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This piece of Fanon tells the story of Adam Kenway, the founder of the Kenway family and an ancestor to Desmond Miles. It will take place in late 16th century and early 17th century. This story also serves as a kind of prequel to Assassin's creed 3. I'm also thinking of adding a modern day storyline as part of this story but not sure yet. I have plenty of great story ideas and I could possibly create a sequel for this story once I'm finished.

Chapter 1: Origins[]

Who am I? A man with a lot of secrets? A man with a story to tell? I'm none of these things. I'm a man with a purpose and a strange destiny. I was an assassin for many years and saw the beauty of life. But I also saw the cruelty of men and the death of innocents. And all this to guard an ancient secret that could possibly destroy mankind in the future. My name is Adam Kenway and this is the story of my life. What could I possibly tell about my origins or my parents? Nothing. I never knew my parents. All I know is that I was born in 1586. That same year, my parents abandoned me. They left me to the stairs of an orphanage in a basket. The orphanage was located in London and it was called Pinehill. I was raised in Pinehill with the other children. It was a tough life. The rules were strict, the food was scarce, and we had to study 8 hours every day. I didn't have a name back then but the staff gave me one. They began to call me Adam and it kind of became my official first name. I still didn't have a surname but it was pretty common, as most of the children in Pinehill never knew their parents. From the very beginning I noticed that I was special. My senses were more advanced than those of others, a strange gift that allowed me to observe my environment in a way that shouldn't be possible. I guess there are some things in this world we don't fully understand. Even though life there was tough, I kind of enjoyed it. It was peaceful and I didn't have to feel pain or sorrow. The only pain I felt was that unfortunate case in 1598, when I stole some extra food from other children because I was hungry. I received quite a beating for that. In 1603, when I was 17, I started to like studying. History and philosophy were particularly interesting to me. I knew that as soon as I turned 18, I would have to leave and survive on my own. In 1604 that day finally came. It was my time to leave my poor past behind and start a new one. Most honorable men had a surname, so I needed to have one too. The founder of Pinehill was called John kenway and I always remember that portrait of him in the main lobby of the orphanage. So I adopted the name Kenway from him. From that day onward, I would be known as Adam Kenway. I knew that I didn't have a future in England because of my poor origins. After gathering some money I departed to France to seek my fortune and my place in the world. Who knows, maybe I could even study in the famous university of Paris. Later it turned out that I had been wrong. The things I experienced in France changed my life forever.

Chapter 2: The secret war[]

When I first arrived in France I felt good. This meant the start of a new era for me. I became a student in Paris, the life of a student demanded a lot of free time, but thankfully I was able to sacrifice some of my free time to receive knowledge. During my time here, I met a french scholar named Claude Gaspard Bachet de Méziriac. He was a serious man, but he understood my visions, and we became close friends. His greatest interest was mathematics and he had all sorts of interesting theories about numbers. I never really understood that stuff and thought his theories were funny. It was a happy time, but that happiness wouldn't last for long. I left Paris to meet an accomplice of de Méziriac on his request. While I was riding through the french countryside, I was attacked by bandits. They stopped my horse, threatening me with guns. "Do you work for monsieur de Méziriac?" They asked me. I lied to them, believing it to be the wisest course of action. "Ah, good thing for you, Anglais (english), because if you worked for him we would have to kill you. For now we just take all your money. 'And it over now." I gave them all my money and then I noticed that one of the robbers had a strange necklace. It resembled a cross, but its design was different from the one you usually see in a crucifix. Today, I know that symbol very well but at that moment I was completely blind and did not identify the mark of an enemy. The men then held me in place and started beating me up. Once they were done with me they took my horse and left me lying on the road. I heard one of the robbers say: "This is useless. We will never catch de Méziriac's accomplice. I think we should travel to Paris and deal with de Méziriac as soon as possible." At that moment, I realized my friend was in danger, but I was too hurt to stand up. I passed out and I woke up to see an elder man standing beside me. The man introduced himself as Clemence and told me that he had saved me, but I didn't have any time to stay. After a while of resting, I told Clemence that I was in a hurry, so he gave me a horse. I rode to Paris to find my friend de Méziriac, but I was already too late. When I arrived to his house, he was lying on the floor. He had a major wound on his chest and his blood was pooling around him. "Who did this to you?" I asked him. "They...they took it. They do anything to get what they want." "Who?" "The cross. The cross is everywhere. Listen, please. Seek out a man named Chason Chevalier. He will tell you the truth. He will open your eyes." de Méziriac passed away. I wanted to know who had done this to him, so I started to search for Chason Chevalier. After two months I finally located the man in the city of Bordeaux. The meeting with Chevalier opened my eyes to the truth but also made me feel scared. He told me that he was the leader of the french assassins. The assassins were an ancient group dedicated to protecting the free will of humanity. Their enemies were the templars, a knightly order from the crusades. The templars were disbanded long ago accorrding to history books but in reality, they continued their plans underground. For centuries these two groups had been waging a secret war against each other. The templars were responsible for the murder of de Méziriac because he was an ally of assassins and he had posessed a strange artifact called the piece of eden. Templars collect these evil artifacts to create a "new world order." And if the templars won this war, the world would be without freedom. Chevalier offered to train me and I accepted. I would become one of them.

Chapter 3: Induction[]

Over the next years Chason trained me in the ways of the assassins. He taught me combat, using firearms, and freerunning. He also taught me the creed of the assassins. I became a skilled fighter and freerunner. I was inducted in to the order in 1612 and I swore to protect the free will of humanity at any cost. Then I hunted down and eliminated the templar thieves who had robbed me. Strangely, they didn't confess the murder of de Méziriac despite the fact that I heard them talking about it the day I was robbed. The templars were a threat in England as well and I wanted to return to my homeland and help my fellow assassins there. I travelled to London in 1615 and met the members of the local assassin guild. They told me that the templars were looking for something in The Atlantic ocean but they didn't know what exactly. Whatever it was, it meant trouble for us. The templar grand master himself would set sail from the harbor with his crew that night. He was a dutch captain named Diederick Jacobs but his crew members were mostly british. That's why Diederick was more commoly known as Davy Jones. I decided to infiltrate his ship to find out what the templars were looking for.

Chapter 4: Terror of the seas[]

I was hired to Jones' crew. Jones' ship, The Seeker, was a magnificent sight. I had never seen such a huge ship in my entire life. The templars were completely unaware of my allegiance to the assassin order. Later I learned that the templars were looking for something buried in the bottom of the ocean, something that was lost long ago. But they were really careful about it and I didn't know what it was. Today I know the truth but I will tell about that later. I also learned that Jones had a locker in his private cabin. Only Jones had the key to access it and only his closest men knew what it contained. But I had my suspicions. I suspected he had a piece of eden. It turned out my suspicions were true. One night I managed to steal the key from Jones and sneaked to his cabin. I opened his locker and found the apple of eden. This strange artifact was millions of years old. The first civilization were a technologically superior race and the piece of eden was one of their most curious creations. Unfortunately Jones spotted me and my cover was blown. "Well well. Looks like we have an assassin aboard our ship." "I'm sorry Jones but I can't let you find the thing you're looking for. And this apple is far too dangerous to be left in templar hands." "I'm disappointed in you Adam. I thought we were friends. And now you betray me! How dare you? You give me no choice. We can't allow this kind of treachery. Kill him!" A group of Jones' men attacked me. I drew a pistol from my belt and shot one of the attackers. The shot killed him instantly. I reloaded the gun and shot again. Another man fell down. Before I could reload my gun, a third man grabbed me and punched me in the face. I dropped the gun. The man started to beat me. I tried to defend myself but he was too strong. Meanwhile, a fourth man attacked me from behind with a dagger. That was fortunate for me. I quickly dodged the attack and the poor man stabbed his crewmate in the eye. The man screamed in agony. He then roared angrily and pulled out the dagger. His entire right eyeball was ripped out of its socket. The man ran towards me with the bloody dagger and tried to hit me. I blocked his attack and disarmed him. Then I stabbed him in the chest. The other man noticed my pistol on the ship's deck and picked it up. I dived into cover behind the mast as the man shot me. He didn't hit me and when he was reloading the gun I ran towards him and tackled him. I stabbed him with my hidden blade. The rest of Jones' men surrounded me. Jones then stepped in and drew his sword. "Leave this to me. I'll handle this traitor myself." I drew my sword as well. Jones attacked me and I blocked his attacks. He was a skilled swordsman and proved quite a challenge for me. For a moment I gained the upper hand in battle, forcing Jones to back off. I attacked him from the sides several times, trying to find a weak spot in his defence but he was too good. Eventually I retreated and ran across the deck, picking up my pistol and put it back to my belt. I couldn't react fast enough and Jones caught me by surprise. I barely managed to steer his blade away from my chest. Jones kicked me and I fell down the stairs below the deck. We continued our fight below the deck. Both of us attacked and defended in equal measure. I realised I couldn't defeat him without a distraction of some sort. Then I had an idea. I let Jones attack me a couple of times. Just as I predicted, his attacks forced me to go backwards and then we were fighting near a wooden table. There was a bottle on the table. I made a risky move and punched Jones in the face. Then I grabbed the bottle from the table and smashed it to his head. That stunned Jones briefly and I continued my improvised attack style by picking up a wooden chair and hitting Jones with it several times. Finally I kicked him and he collapsed onto some barrels. Enraged, he stood up and attacked me more furiosly than ever before. And then it happened. Jones was so blinded by rage that he lost his concentration for a moment. This allowed me to strike with force. I cut off Jones' left arm. He screamed and fell to the floor. "You shall never take my life assassin! I refuse to die. I have great plans for my order and for the whole world!" "Go to hell Davy Jones!" I grabbed the pistol from my belt and shot a barrel of gunpowder. It created a masive chain reaction. Several barrels started to explode. I ran to the deck. Jones' men ran around in terror. I ran across the deck and jumped into the water. I started swimming as fast as I could. After 20 seconds I heard a huge explosion. Jones' ship was destroyed and his crew as well. And Jones himself was dead. I thought I was going to die but luckily an english trading ship found me. They took me back to London. I thought this was finally the end of my journey but it had just begun. And the templars still continued to work in the shadows...

Chapter 5: The Kenway family[]

Eventually I settled down in London. I spent several years of my life training the assassins there and told them stories about my confrontation with Davy Jones. I bought a nice house for myself located in Queen Anne's square. It was a nice place to live. A few years later I met the woman of my dreams. Her name was Catherine Arterbury. Eventually I fell in love with her. We got married in 1629. Our first child was born in 1633. We named him David Kenway. I was overwhelmed with joy when our son was born. I thought it was the beginning of a happy family life but I was wrong. Our second child, born in 1635 was a girl. We named her Anna Kenway. I knew my children would have to be ready to face the templars in the future, so I started to train both of them from an early age. Both of them also inherited my strange gift of seeing things more clearly than others. One day my happy life took an unexpected turn. There were rumors that the legendary captain Davy Jones had returned from the dead as an undead being who now haunted the world's seas and took the souls of everyone who dared to cross his path. I did not believe it. It sounded far too unnatural to be true. But I was wrong.

Chapter 6: Nemesis[]

The year was 1646. I was 60 years old and many decades had passed from the death of the templar grand master Davy Jones. But all this time he hadn't been dead. He had stayed in hiding and now he returned to scare the people. Many people were superstitious and instantly believed the stories of Jones' resurrection. Some people said that Jones' ship was supposedly seen circling in the atlantic, near the west coast of Britain. I headed there to see it myself. I found the ship and boarded it. It was easy. I assassinated some crew members with my hidden blade to get to the captain's cabin. I was about to enter the cabin when someone said behind me: "Adam Kenway. I never expected to see you aboard my ship again. After all, you destroyed my ship during your last visit." "Davy Jones, or should I say Diederick Jacobs. How are you still alive? It's not possible. I killed you many decades ago." "Haha you fool. I told you that I refuse to die. And I kept that promise. You were just a boy when we met last time and you defeated me but this time I will kill you. And once I'm done with you, I kill your family. "Leave my family out of this." "How kind of you Adam. You just marched here to die. It's the best present I've ever had." I turned around and saw the most horrible sight: Davy Jones had a prosthetic limb made of metal to replace his left arm and the left part of his face was badly burned. In fact, it was completely destroyed. He wasn't a man anymore. He was a disgusting creature who had lost every bit of his humanity. Suddenly Jones released a giant metallic blade that had been hidden inside his prosthetic arm. "Impressive, no? This design was inspired by the hidden blades you assassins so greatly love. It's only bigger and a lot better. What a delicious irony will it be when I kill you with an improved version of your favorite weapon." "Save the lectures for another day Jones!" "Oo what's the matter boy? Did I insult you? Now that's cuter than a decapitated head." "You're less than human Jones." "Wrong I'm more than human. And now it's time to say goodbye!" Jones hit me with his blade. I dodged it and gave him a nice counter attack. But Jones blocked it easily. "That's the best you can do? You're nothing Adam. You are a stain in the nation of England. Your whole country hates you!". "Talk less and fight more you bastard. Maybe I'll shave your beard with my sword!" "Hah, pathetic!" So there I was, fighting against my greatest enemy, attempting to finally kill him. But it proved to be very hard. Jones was more skilled than ever before and he really kept my hands full. Most of the time I blocked his attacks and then attempted to counter attack him without success. We moved across the deck of the ship, our swords bashing against each other in an endless struggle. Then Jones somehow managed to overpower me. He kicked me in the stomach and then disarmed me. "You have lost Adam. I have been waiting for this moment for such a long long time. To finally cut off your head and then throw your corpse to the sharks." "I don't think so. Your fate is sealed." I drew the pistol on my belt and shot Jones. But Jones just stood there and then started to laugh like a madman. "Hahaaahahaha you have no idea what you're dealing with. I cannot be killed. I'm immortal. I'm a god." "Impossible. It can't be..." "Oh but it can. Bullets won't harm me. Not even a sword. So you were basically just wasting your time. "Before you kill me, could you at least tell me what you templars are looking for?" "Well I guess I can give you a final wish. Allright. The thing is that right below this ship, deep in the bottom of the ocean, lies the legendary Atlantis." "No. Atlantis is just a myth invented by an ancient greek philosopher. There's no proof that it exists." "Don't you know anything Adam? Myths tell only a part of the truth. Atlantis was an ancient city build by those who came before. The same beings who created the pieces of Eden. The city was destroyed millions of years ago and its location was lost. But now we have found it." "How come nobody hasn't discovered it before?" "That's because the city is hidden. There's a hidden door in the bottom of the ocean full of first civilization symbols. We wouldn't have discovered it without this apple of eden I have. It showed me the exact location. Unfortunately it's too deep for us to reach and we don't know yet how to open it but I believe that someday we will have the technology to reach that door. And when we do, we only need to find out how to open it." "All this for a door that cannot be reached or opened. You people templars are really desperate." "No, we are the true leaders of mankind. But now it's time to execute you. Goodbye Adam."

Chapter 7: Dead end[]

As Jones prepared to execute me, I whistled. It was a secret mark to summon the other assassins. They had been hiding aboard my own ship, waiting to board Jones' ship on my mark. Ten assassins leaped on the deck. One of them attacked Jones. "Aah why do you always have to ruin everything?" While the assassins were fighting Jones and his men I grabbed my sword. "Jones has a shard of eden. It's that ring around his finger. Remove it and you can kill him!" One of the assassins shouted. My assassins quickly dealt with Jones' remaining men and we all attacked him together. "No! No! No! You can't do this to me! I'm better than any of you! You all are losers!" We surrounded Jones. The assassins held Jones in place while I removed the ring from his finger. "Oops I think I dropped it. My apologies." I dropped the shard of eden in to the ocean. "And as for you Jones...well let's just say that your life has hit a dead end." I stabbed Jones through the throat with my hidden blade. "Rest in peace, captain Davy Jones. May your God now judge you for your crimes." We retreated back to our own ship and shot Jones' ship with cannons until it sank, taking Jones' body with it. "The location of this site must stay hidden. We need to ensure it." Then one of my assassins said: "Maybe we should call this place Davy Jones' locker. People are so superstitious that they won't dare to come searching here, believing that this place is cursed by the spirit of Davy Jones." "An excellent idea. What's your name sir?" "Benjamin Birch." "Well Benjamin, I think we should set sail towards home!".

Epilogue 1: My last days[]

After the death of Jones, I could finally be with my family. My wife Catherine passed away soon. It nearly broke me. I loved her so much. Despite the sorrow, I travelled to France to visit the grave of my old friend Claude Gaspard Bachet de Méziriac with my two children, both of them were adults already. I never told them about Atlantis. They both were skilled assassins but it was for their own best to keep this information secret. Now we have returned to London. It is good to be home once again. My death is near and I know it. I'm old and sick already. I hope I can see my wife again when my time comes. To anyone reading this journal: Please don't let it fall to the wrong hands. And guard the secret of Atlantis well. It must stay hidden from the world. I believe the city contains a weapon so powerful that it could destroy the whole world. It's something much worse than the pieces of eden. That's why the templars tried to find it.

Abstergo report 5x7001: Adam Kenway passed out one month after writing the last entry to his journal. It was 1661 and he was 75 years old. We assume that Benjamin Birch was an ancestor of Reginald Birch. We have the journal now. Waiting for additional instructions...

Epilogue 2: The black raven[]

During the trip to France with his father and brother, Anna Kenway discovered a tomb hidden inside a church in Paris. In that tomb, she found a pair of hidden blades, a black robe with a templar cross and a strange symbol showing a raven and two crossed swords. Using her gift, Anna found a hidden hatch in the floor. She opened it and found an old book. The first page of the book said: I am the black raven, the opener of the way and the contents of this room are my heritage. Now it's your turn to discover the secrets left behind by the ancients...Anna looked at the red templar cross on the backside of the black robe and started to smile. "Interesting..." she said.

Epilogue 3 july 21st 2015[]

A small research ship approached a location near the west coast of Britain. The logo of Abstergo corporation was on its side. Someone said: "This is it! The location we've been looking for. We need to send the divers down there immediately." In the bottom of the ocean, an ancient door covered with symbols activated, shining a bright blue light and illuminating the dark depths around it...