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"The madness....the spirit...the forwardness...a bloody party I will never forget. It's just like a massive giant rock, standing on the Netherland's way. A rock, which is mute, but echoes one thing : We are not dead yet,"

-- Bayu in his journal, describing 1st March 1949 Mass Attack in Yogyakarta

The Big Party was a nickname, personally given by Bayu, to the historical event in Yogyakarta known as Mass Attack 1st March (Serangan Umum 1 Maret). It was a big military assault toward Dutch army residing in Yogyakarta, in order to tell the international public that Indonesia wasn't defeated yet as it was said by Netherland's government.

Chain of Actions[]

2nd Dutch Military Agression (19th December 1948)[]

In 1948, the Dutch army attacked Indonesia's capitol city, Yogyakarta (today the capitol city is Jakarta) and successfully captured President Soekarno and Vice President Moh. Hatta. One of Bayu's friends, General Soedirman, quickly responded the situation by announcing a flash order to all TNI soldiers, especially those inside Middle Java region, to launch guerilla attacks toward every Dutch soldiers they could find. Series of black ops, sabotage missions, ambushes, and raids toward Dutch convoys were quickly launched after that.

Order to hunt Stefan Prins (11st October 1948)[]

After New Year, Bayu received a letter and a photo from the Orde. He was commanded to kill a Templar officer, disguised as a Dutch military commander in Yogyakarta named Stefan Prins. Stefan Prins was planning to attack Keraton Yogyakarta without any authorization from the Dutch military, assisted by his Templar soldiers, to take a sacred spear named as Kanjeng Kiai Ageng Plered. This news quickly angered Bayu, for his love and loyalty for Keraton Yogyakarta was great. At the same time, another letter arrived, delivered by a military courier. The letter came from General Soedirman, explaining that he would need his help as he was planning a massive assault toward Yogyakarta. Considering a chance to do two tasks at the same time, Bayu accepted and quickly searched for Soedirman's location. He then found him somewhere in East Java, at the same time was introduced to Soedirman's faithful man, Lt. Col. dr. Hutagalung. Soedirman told Bayu that he is planning to launch a massive mobilization across Java. This plan, however, was only a spoken idea that time.

The Gathering of Leaders (18th February 1949)[]

On the slope of Sumbing Mountain, East Java, a meeting was held in a military base by several TNI leaders, one of them is Lt. Col. dr. Hutagalung. They were planning to launch a massive assault toward Dutch army in a city by mobilizing every force around. The intention of this assault wasn't to retake a city - though it was hoped that a city could be retaken in process - but to tell the whole world and especially the Dutch, that Indonesia wasn't defeated yet. A colonel named Bambang Sugeng insisted that they must focus the attack on Yogyakarta. This plan was considered brilliiant, as there were UNCI (United Nations Commisions for Indonesia) members, several foregin journalists, and military watchers residing in the city, at the same time its position as the capitol city would surely affect the resistances across Indonesia. Therefore, the officers ordered that every field officers must be seen in TNI uniforms. After the meeting, Hutagalung went to meet Bayu (Soedirman informed him about Bayu after escaped from Yogyakarta), and told him to recruit any capable men from everywhere as militia. Bayu immediately accepted this order, feeling that it's a great honor to participate in such massive mobilization.

Mobilization and tracking (24th - 25th February 1949)[]

At 24th February 1949, it was decided that the attack will be launched at 1st March 1949. The attack toward Yogyakarta city would be led by Lt. Col. Soeharto, after given permission by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. At the same time, Bayu reported to Hutagalung that he had found several men and women ready to fight, in total  there were 8. He also took his two understudies, Shinta and Joko, to help the attack. Hutagalung immediately gave Bayu legalization of command authority upon his small troops, made him a temporary military commander. After that, Bayu was told to report immediately to General Soedirman. Once they met, Soedirman suggested Bayu to place his militias somewhere on the outskirt of the city, considering his mission to hunt Stefan Prins. Bayu told his force to follow him to Klaten, where they will wait for the "party". Meanwhile, he went to Yogyakarta along with Shinta to find Stefan Prins.

Disguised as farmers, Bayu and Shinta quickly dispersed to locate Prins, and will rendesvouz after 2 hours in Beringharjo Market. However, it was proved that Stefan was a smart man, and apparently had sniffed the existence of Assassins in Indonesia. He was seen nowhere and neither Bayu nor Shinta could find him at first. But when Bayu took a rest inside a small diner, two Dutch soldiers came and sat on table near his. From their conversation, Bayu found out that Prins was hiding inside a small hideout disguised as a store in Malioboro street. When he walked out of the diner, he saw a young officer and immediately remember a young Dutch officer he killed for the first time when he was an understudy.

He quickly went to Beringharjo and waited for Shinta. When she arrived, Bayu told her that Prins was hiding in one of Malioboro street market shops. Shinta informed him that Malioboro was guarded by several Dutch special troops, which raised her curiousity, at the same time confirmed the possibility that Prins was there. He ordered her to go back to Klaten, while Bayu will monitor the street.

Later, Bayu spent his time in a streetside coffee merchant in order to keep his eyes on Malioboro street. When night fell, Bayu saw a Dutch commander walked out of a small store. He quickly took out the photo sent to him, and confirmed that the commander was Stefan Prins. Bayu carefully followed him, only to know that Prins was only taking some air and return to his small store. However, Bayu didn't want to kill him right away, and decided to go back to Klaten.

Back in Klaten, in a small house belonged to one of their military contact, Joko and Shinta were surprised that their mentor didn't kill the Templar. Bayu explained that it wasn't the time yet, as Prins must be killed exactly when he launches his plan. Though Joko said that it was a waste of time, Bayu shooked his head and told him that there are times for everything. He then ordered his squad to take a rest and prepare themselves for 1st March.

Last Call (28th February 1949)[]

As the time is closer, Bayu moved his squad to Yogyakarta at 27th February 1949. He then asked Soedirman to send him some sniper rifles, telling that his squad will provide sniper cover for the attack. The rifles were sent and after that Bayu told Shinta and Joko to prepare. A man's heart affect the chivalry side (talk) 17:53, December 29, 2014 (UTC)