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Portrait of Augustin

"I am augustin robespierre and i know all you power-hungry extremists have executed my brother for freedom, when he was really innocent and was not guilty, well i tell you, your freedom will only run farther away if you just kill innocent people" - Augustin, moments before his death.

Augustin Bon Joseph de Robespierre or Augustin Robespierre was the younger brother of Maximillien Robespierre. He was allies with fellow templars Comte de Choisy, Charles Gabriel Sivert and Le Roi des Thunes. When all three of his allies were killed, he started panicking and remained Hidden at the palais de luxembourg, but was killed when the french-austrian Assassin, Arno Dorian infiltrated the palace and shot the chandelier above him with the Phantom Blade and fell and killed him during a speech about freedom in 1784.

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