing on Coahoma's womb confusing Horatio greatly.

Issue 2[]

Horatio pulls himself out of the Animus, confused, he asks what had just happened and if the Animus was glitching. Jason went on to tell him and the team that in 1769, Kenneth and Coahoma had conceived a child and due to genetic memory, the Animus focuses on the next ancestor in the bloodline. Hayley asks what happens now, if they can't view Kenneth's memories how would they find the next Source of Eden.

Erica then pulls up a historical record on the Assassin, Osyka and states in the 1790s he and his father came across the exact same Source that Kenneth and Richard were searching for in 1770 and that there was clearly more to the story. Hayley also states that they can use this to kill two birds with one stone and use the memories of Osyka to train Horatio through the Bleeding Effect.

Before beginning his training, Horatio uses a burner phone to contact his mother and tell her of all the events that had transpired in the past month. She understands why he couldn't see her and told her son to be safe in looking for his father. Feeling relieved that he was able to contact his mother gave him a new sense of determination which led Horatio to jump into Osyka's memories with no complications.

Horatio witnesses the birth of his ancestor, Osyka, in the year 1770. From then on, Horatio began progressing through Osyka's childhood where he was trained in hunting, archery and freerunning by his mother Coahoma. In 1785, at the age of fifteen. Osyka informs his mother of his wish to join the Assassins, Coahoma supports Osyka's decision and tells Osyka of the Davenport Homestead and that his answers would be there. Osyka left his village and headed to the Davenport Homestead in Massachusetts.

In November 1785, Osyka meets the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton at the Davenport Homestead. Osyka asks Ratonhnhaké:ton if he could train him, on a journey to rebuild the Brotherhood Ratonhnhaké:ton asks if he was sure he wanted this, it would be a life of death and hardship. Osyka accepts this, Ratonhnhaké:ton took Osyka into the Manor and explained to him about the Assassins and Templars and about their history, the Pieces of Eden and the Precursors. Even after this knowledge, Osyka was still determined to become an Assassin. Ratonhnhaké:ton then welcomed Osyka to the Brotherhood.

Osyka began training alongside Patience Gibbs, Ratonhnhaké:ton taught Osyka combat and stealth. Osyka's training also improved on his archery and his freerunning skills. In 1787, Osyka was fully indoctrinated into the Brotherhood, the first sequence of Osyka's memories were complete. Hayley pulls Horatio out of the Animus, Horatio is confused by this and asks why she took him out of the Animus session. Hayley informs Horatio that staying in the Animus for too long is dangerous and that he needed a break, Hayley also states that he should test out the new skills he's learned from Osyka. Horatio and Hayley leave the hideout they were currently staying in and began freerunning through the city, Horatio is confused to how he is doing this so naturally which Hayley comments "that's the beauty of the Bleeding Effect".

The two finally stop on a rooftop of a building. Hayley then places her fists up in a defensive stance and tells Horatio to try and hit her, being raised as a person to not hit women he declines until Hayley starts attacking Horatio herself, through muscle memory and the Bleeding Effect, Horatio is able to block and counter most of her attacks and the two enter a sparring session. Hayley gets the upperhand and knocks Horatio to the ground, Hayley helps Horatio up and states he won't be a complete pro straight away and the two laugh about it. Horatio and Hayley begin to share a moment but it is cut short when a spotlight beams on them, the two see a helicopter, it is Abstergo.

Issue 3[]

Hayley asks if Horatio has his Hidden Blade to which he does. Abstergo agents begin descending from the helicopter and the two begin battling the Abstergo agents, suddenly Kyle North drops down and attacks Hayley. Hayley orders Horatio to take out the Abstergo agents while she combats Kyle, although Hayley is downed and almost killed by him. Horatio quickly jumps in and attacks Kyle but is quickly disabled by him, Hayley stabs Kyle and takes Horatio to flee Abstergo.

The two return to the hideout and notify Jason and Erica that Abstergo's discovered them. It was only an amount of time before this would happen, the team pack up their things and put them in the van and leave Minnesota. Hayley tells the team that there is a hideout in New York and that's where they'll be headed, Erica suggests that Horatio continue digging around Osyka's memories in the meantime.

In  August of 1787, Connor assigns Osyka his first assassination target. Osyka is ordered to assassinate the high ranking Templar of the newly established American Rite, Charles DeWitt. Connor explains that the Templars are rebuilding themselves in America and are threats to the vulnerable state the Assassins are currently in, he also holds information regarding the location of the Source.

Osyka travels to Kingston, New York. Osyka had heard news that DeWitt would be attending an event, Osyka infiltrates said-event and plans to assassinate him. He saw that DeWitt was there with his family, this disheartened Osyka but he remembers it was for the greater good, he assassinates any guard that attempts to stop him due to his Native American heritage and attire and stealthily assassinates DeWitt and places his corpse on a bench.

Osyka pickpocketed the information regarding the Source of Eden from DeWitt's body. Osyka reads a letter that was intended for DeWitt's Templar brethren Benjamin Franklin Bache, a Templar journalist who would print propaganda against George Washington and John Adams, the letter had information regarding Kenneth Ravensdale's search and the Coyote Man's hunt for him. Before returning, Osyka steals a military ship to make his escape and names it the Hawk.

Osyka would inform Connor of this news, Connor would then immediately assign Osyka to assassinate Bache. In 1789, Osyka travels to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Osyka arrives during Philadelphia's yellow fever epidemic and learns that his target had contracted it yellow fever and was considered a public enemy. Bache was to be tried under the Alien and Sedition Act. Before he could be tried, Osyka assassinates him.

Osyka interrogates Bache before he died, he asks about the Coyote Man to which Bache tells Osyka that the Coyote Man is one of the Templar's greatest Assassin hunters and that he was hunting Kenneth Ravensdale and is going to kill him before he finds the Source. Osyka asks if he knew where the Source was, Bache tells the young Assassin that the Source was last sighted in Cuba and that is where Ravensdale was also headed. Bache thanks Osyka for ending his pain.

Osyka returns to Connor with this news, Connor asks Osyka what he wants to do. Being honest with his mentor, Osyka wants to take his ship, the Hawk, and assassinate the Coyote Man and stop him from assassinating his father. Understanding this, Connor allows Osyka to go to Cuba and find his father.

In January 1789, Osyka has already spent a few months in Cuba following lead after lead on the location of the Source and the Coyote Man. Finally, he receives information in a bar that a man that fits Kenneth's description was searching for a man with two different colored eyes. He was informed that the man was headed to a Temple north from the bar and that's where Osyka headed.

Osyka finally arrives at the Temple and sees that there were Templars stationed in the forest. Osyka steathily assassinates the Templars through bushes and trees, Osyka then tagges the Coyote Man with his Eagle Vision and followes him into the Temple. Osyka scales the Temple and enteres it through a vantage point, Osyka notices the Coyote Man and attemptes to air assassinate him but failes, the Coyote Man states he has fought Assassins with more experience than him.

Coyote Man attackes Osyka, Osyka holds his own very well and after a lengthy duel he manages to slash his throat with his tomahawk. With the threat against his father's life averted, Osyka journeyes deeper into the Temple to find his father. Arriving deeper in the Temple, Osyka notices various glowing patterns signifying of its Isu origin. Deep into the Temple, Osyka finds his father trying to interfere with the precursor technology, Osyka calls out Kenneth's name. Kenneth turns around and recognizes his son almost instantaneously, the two stand at a distance for a few moments before walking fast paced toward each other into an embrace.

Finishing Osyka's second sequence of memories, Horatio pulls himself from the Animus to see that the team has arrived at a motel in New York. With the whole team confused, Hayley states that while it's not what they expected the motel is still a hideout either way.

Issue 4[]

In the motel, Jason asks Horatio to accompany him to get supplies while Hayley and Erica stay in the motel and keep watch.

In the city shopping for supplies, Horatio asks Jason if it gets easier. Confused by this, Jason asks what he means which prompts Horatio to bring up the fact that they were both both dumped head first into the Assassin-Templar War and asks if it ever gets easier, having to give up their former lives and their whole view on the world changing so drastically. Jason tells Horatio that at first it always seems hard and that the longing for the life they had once before will never go away but everyday it gets a little easier and that it always helps they've given up their lives for the greater good. Hearing these words comforts Horatio and he thanks Jason for helping him out, building a bond between them.

The next day, after breakfast. Horatio continued exploring Osyka's genetic memory.

After reuniting with his father, Kenneth comments on how proud he is of Osyka growing into a fine young man and is shocked to see he had joined the Assassins which led to Osyka stating he joined because of Kenneth. Kenneth goes on to brief Osyka on the Source and tells his son that for nearly twenty years, he'd been following lead after lead regarding the whereabouts of the Source and every time he'd be too late to find Hopkins, a Sage who was in possession of the Source.

Osyka suggests they return to America and talk to Connor about it to which he agreed. A few days later, the two arrive at the Davenport Homestead in their respective brigs and inform Connor of what has transpired. Connor states that he would call upon his contacts and see if he can't find anything but the two would try to find leads while they were at it.

Osyka and Kenneth spent a year tracking leads, only for them to be dead ends. In May 1790, Connor informes Osyka and Kenneth that his contacts had discovered that the Sage John Burroughs Hopkins has an associate by the name of Theodorick Bland Jr who was also a Templar. Osyka volunteeres to go alone and find Bland, in June 1790, Osyka assassinates Bland and demands to know where Hopkins is located and what he plans to use the Source for. The dying Bland, wanting to clear his conscience confesses to Osyka that Hopkins is travelling to various precursor Temples, using equipment to build his own Piece of Eden with the Source to resurrect his wife Juno and tells Osyka that the last location Hopkins was located at was in the North Atlantic.

In 1791, Osyka and Kenneth discover an Arctic Temple in the North Atlantic. Believing Hopkins to be in the Temple, the two investigate the Arctic Temple and discover Hopkins. Hopkins lamented why the Assassins and Templars won't leave him alone, Osyka states that the Source must be destroyed and that no one should get their hands on it. Hopkins proceeds to attack Osyka and Kenneth, Osyka quickly retaliates by shooting Hopkins with his bow and arrow and destroys Hopkins' proto-Piece of Eden. Angered by the destruction of his prototype Piece of Eden, takes the Source and attacks Osyka and Kenneth once more which triggers the Temple to collapse.

Osyka and his father chase down Hopkins throughout the Temple, Osyka manages to outrun his father and catch up to Hopkins he is suddenly stopped when he is frozen by the Source of Eden. Hopkins, takes out his flintlock and is going to shoot and kill Osyka but before he can do that, Kenneth jumps in the way and sacrifices his life for his son's. Suddenly the precipice under them gives way and Osyka and Kenneth fall through it giving Hopkins a chance to escape.

With Osyka injured from the fall and Kenneth near-death. Kenneth laments at the fact that he never got a chance to see his son grow into a man and ponders that maybe their family wouldn't have been as dysfunctional if it weren't for the Assassins and Templars but nonetheless, he couldn't hold resentment to the only life he has ever known, before dying he tells Osyka that he loves him.

Issue 5[]

After a training session with Hayley, Horatio enters the Animus once more to finish Osyka's story. In 1796, Osyka has spent six years hunting Hopkins while assassinating other Templars in the meantime. During this time, Connor warns Osyka to not let vengeance consume him, Osyka rebuffs this and states it was for the Source of Eden and not revenge which would leads Connor to tell him that he can lie to Connor but he can't lie to his own self. As the years passed, Osyka pondered on these words and his hunt for revenge eventually turned into searching for the Source for the greater good.

In November 1796, Osyka had heard news that Hopkins had returned to America. Osyka spends a month tracking him, only to find him too late. In December, after interrogating a soldier about Hopkins' whereabouts, Osyka learns that Hopkins had planned to leave the country once more. Osyka immediately rushes to the docks and there he finds Hopkins ready to board a ship leaving the country, Hopkins notices Osyka and flees. Osyka chases him through New York and through a brewery, as an attempt to slow Osyka down Hopkins knocks over oil which would set the brewery on fire.

This did not stop him and Osyka eventually manages to assassinate him outside the brewery. Osyka takes the Source from the dying Hopkins, before he could leave him to his fate however, Hopkins grabbs Osyka's arm and begs him to destroy his body and hide the Source. Hopkins then gives Osyka coordinates to a location where he could hide the Source from the Assassins and Templars, Osyka grants Hopkins dying wish.

After destroying Hopkins' body, Osyka goes on to follow the coordinates. In January 1797, Osyka finds a Temple in the country that would go on to be known as Mexico. Upon entering the Temple, Osyka places the Source on a pedestal deep inside it, after doing this a recording of an Isu manifestes in front of him. The Isu congratulates Osyka on playing his part in history, Osyka asks if she was a precursor to which she confirms it to be true but then she tells him to be silent and that she would commune through him.

Osyka is confused by this but nonetheless he complies. The Isu begins speaking through Osyka to Horatio, she tells Horatio that he must find the Sources and keep them out of both the Assassins and Templars hands due to it being dangerous to mankind as a whole and to beware of Cross in his travels and with that she vanishes. After hearing the message, Osyka leaves the Temple.

Horatio pulls himself out of the Animus to tell his team but before he can say anything, the team informs him that they already knew as they were viewing the footage. Hayley is frustrated at the fact that "1768" was their last clue to finding Arnold and they still have no idea where he was. Putting the information together, Horatio realizes that Osyka hid the second Source of Eden in a Temple in Mexico and that must be where Arnold had gone to. Erica applauds Horatio for his puzzle solving skills and the team immediately left for Mexico.

Horatio leads the team to the Temple by remembering the steps he took as Osyka. There, the team arrives at the Temple to find a man standing outside the entrance. The man turned around to look at Horatio and the team and utters the words "Son, it's about damn time".