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Assassin's Creed: Stone Age is a story made by Caeden11. It is set in the Stone Age. You play as Ug, the first assassin. He invented every item used by modern-day assassins.

List Of Weapons[]

  • Hidden Blade. This makeshift blade is made of sharpened bone.
  • Club. This is made of wood, and can batter cavemen's skulls faster then they can say "Oooga Booga"!
  • Spear. This makeshift spear is made out of wood and stone, and is great for throwing, but not good for melee.
  • Rock. This stone can bonk skulls and also distract cavemen. Why, it can be used to assassinate from above!

New Mechanics[]

  • Mammoth Riding. This requires patience and trust. The mammoth needs to trust you before you can ride him. While riding a mammoth, the mammoth can use his strength to crush your enemies.
  • Pets. If you use special bait, you can domesticate a wolf.
  • Fire. You can make fire, and if you eat food that you cook on a fire, your health increases.