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WARNING: This story contains literary scenes of intense violence involving teenagers, reader's discretion is advised!
It was a warm summer day, and Joviana was in her house, on Facebook. Joviana Cromani was a young girl, 14 years old and still in eighth grade. She was popular, she had a lot of friends and was planning on going out somewhere with them that week. One thing nobody knew, not even her, was that she came from a direct line of very special people in history. At least that's what all the schools teach. In fact these people were too special, special enough to almost conquer entire countries. These people... were the Knight's Templar. In all of the history books, you'll hear that the Knight's Templar were just an army of Christian soldiers fighting for control over the Holy Land. Books aren't always filled with truth. In fact, the Templars were evil masterminds disguising as a lawful army. Their main enemy was the Assassin Brotherhood. Templars were everywhere from the 12th century to the present. During the Crusades, everyone in law enforcement was a templar. During the Italian renaissance, the Borgia Family were templars. In the revolutionary war, redcoats were working for the templars. But to get more modern, today's templars are the biggest company in the world. Abstergo Industries.

"Joviana, your friends are waiting for you outside!", yelled Joviana's mother. Her mother was a kind-hearted, loving woman. "Coming, mom!", yelled Joviana. She got her wallet and her phone from the desk next to her. "Be back before 8:00 sweetie!", said her mother. Joviana nodded and walked out of the door. She lived in a small culdesac in Long Beach, California. On their way to the local mall, one of Joviana's friends asked, "Do you notice anything different or strange about your mom, Joviana?". "No, why do you ask?", Joviana replied. Her friend shrugged. When they got to the mall, Joviana saw three strange men in hoods walking towards them. "Hey guys, there are these weird dudes coming towards us.", said Joviana confusedly. When they turned around to see them, the men had vanished. All of the sudden, one of the men lunged down on Lillie, Joviana's friend, and left a huge cut in her throat. Lillie was dead. Stab after stab, Joviana saw all of her friends fall to the ground. Just as one of the men was about to kill Joviana, a person in a white hoodie lunged down on the killer. Joviana watched as one of here friend's murderers was killed. It only took about 5 seconds for the hooded person to finish off the other two.

"Who are you?!", asked Joviana, tears running rapidly down her face. The hooded man took off his hood. He was a 14 year old boy who went to Joviana's school. He was unpopular and he was bullied. That's why he killed two 15 year old bullies who were held back, giving them the chance to bully him more. His name was Christopher Grecian. He ran away from the school and went into hiding for months. Joviana was never more outraged, but happy to see him. "These men are killers hired by Abstergo Industries hired to kill you. I got here just in time to save the one they were after. That's you if you didn't get that.", said Christopher. "What about my friends?! Why didn't you save them?!", yelled Joviana, still sobbing. Chris answered that he wasn't able to get there in enough time. "Wait, were they just after me? They were, right?!", said Joviana. She was worried. "No, I'm sorry. They want the whole family dead... oh shit, your parents!". Chris was hopeless in saving Joviana's parents, even though he claimed he would do everything he could to save them.