"To be honest, I never know there are those who play behind the curtains of this...colonization. I thought that the conquerors were the big picture, but now I must say I haven't seen it all,"

―Bayu Cathaka as he learnt the secret war of Assassins and Templars from his mentor

Bayu Cathaka (1920 - ????) was an Indonesian Assassin, lived in the era of Dutch colonialization and Japanese colonialization in Indonesia. Aside of his position as an Assassin, he also held an important, secret role of Indonesian's struggle for their independence.


"Back then, I believed what my parents told me. About lucky days, signs of luck, charms and other mysticisms. But after my uncle took me down of that mountain, I realized those are lies. It wasn't my parents' fault, for they were also being taught to believe such lies,"

Bayu Cathaka told his childhood story to his bestfriend, Waluyo.

Early LifeEdit

Bayu Cathaka was born in a village on the slope of Merapi mountain with his name was "Panji Slamet". His father and mother were farmers, but his mother became a weaver after his birth. Like another childrens in his village, he was raised with tradition and local beliefs. When he was six years old, his uncle, Karto Sutowidjoyo, decided to adopt him, considering his lack of proper education. He then lived with his uncle at downtown, where he was taken care of by his aunt, Rani Sekar. He was registered to Europeesche Lagere School, thanks to his uncle's position as an administration employee, but then later moved to Taman Siswa school due to some patriotism reason.

He started to learn the East Javanese martial art, known as Silat Perisai Diri, when he was twelve, a common thing among childrens back then. He proved to be an exceptional fighter, despite his young age. He was also considered as a brilliant student, although his laziness and dislikeness toward school activities often brought him punishments and warnings from his teacher.

Realizing his propensity to study in Dutch school, he moved to Algemeene Middelbare School after his graduation. In this school, he met with Thomas Van Dell, one of his teacher that later he discovered as an Assassin and became his mentor.

Transition of LifeEdit

Bayu Cathaka began considering his unfair misfortune when he entered Algemeene Middelbare School, where he learnt about the difference of treatment toward between foreign and native students. This was also became a reason where he worked his life and became a dilligent, brilliant young man, favored by teachers. Thomas Van Dell kept his eyes upon him, and decided that he will recruit Bayu when he is more mature.

Later then, when he came home to his village, he couldn't find his parents and being told by the elder that his parents were taken by some unknown Dutch people, came to the village in order to get workers for plantation. Realizing that it was no use of him to linger, he stayed with his uncle and aunt.

Soon after that, one night his uncle was captured by the government, assumed that he was involved in a corruption case. Due to his blood as a native, Karto then later executed instead of imprisoned. His house and assets were confiscated, resulting Bayu and Rani lived in poverty.

Bayu's teacher, Thomas Van Dell, offered them help and a place to stay, which quickly accepted by them. However, Thomas Van Dell couldn't offer Bayu another education chance, as his uncle's name was also bound to his. He then offered another "job" to him, a job that allow him to investigate his uncle's arrest and avenge his death.

Learning The CreedEdit

"This is not merely a group of excellent killers, lurking in the shadow for some lunatic ideas. This is a brotherhood where you will fight side by side with your new brothers and sisters to reveal the truth hidden by those who undesire it"

Thomas Van Dell, explaining about the purpose of the brotherhood of Assassin to Bayu.

Thomas Van Dell began to teach Bayu about the creed of the Assassins, introducing them as well, when Bayu was nineteen years old. Bayu wasn't aware about the true history of the brotherhood, merely know them as "bunch of mysterious people with hands as fast as shadows", but soon realize its seriousness and strength when he read "The Circle", a list containing several names of Dutch government officials and military generals.

Because of his possession of self-defense skill and prime physic condition, Bayu didn't require a long time to learn the lessons given by his mentors. His only obstacle was when he assigned for his first assassination mission, where he must kill an informant that potentially tracked their movement. Never kill anyone before, Bayu almost let the man escaped when they met. He then chased the man into an alley, where he could kill him easily. This mission gave him trauma for several days, something considered as normal by Van Dell. He then told Bayu that he didn't only serve the brotherhood, but also his Republic, for he killed a man working for the Colonial government. This reason somehow became a great justification for Bayu, that every order his brotherhood gave him must be done.

After this experience, Thomas van Dell decided to take him to Europe, where the brotherhood of Assassins now dwells. He then firstly arrived in Dutch, where he met Alice Kekhuis, his future wife, and assisted his mentor to help the Dutch in secrecy mobilize the army to defeat NAZI army. Then he went to German where he met an Assassin that later became his close friend, Thomas Kolhn.

War of IndependenceEdit

Aside of implementing the order of Assassins, Bayu Cathaka also assisted the struggle of Indonesian for their independence, as a matter of fact that the independence of Indonesia was also the main purpose of Assassin order exist in Indonesia. The Order discovered that the Templars, hidden within the Dutch government, were trying to rule over Indonesia indirectly for the richness of nature resources possessed by the Archipelago country. In the even that if the Templars won, they would be unstoppable.

Secretly, Bayu formed strong relationships with some of the national heroes, such as: General Soedirman, the most powerful though lived a short life due to his TBC military general of Indonesia at colonialization era; Supriyadi, commander and leader of PETA rebellion; Bung Tomo, and Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia. Because of his extraordinary skills, Bayu often being trusted as a top-secret message courier by Soekarno and Soedirman. Although in his war he fought against Dutch, British, and Japanese soldiers, he never hate them as he believed that the soldiers are only doing their job, although indeed he hate several of them because of their barbaric actions in war.

He also assisted the rebellion of PETA, led by Supriyadi. Unfortunately, due to the incomplete preparation, the rebels were defeated. Muradi, the forgotten hero in history, at the same time was field commander of the rebels, told Bayu to take Supriyadi with him and escape. Supriyadi immediately refused, but then knocked out by Bayu and taken away. Supriyadi scolded him and filled with furious, later then he tried to kill Bayu. Had no choice but to defending himself, Bayu fought Supriyadi and killed him. Supriyadi told Bayu that it is a great shame for him to left his men in the most desperate moment, and asked Bayu to bury his body somewhere unknown.

New Order EraEdit

It is confirmed that Bayu Cathaka lived long enough to see and feel the New Order era. In this era, Bayu Cathaka couldn't act freely as he could back at the time of Independence War. At the time of Old Order era, Soekarno personally asked him to become a military instructor that secretly helped Colonel Kawilarang and Rokus Bernardus Visser (A former Dutch Special Op) to form the basic of Indonesian Spec Op, nowadays known as Kopassus). This assistance was done without being known by his teacher, and when Thomas Van Dell found out, he became angry and told Bayu that "You've left a deathly weapon in an open field, as same as offering it to our enemies!". Bayu didn't pay attention to this, instead he was confused why Thomas Van Dell referring the government as their enemy. After New Order era began, he later realized that Kopassus is used by the government improperly, in order to manipulate the politic condition inside the nation. He remembered his mentor's words and regret it, wishing that he didn't fulfill Soekarno's request and keep the intelligence of Assassins for the order itself. He hardly able to carry on the order of the brotherhood because of a risk that his action maybe spotted and recognized by Kopassus due to the same skills they possessed, aside of his aging physical condition.

Combat : Weapons and skillsEdit

Though he learnt Silat Perisai Diri when he was twelve years old, Bayu realized that his flexibility allowed him to win a fight without holding on the essence of Perisai Diri, resulting him became a freestyler fighter. One thing that made him exceptional, is that he able to simulate a movement required to win his fight inside his mind in a short time, a skill that even sometimes creates a movement that he never learn or perform before.

When he intend to confront his enemy, Bayu often avoid too large, exposed place. Rather he lured his enemies into an alley or rooftops, where they think he is pinned down but instead he holds the upper hand.

His tactics were unique and different from any other Assassins, for he never hold on one standard of combat, as he used to say "There are thousands of way to trick and twist your enemies, and only those who think one way is good enough for them will be defeated easily''.

His main weapons were firstly a pair of hidden blades, two Keris known as "Cakar Jathayu", a revolver pistol, and a Springfield Rifle given by Thomas Van Dell. The firearms were occasionally used, for he prefered a silent elimination.


Although his journal has been recovered, it is unclear whether he wore an armor or not. However, it is also rumored that Bayu wore a chestplate and a pair of vambraces secretly recovered from Prambanan Temple site. Similar with Armor of Brutus, the creator and creation time of them were unknown, at the same time sharing common possibility that they were made using knowledge from The Apple of Eden. But few months later after the discovery of his existence, it was believed that the armor he wore was Bayubraja Armor, a secret powerful armor, nevertheless the creator remain unknown.

Personal life : Love, predilection, daily life, old daysEdit

Although lived a dangerous, trickful life, Bayu shared a little similar life with Ezio Auditore. Indeed he opposed the Dutch government, but he never hate the Dutch people themselves, as long as they don't confront his people. He fell in love with a daughter of a Dutch merchant named Alice Kekhuis, and were in a strong, secret relationship. He liked to stroll across the city and take his time to have a cup of coffee in a street-side coffee seller, one activity that sometimes brought him a useful information for his missions.

When he's not at a mission―something rarely happened to him―he spent his time by reading, strolling across the city of Yogyakarta, having a date with his lover, or polishing his weapons.

At the age of 36, he proposed Alice and married. Little known about his marriage, but it is confirmed that they had a son.

List of possibly-involved-in eventsEdit

  1. The PETA rebellion
  2. The Assassination of A.W.S Mallaby
  3. The War of Surabaya
  4. The Sea of Fire


  • In Javanese language, "Bayu" means "Wind", and "Cathaka" means "eagle". However, these words are not daily language used by the Javanese, instead they often used in Javanese literature related to ancient legends or beliefs. In Hinduism, Bayu is the adaptation name for Vayu, believed as The Deity of Wind.
  • The Springfield Rifle given by Thomas Van Dell was brought by his American colleague after World War I.
  • Later then, "The Circle" list was given to Bayu, as a sign of his promotion and the beginning of his war
  • Algemeene Middelbare School was a name of a Netherland school estabilished in Yogyakarta city at the Dutch Colonialization Era. The school can be compared with nowadays Senior High School.

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