This character is based on Lewdnar's tritagonist from The Hunt. 
"Me and Diana … haha … we're just friends."
―Atreus attempting to tell he doesn't have feelings for Diana.
Biographical information

c. 450 BCE
Thasos, Hephaistos Islands


c. 420 BCE (disputed)
Thasos, Hephaistos Islands

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Champion's Gymnasium

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Appears in

The Hunt

Atreus was a Thasanian archer and bastard of general Chiron's wife. At some point during his life, Atreus became a part of the Champion's Gymnasium. Around the time of the Peloponnesian War, Atreus encountered and befriended the Spartan misthios and proto-Assassin Kassandra in order to clean the name of Diana – his secret love.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born and raised as the bastard son of general Chiron of Thasos City, Atreus never knew his biological father. Punishment for being unfaithful to her husband, Atreus' mother was ostracized – left being raised by nurses and his father. As the general's only son, Atreus was to be trained to become a soldier, rising above his social status. His childhood was filled with archery classes, as this position was both important and safe for an Athenian soldier.

His father pulled a few strings, and Atreus was placed in the archery class at the Champion's Gymnasium. A few years into the training under instructor Menon, he became acquainted with the only girl at the gymnasium: Diana.

Over the years, Atreus fell in love with Diana, trying to impress her with his archery skills; albeit he was not her equal. Atreus worked hard to be noticed by her, and in this way earning his place as the second-best at the gymnasium – only bested by Diana herself. They were close, and Atreus gave her the thought on becoming an Olympic athlete.

Peloponnesian War Edit

War outbreak Edit

Being recruited to the Athenian army in his mid-twenties, Atreus did poorly on the battlefield. He served the Athenian side during the battle of Megara, and escaped barely alive alongside with a fellow other soldiers. They managed to flee from the battle, but had to walk all the way from Megaris to the east side of Attika, where they bribed some fishermen to get back to Thasos. Atreus was placed back at the gymnasium by his father: it was clear he needed more training, unable to serve the Athenian army.

Something was wrong however: Diana was gone. He tried talking with some other gymnastics, but they refused saying anything: they knew he had fled from Megaris, blaming him for treason. It was his instructor who came to him and explained that Diana's parents died in an ambush. She had left the gymnasium seeking revenge. Atreus tried to go after her, but his father made sure his second-in-command, Eros, would monitor his every move.

The Spartan misthios Edit

At some point, Atreus encountered the mysterious Eagle Bearer from Kephallonia: Kassandra. Talking to his instructor first, Kassandra was being pointed to Atreus. Being asked on who could be the murder of Diana's parents, he responded that he had no clue. He would do some research in the meantime though whilst Kassandra stormed the local warehouse.

When they returned, he told that someone in their archery class could possibly want Diana's spot: a man named Orion. He found it hard to belive Orion could be the murderer anyhow, as he was the worst in class – but that could also give him a motive to do so. He thought it was best to check on it anyway, and told Kassandra to talk with Orion. The archer told Kassandra that it wasn't him, but the commander Eros who killed Diana's parents. Kassandra does not tell this to Atreus however. She and Diana go after Eros and his soldiers right away.

Not long after their encounter with Eros, the economy of Thasos City went downhill. The city became unstable, and Atreus decided to reside at the gymnasium with his training brothers. Soon after, his father was killed at the Koinyra Fortress by Diana and Kassandra. He was ignorant of this however, as they decided to not reveal anything to Atreus.

Later life Edit

Little is known about Atreus' life any further, but as Diana was not interested in Atreus – and decided to either follow her career or become a pirate – Atreus didn't see her again after his father's death. Thasos City was still in disarray, and at some point the King of the Hephaistos Islands sent word for Athens to gain allies for a storm attack on Thasos to recover it and bring the city under control. Athens obliged, and the King took it back c. 420 BCE. It is uncertain if Atreus died during these events.

Relationships Edit

Chiron - being the adoptive son of Chiron – having an unknown father and ostracized mother – Atreus was to become something greater than a bastard son. The title of general was not bestowed upon their sons, so Atreus had to earn it if he wanted to. Only wanting appease his father, Atreus began at the gymnasium, preparing himself for war. After he failed in the battle of Megara, Atreus and Chiron had little to no contact – all communication going through Atreus' bodyguard, Eros.

Diana - his secret love in life, Atreus was oblivious for her not returning the feelings. They had a deep friendship that went back to their childhood when they were both introduced to the world of the gymnasium. The pair became the favorites of the archery instructor Menon, but Diana came out on top. Wanting to gain her attention and approval, he strived to become her equal. When people asked of his relation to her however, he laughed and said they were "just friends", meaning it was obvious they were something more.

Kassandra - not knowing who had killed Diana's parents, Atreus was eager to help Kassandra in her quest for discovering them. He suspected the archer Orion could know something, but was uncertain. Later, upon his father's death, Atreus assumed it had happened due to the unstableness in Thasos City. He didn't know this was due to Kassandra and Diana infiltrating the Koinyra Fortress, as they agreed on that if he knew his father's intentions, it would break him.

Trivia Edit

  1. The name of Atreus, may be a reference to the God of War character and archer, son of Kratos. Atreus may also be a reference to the king of Mycenae in Greek mythology.
  2. He shares his character model with Melanthos.
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