Benjamin Laurence
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5th of March, 1974


2nd of March, 2000

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ACFanon: Bow Down

Benjamin Laurence (1974-2000) was born in Australia and brought into the Australian Brotherhood at a young age. He was born to two loving parents in their early 20s. In a small town he was brought up as a Catholic and was given strong ideals about human rights and freedoms. He later was brought into the brotherhood by his grandfather and climbed the ranks to become a director of a training camp by 1997.

Early LifeEdit

"That's quite a story" -Benjamin reffering to his father's story of the Assassins and Templars.

When he was 12 he began to attend school where he heard rumors about his father having a criminal record. One day Benjamin asked his father about it and his father answered saying he had committed minor crimes such as speeding when he was 17. Benjamin didn't entirely believe his father but was fine with the answer nonetheless.

When Benjamin was 14 he was going to attend a social with some of his friends and heard that Laura Elya would be attending and wished to impress her. There he asked his father to borrow some of his old clothes that would fit him and his father allowed him. While searching through his father's closet he found a Hidden Blade and questioned his father about it. His father decided that he didn't wish to hold the secret back anymore and told Benjamin the story of the Assassins and Templars and how he himself had been apart of the brotherhood for a brief time in attempting to follow his grandfather.

Benjamin was inspired by this long struggle and when he was 17 asked and was brought into the brotherhood by his grandfather.

In The BrotherhoodEdit


"Nice move, old man" -Benjamin complementing his grandfather in a training session.

When Benjamin joined the ranks of the Brotherhood he was appointed to a hideout in Melbourne with his grandfather. There he was blessed with the rank of Novice Assassin and wore it proudly, but was still keen to climb the ranks. With this new rank his grandfather took it upon himself to train him, and over the period of two years Benjamin was personally taught by his grandfather until his grandfather's healt no longer allowed him to teach the boy.

Activities in OklahomaEdit

"Good luck!" -Benjamin wishing Daniel Cross and Hannah Mueller good luck.

After training under his grandfather Benjamin continued to serve out missions under the Australian Brotherhood, but only made it to two complete assassinations. After he had climbed the ranks he was appointed a director of an open training camp in Oklahoma in 1997. By this time his younger sister, Eve Laurence had been born in 1995 and interacted with him in her infancy but then he left to serve out 5 years at Oklahoma.

While in Oklahoma Benjamin was admired by his pupils at the camp, one of which being Roderick McLeod. Benjamin was brave and strong willed and held the ideals of the creed above all else. Benjamin was involved in the take out of two Master Templars during his time in Oklahoma and during a brief trip to Philadelphia he met Paul Bellamy, Hannah Mueller and Daniel Cross before they left for the Mentor. He wished them good luck and went back to Oklahoma.

While training his pupils in Oklahoma he met quite an odd one named James. He asked the boy his surname and the boy replied that he had none. Benjamin being curious about the strange boy began to nurture him more closley than the others and trained him to become quite talented in his arts despite him only being seven.

The Great Purge and DeathEdit

"Everyone, run, run now! I'll hold them off" -Benjamin giving orders to the others during the attack.

In 2000 The Great Purge had begun to take place in the US. During this Benjamin became paranoid as he lost contact with several other training camps before his own had been attacked.

During the attack Benjamin ordered that everyone run and not a single soul remain. Benjamin would take on the assaulting force alone. Benjamin had prepared mines for their arrival and had taken out an entire truck of their forces before he struck. Then Benjamin pounced on them and took out two more soldiers with grenades he threw in before begining a firefight with the soldiers. After Benjamin had ran out of ammo he saw the last of his people evacuating so he charged in with his hidden blades and took out five soldiers.

During all the action Benjamin had been shot in his heel and slached across his back, after Benjamin had impaled his fifth target he was butted with the end of a rifle and fell to his knees where one final bang echoed across the camp signaling his death.

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

Benjamin wasn't always the same, during his youth he had quite a cocky way about himself always expecting himself to best his opponents or allies. Though overtime he began to mature and not allow himself to underestimate those who oppose him.

Benjamin had always held strong to the ideals of the brotherhood even prior to knowing of it and this made him a strong Assassin himself.

Benjamin was quite selfless when it came to his final years in Oklhoma as he had to care for others and his life became theirs.

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