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Last few entries of a diary during 16th century, translated from Italian to English

26th April, 1502 AD

I have received another mission, worse than any I have ever received before, I have intercepted many letters, spied many meetings, killed many men, I can hide in plain site, steal without anyone ever knowing, and murder someone from 100 feet away with a throwing blade. Yet I am worried, This is no normal mission, I have been instructed to go to London, England, I am to assassinate King Henry VIII, Ezio must have a lot of faith in me, I have been well trained but I fear this will not be an easy operation. I am to leave in two days to carry out my mission.

27th April, 1502 AD

My journey starts tomorrow, I must get ready. I learned that he will be staying at a manor in a town called Gainsborough. I know how I will kill my target, I must get into the kitchen, pour some poison into his wine and leave, I'll be on my way home before anyone realises what has happened, but getting to the kitchen will be difficult, the place shall be heavily guarded, but I am ready, I know I can do this, no time to sit and worry, I must sleep, I have an early morning.

1st May, 1502 AD

I have reached the location, I am writing this in a little inn not far from the manor he is staying at, it is as I expected, the place is well guarded, This will be very difficult, but I have had many years of practice, there are many places to hide a body if I need. I must carry out my mission now.

Vittoria agli assassini.