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Assassin's Creed: The Occupation is a fanfiction manga drawn and written by a Google+ shitposter and artist named Tringapore. The story was heavily inspired by Singaporean dramas and history books about the Japanese Occupation of Singapore.


Chapter 1: The Invasion[]

According to the first 18 manga pages, it opens up on the 7th of December, 1941, in Nagasaki. The mentor, Furukawa Tadashi, of the Brotherhood briefed a novice, Kazuya Hayashi, about his mission to Singapore. Worried about the mission due to his inexperience, Tadashi simply told him not to worry about the mission as his friend, Hide Uchiha, will be following him as his guide. As a sign of good luck, Tadashi gave Kazuya his wakizashi and ordered him to kill his target, Adnan Saidi, with it. Kazuya examined the blade, bowed to the mentor in respect and left the hideout. It was revealed that Kazuya cannot be promoted because there aren't many Templars for him to take out in Japan.

As Kazuya stepped out into the cold winter, he heard Hide sarcastically clapping and congratulating him. Kazuya asked why was he outside. Hide simply told him that he was supposed to receive orders from Tadashi but after overhearing Kazuya's orders he knew what he is supposed to do. Unsatisfied, Kazuya simply walked away and Hide caught up with him. When asked about Kazuya's deployment, Kazuya

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Kazuya Hayashi - A young Assassin who sought for redemption after learning that his mentor was a traitor of the Brotherhood. He is the main protagonist of the series.

Furukawa Nagisa - Another young Assassin that appears in Kazuya's flashbacks and later in the series. She was the main cause of sparking a civil war between the Japanese Brotherhood. She is an antagonist of the series, but the main protagonist of certain chapters covering her story in China

Hideyoshi Uchiha (Known as Hide by most characters) - Kazuya's best friend that ended up his becoming his mortal enemy after a Kazuya betrayed the Imperial Japanese Army. He knew what was actually going on before being sent to Singapore with Kazuya. He had 2 duels with Kazuya, losing both duels and costing his right arm in the second duel when Kazuya ripped it off with his wakizashi. He was fatally wounded by Nagisa and later finished off by Kazuya with Nagisa's pivot blade in 1943.

Yosuke - One of the first and the only Assassin left that rebelled the Imperial Government and attempted to expose the mentor. He sought refuge in Singapore after escaping Japan and settled down, abandoning the Assassin life. Not much was known about his life before Kazuya found him. He nearly killed Kazuya when he thought that he was here to kill him and later beat up Kazuya for leading the Templars to his hideout. He later lived in Tian Ying's house, the Assassin's HQ. He later became the Mentor of the Assassin Brotherhood in Singapore after being convinced by Kazuya to rejoin the Brotherhood. He was later killed by Hideyoshi with a shot in the chest in 1943. It was revealed that he had something to do with the disappearance of Kazuya's parents in a letter he gave to Kazuya.

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  • The name Kazuya Hayashi is the name of Tringapore's Japanese friend that he had lost contact with in 2013
  • The idea of it sparked when Tringapore watched an old TV series about the Japanese Occupation in Singapore and was inspired to make a story about it.
  • Kazuya was the not the first character to be thought of, but was the first character to be designed. Yousuke was the first character to be thought of.
  • The plot was rewritten at least 4 times.
  • Kazuya was redesigned at least 6 times.
  • Characters' names were mainly taken from different anime and real-life people e.g. Hide's name was taken from a Tokyo Ghoul character named Hideyoshi Nagachika and Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto and Nagisa's name was taken from an actual character in Clannad.
  • Tringapore stopped the manga mainly because of his major shift in his art style.