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Little is known of his birth, other than he was born on 24 October 1775. His father was Mirza Akbar, the so-called Emperor of India. He was a nuetral party, who tried to balance himself between Templars and Assassins, but finally, the Templars managed to belittle him to the mere post of the 'King of Dehli'. His face stopped appearing on coins and the EIC (East India Company, front of Templar Order) gained much of the land directly.

Mirza Akbar's first son, and chosen heir, Mirza Jahangir, was exiled after trying to attacking the Templars. Thus, Bahadur Shah II gained the Masnad (throne).

Discovering the OrderEdit

Bahadur Shah was sitting, reading. A great fan of Literature, he had stuffed his library with old Urdu manuscripts containing hundreds of poems and proses. Besides, he thought bitterly, reading was one of the few things I can do.

He closed the book, and massaged his forehead. The EIC, those ignorant foreigners, they dared to set foot in Mother India and claim it? Just like that? He was a passionate man, and sometimes found himself wishing that he could compile an army strong enough to wipe them out, once, and for all. But how? They were too strong.

Suddenly a figure leapt into the room, from the open window. He started, then reached for the sword he always kept under the mattress.

The man, for it was indeed a man, was faster. He was face to face with the monarch in a second, a blade snicking out from under his arm.

"What," he said hoarsely,"Do you want?"

"I want to talk." the voice was soft, and velvet. It sent tingles up Bahadur Shah's spine.

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