The Ava brotherhood is a brotherhood of assassins operated in Mandalay and other historical sites in Myanmar.It has a history of 9 centuries all the way from the bagan era.


Origins Edit

In 1049,the two brothers Vahid and Umar hassad of the Hidden ones were shipwrecked on the coasts of Suvarnabhumi.They later served the King Anawratha as military commanders of the Bagan army.With their skills,they lead succesful miltary campaigns to the Shan hills and Northern Arakan,who were later ranked as the generals of the army.With the help of Anawratha,they later established the Burmese brotherhood and was later became tied with the monarch families of Pagan and Shan states.

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Goal Edit

Their main goal is to secure the pagodas which enshrined the Pieces of Eden and the holy relics of Buddha.Like most brother hoods, their goal is also is to ensure the survival of freedom, as it allows for the progression of new ideas and the growth of individuality.

Notable Members Edit

Bagan era(849-1287)

Small-Kingdom era(1313-1555)

Present day

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Appereances Edit

Assassin's creed:honor(first appeareance).

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