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the balkan brotherhood was located in Europe in the south, the balkan brotherhood was divided between the ottoman empire and the Hungarian empire. Aleksander Petrovich was a young child that was raised in the assassin brotherhood in Croatia in which his father Drago Petrovich told him stories about the great Croatian kingdom that fell to the Hungarians. He would to tell him stories of when the balkans would one day unite into a mighty empire. as a young man he viewed the Hungarians as evil dictators and would be involved in the brotherhood and politics to form the balkan brotherhood with Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia in 1490.


Even though Aleksander Petrovich had formed the brotherhood he hadn't freed his nation from the grasp of the Austrians and the ottomans but his great great grand son Gavrilo Princip would form a small group of his own elite assasins hand picked by him to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. This would be the glory-days of the balkan brotherhood as Greece and Romania, Macedonia but with Bulgaria joining with the templar/central powers in which they are defeated and is join by force completing his grandfather legacy of his .


Two decades pass and the brotherhood