Here are the guidelines of the Assassin's Creed Fanon Wiki.

  1. Since this wiki will grow rapidly, structure is crucial. Every user can create as many fanon pages as they desire. All fanons, however, need to be added to each user's portfolio – this can be done through the creation of a category page with your username (e.g. Category:Slate Vesper), with the Portfolios category added from there. If a user wishes to publish artworks, they can do so on their own gallery page, which is to be named Username - Gallery (For example: Slate Vesper - Gallery). Every user is only allowed one such gallery page, but you are free to format its contents as you please.
  2. Pages will need to have at least three paragraphs, and the possibility of expansion – no one-liner articles. For example, if you create a page called "Random Name Here" and just write "AC is cool," then it will be marked and deleted at an admin's discretion.
  3. Fanons are to be of a decent quality with regards to typos and spelling and/or grammatical errors. If the fanon is not, the author will be given the choice to have a Staff member fix up their fanon, or have it deleted on their behalf.
  4. There is to be NO pornographic material, due to it violating Wikia Policy.
  5. Do not copy somebody else's work and claim it under your own name. This is considered plagiarism, and if reported, we will investigate. Be warned – you will know the consequences if it happens, and plagiarised material will be removed immediately.
  6. We expect that you respect not only your higher-ups, but also your fellow Fanon producers. If you respect them, they will respect you, which will make it easier for everyone and foster a positive Fanon community.
  7. Users may not edit the Fanon of another editor, unless they are given prior and explicit permission. This applies to all members on the Wiki, including Staff and above. The only tolerated exception is when a Staff member or higher are required to edit an article to either enforce the rules given here, or to add pieces such as categories or templates.
  8. User accounts are required in order to create a Fanon article, as it helps to link them to the correct author. Fanon articles that are created by anonymous editors will be deleted at an admin's discretion, unless an account is created and the true author presents themself, so that the Fanon template can properly be implemented.
  9. As this is an English-speaking Wiki, all fanon articles must be written mainly in English, aside from snippets of foreign languages for stylistic choice (e.g. "Requiescat in pace"). For fanons that deviate from this basis, the author will be asked to translate their fanon into English, or it will be deleted at an admin's discretion.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.