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Berker nin Utku
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Paphos, Cyprus

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Berker nin Utku, aka. The Conqueror, was a Turkish Templar operating on the island of Cyprus, serving as one of five lieutenants of The Crow.

At some point during his life, Berker was recruited to the Templar Order, soon being transferred to the Rite of Cyprus. Under The Crow, Berker served as the leader of a Cypriote Den named Neophytos. The Neophytos Den was a slum where the poorest of the poor lived. It was once a place where the governor would arrange balls, but it later turned out to be a slum riddled with crime – with it's inhabits fighting for a place off the street. On behalf of Felix Andreas, Berker exploited the poor souls living there: those who once lived in luxury now was to give their values to Berker – values he stored in a well guarded tower.

While leading the slum, he came in a conflict with the longshoreman Orhan Dzez. It is unknown what this conflict was all about, but at Berker hired a group of bandits to take him down nevertheless. After saving the longshoreman from the bandits, Orhan he offered to assist Nikoleta Megalos in killing Berker him down.

During the following days, Berker ordered his men to survey the harbors for Orhan. He went with them, in order to make sure the job was fulfilled. While on the docks, Berker's men were taken down one by one; Nikoleta would try to kill him with an air assassination, but Orhan got the jump on her: he tried to kill Berker by himself, wielding an axe, but he managed to stun Orhan. Berker called for the town guards, leaving the area. Seeing Orhan needed more skills, and she began training with him. When he was ready, it was time to take down The Conqueror.

Crossing the enemies' boarders, the Assassins made sure to kill the snipers and killing Berker's lieutenant before making their move. When The Conqueror did not hear back from his second-in-command, he went out to search for him. Nikoleta and Orhan began their attack: executing a blow before returning to the rooftops. Berker ran through the den, trying to find them. This happened for five times before he was struck down in front of his tower. After his death, the Neophytos Den fell under Assassin control – with Orhan as it's new leader.