Aubrey Jacobs

Aubrey Jacobs

Aubrey Concord (née Jacobs) was the husband of Bobby-Jo Concord, and is the father of Howard and Angelica Concord. He is also the father-in-law of Jaye Verdict, and were the son-in-law of Benedicte Concord. He divorced with Bobby-Jo in 1989.

Aubrey is an employee of Abstergo Industries and were an assistant to Alan Rikkin from 2001 until the latter's death in 2016. After Angelica's graduation, Aubrey asked Rikkin if he could spend some of his influence in order to let Angelica get a job in the Industries – to which Rikkin accepted, as a gesture for Aubrey's work for him as his assistant.

Under Rikkin's supervision, Aubrey were stationed to work on the Project Legacy, reporting the progress to him – who in turn reported this to the Inner Sanctum. During the events in Madrid, Aubrey – who had accompanied Rikkin and his daughter, Sofia, on their tour – was instructed by Rikkin to overwatch Sofia's examination of Callum Lynch's ancestor: Aguilar. In their search for Aguilar's Apple, Aubrey was at some point instructed to write Rikkin's speech. Later, at the breakout of the Assassins, Aubrey was not late to get the helicopter ready. Aubrey was the one who brought father and daughter in safety.

At the meeting in London, Aubrey heard at the speech Rikkin held – proud of hearing his words being spoken by a Guardian of the Order. When Rikkin presented Aguilar's apple, however, the man was assassinated by Lynch from Madrid – cutting his throat. Aubrey managed to flee the building, watching over Sofia for some time. Whilst in London, Dr. Gramática called for Aubrey – telling him his progress on the Phoenix Project and that he wanted Rikkin to know. When Aubrey told Gramática about Rikkin's death, the Templar was shocked and told that he would mourn Rikkin.

Now stationed in Philadelphia, Aubrey serves as the Chief Commercial Officer of Abstergo Industries.

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