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Benjamin Vasilios was a Columbian-American Assassin who was responsible for the deaths of 22 people in 2018 San Francisco Massacre. Despite having no previous indication of mental illness, he quickly became insane for reasons unknown. On January 4, 2018, with a loaded 45ACP Mac-10 submachine gun, he opened fire on a large crowd in downtown San Francisco. He was eventually gunned down by police, but not before he had carved a cross into his chest.

Early Life[]

Benjamin Vasilios was born in Medellin, Columbia alongside his identical twin Jacob. Jacob passed away shortly after birth, with Benjamin in intensive care for a weak heart. Benjamin was born blind in his right eye, and was unable to speak until he was seven. Despite all these complications, Benjamin had an average childhood, living with his mother in Oakland until he was 19, when he discovered the Assassins.

Discovering the Creed[]

Benjamin discovered the Assassins after he saw a mysterious hooded figure approach him in the streets, muttering:

"Reginald is down, but that bugger Tyson *inaudible* goddamn bunker *inaudible* find him then we can finally leave *inaudible* place."

Visibly confused, Benjamin