Jacopo: "Where are the goods?"
Bertrando: "They got it!"
Jacopo: "DAMN!"
—Bertrando and Jacopo having a conversation, 1754
Bertrando Favero

Bertrando Favero

Bertrando Favero di Rotta (1724 – Unknown) was an Italian Master Assassin operating on behalf of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins during the Seven Years' War. He was the older brother of Jacopo Favero and the brother-in-law of Cerise Lémieux, and the uncle of Concetto Favero.

As the oldest child of Maria and Luigi Favero, Bertrando was the heir of the Rotta-fortune – a fortune created in the period of the pre-Renaissance. Bertrando's further task was to enter the Assassin Order, as both of his parents were some too. Because of his parents' work, Bertrando was trained to be an Assassin also – making Bertrando a skilled Assassin more or less from birth.

At some point in the wake of the Seven Years' War, Bertrando received news that Assassin ally John Byng guarded a Piece of Eden. The Italian Mentor told Bertrando to retrieve it – as the Parisian Templars had taken an interest in it. Further reports told that the Rite had sent Bertrando's father-in-law and monsieur Noir to obtain it for the Order. The task given to Bertrando was to contact British Assassin Jervis Maplesden and get it to Italy. It would be too dangerous bringing the Piece of Eden over Spain or pass Portugal – Italy had been in control of the Assassins since the fall of the Borgias. Also, Italy was not in war, so the Italian Brotherhood could keep it safe in Rome.

Bertrando failed in his mission however, losing the Piece of Eden to the Parian Templar Rite. Returning home in a rowboat to Genoa and taking a horse to Rotta, Bertrando had taken a flue, but survived thanks to the doctor. Bertrando would then rest at his family-estate for some time before he would leave for Rome and deliver the messages of the loss of the Piece for himself to the Assassin Council. The Mentor's reactions is unknown, but it was undoubtedly a bad one.

After the Seven Years' War came to an end, Bertrando followed his brother, sister-in-law and an American Assassin on a mission to bring down a cult led by the head of the Mediterranean Templars, Constant Lavoie, and obtain a Piece of Eden known as The Crown. After eliminating Constant and his cult, Bertrando and the other Assassins traveled to Rome and bringing the Crown to the Mentor.

Later, Bertrando achieved the rank of Master Assassin and established a life with a woman from Venice. The two had six children during their marriage. Bertrando and his wife both aided the Brotherhood, and trained their children to become Assassins.

Bertrando's fate is unknown.

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