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"It's....remarkable. I've never seen something that improves human power beyond its limit such as this. It makes me faster than the wind, and create a layer of whirling wind around me that turns me invisible and immune against any attacks."

Bayu Cathaka in his journal, describing Bayubraja armor

Bayubraja armor is a set of armor found recovered by Bayu Cathaka from the site of Prambanan Temple.


"I've been weary of this war, of my life. Day and night, I have nothing but fights coming in my way. Whoever you are, I hope that when you find this armor and decide to use it, may you gain strength not only to wear it, but also to face the horror of the bloodshed that will fill your entire life"

-- An anonymous note locked alongside Bayubraja armor inside the chest

It is rather unclear about who created the armor. However, it is believed that the armor came from year 930, in the era of Mataram Kingdom, since it was found in the site of Prambanan Temple, which was also constructed by them.

Bayu Cathaka found the armor when he was 23-years old, three years before his involvement in November 10th War. He started to track the armor after one day he decided to visit the Prambanan Temple for recreation. He managed to translated some of the reliefs carved on the Temple and acquired mysterious clues about the armor.


It can't be said that the design of the armor itself is beautiful, rather so simple than it almost look like an armor weared by regular swordmen. It consists of a chestplate and a pair of vambraces.

Strength & Weakness[]

Despite its simple appearance, the power possessed by the armor cannot be underestimated. Bayubraja armor possess the ability to push the limit of its wearer; it will increase speed, stamina, strength and power. The most powerful ability it could serve is that Bayubraja armor can create a thin layer of energy field on the armor and the skin of the wearer, making it impossible for the wearer to be even scratched by any weapon and at the same time turn the wearer and the armor invisible. This power, however, consumes a large amount of energy from the wearer.