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==Australian Assassin Story Characters:==

Daniel "Akma" Andre'ws: 'The main protagonist in my story, a troubled childhood leading to a teenager (16) angry at the world, but not the way you might think, bottled up emotions. Dubbed Akma by his grandfather because of his aboriginal decent meaning "fresh water".

William Andrews: The protagonists father, a violent drunk. Died 2009 (45) same night as "Kylie Andrews (40)" in a car accident. Former millitary he trained his son in basic self defence, funnily enough that hindered his plans to beat his son and wife in a drunken rage later on.

Kylie Andrews: The mother of the main protagonist, a woman of the workforce, she worked all hours of the day and night to provide for her son's education. She was younger but by no means weaker. She was the driving force behind her sons confidence in all things. She was the mother over-run who loved to much.