Ver Ater "Bari" Grundi was a member of the German Brotherhood. His most famous work was the assassination of Hitler, thus ending World War II. He was born in 1914 to Nazi soldier Tyran Grundi and mother Fleg Grundi (maiden name Darsi). One day, his father, Tyran, came home drunk and covered in blood. Tyran took his cavalry sword and sliced it across Fleg's neck as young Brandi watched in horror. Brandi soon ran away from his home and lived as a homeless beggar for 2 years. The leader of the German Brotherhood found Brandi starving in a box, sick and dying. He joined the Assassin cause at the young age of 12, and climbed to the top at age 18. He was trained by the German Brotherhood leader, Edel Suldatt. At the start of of World War II, Bari Grundi had already replaced Edel as the leader of the German Brotherhood after the passing of his old leader. Though the German Brotherhood was small, Bari trained them into one of the deadliest of the many brotherhoods around the world, even rivaling the skills of the Levantine Hashashins. While he was exploring a Nazi warehouse, he came across his father. Planning on avenging his mother, Bari attacked. Though Tyran was a skilled soldier, his skill was not enough to match that of the years of training Bari has received from the assassins. Taking his modified poison laden hidden blade, Bari drew multiple slash wounds onto his own kin. His father escaped, but soon died of the poison days later. After his father's death, Hitler's death, and the end of World War II, Barj resigned from the Brotherhood, as "he was getting tired of all the death". He lived two decades peacefully until Templars found him, and attacked his house. Bari, now old and withered, took his ornamental blade from its stand and fought to his death, killing half of his assailants. As he was finishing off one of the attackers, another snuck behind him and stuck his blade deep into Bari's back, through his lungs, and out the front of his chest. As he was left dying, the Templars set his house aflame to ensure the former assassin's death. Bari's legacy lived on for a long time until the German Brotherhood was taken down and neutralized by the Templars in 1984. Bari Grundi's story was passed onto the Deutsch Brotherhood, with his name being changed to Adler Grundi.

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