“As the shadow pass the days.”
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October 6, 1166

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Levantine Rite

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Tom Hiddleston

Baphomet, whom their real identity was unknown, was a Third Crusader in the army of King Richard I of England, concierge to Robert IV de Sablé and, privately, a distinguished member of the Knights Templar. As the right hand of de Sablé, he led Templar Knights on successful skirmishes throughout the Holy Land, with the goal of reclaiming Jerusalem for the Levantine Rite.

Profoundly active before and during the Third Crusade, Baphomet's advice and actions were vital for the successful siege of the city of Acre, and he was captain of the Crusader guard after the city fell. During subsequent years, Baphomet led knights who reclaimed several towns and fortresses along the Palestinian shoreline, cleansing what he knew as the holy land.


Covering his face at all times was a chain-mail veil which was attached to his hooded cowl, which protected his face from injury and hid his elusive identity. It is unknown why he hid his face: some claim he was hideously disfigured from warfare, others say it protected his secret life as Baphomet was indeed a famous figure, and others say that he was born with the face of the Sabbatic Goat.


Baphomet was a proponent of ranged attacks, preferring to use archery, throwing weapons, and other long-range tactics to dispatch opponents while staying relatively safe. Remarkably, it was not uncommon to see Baphomet leading the charge, firing off arrows in quick succession. Alongside his bow, he wielded a dagger which was always hidden in his jackboot for if he ever entered close quarters.


(Quick, Front)
Baphomet grasps the target at the throat with his left-hand, brings them to the tips of their toes, and with his right-hand draws a throwing knife blade from his left torso and slashes under his left arm and across the throat of the victim. Pushing the victim away as their frantically grasp their throat in vain, Baphomet disappears into the crowd in seconds.

(Quick, Back)
Baphomet wraps his left forearm around the face of the victim and covers their eyes, pulling their head back and exposing their jugular, whereas he severs it with a small throwing knife which was in his right shoulder holster. Shoving the prey away as they sway and look around in frenzied desperation, Baphomet fades into the masses without a trace.

(Low Profile, Front)
Baphomet slithers up to his victim and knees them in the abdomen causing them to writhe backward clutching their injury. While his knee is in the air, he removes the dagger from his boot and delivers an upward slash to the left side of their throat and reverses the motion and impales them from behind the skull, the blade exiting the forehead between the eyes.

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