"If the Black Temple shall be found, the Templars need help from their enemies. They have the key, and what's inside will end the conflict. "
Offares' book
Black Temple

The Black Temple's main chamber

The Black Temple (Turkish: Siyah tapınak) was a Temple created by the First Civilization during the Isu era, located in the Black Sea (therefore the name).

History Edit

Isu Edit

Like the Observatory in the Caribbean, the Black Temple was used to spy on people by using blood vials. But unlike the West Indies Observatory, the Black Temple did not required a Sage to open the gates. Instead, the Black Temple used an other Piece of Eden: three pieces of a Prophecy Disk (two plates and an amulet). When activated, the Disk would reveal a message from Durga, a member of the First Civilization. The message would reveal that the temple carried secrets from the people of Isu.

Blood vial

Blood vial

Once entering the Black Temple, statues of the Capitoline Triad was to be seen at the end of the corridor. To open the door, one needed to know the names of the people in the Triad – Minerva, Jupiter, and Juno. If one could speak the names, the statues would make movements before the door was unlocked. Inside the main chamber, one needed to use a blood vial to spy on the person one wanted to see.

Another thing that was unlike to the Observatory, was the possibility to communicate to Durga. Because, like the Grand Temple in the USA, Durga had been captured inside a mechanism by Jupiter and Minerva. They meant she was too dangerous to be outside in the world. The truth was that she was the only one who could stop Juno – and knew of her plan. Minerva and Jupiter however – too proud to admit they had wrong when they discovered Juno's plan – refused to release Durga and kept her inside the Black Temple. To make sure no one would find her – afraid she would be like Juno – Minerva and Jupiter, with the help of Hephaestus and Consus, sunk the temple under the sea.

16th century Edit

The Temple was first recorded by the Ottoman Assassin Yusuf Tazim in 1507, four years before meeting the Italian Assassin Ezio Auditore. It was discovered when Yusuf tracked down a Templar named Seraffo on a ship. Seraffo was not ready for the Assassin, and was boarded. Yusuf had other skilled Assassins with him, and soon all of the Byzantine Templars was killed or captured. Seraffo revealed in his last moments to Yusuf that he (Seraffo) had located a temple from Those Who Came Before. Yusuf wrote it down, but the records was first discovered by the Assassins in 2015.

18th century Edit

In 1743, a member of the Caribbean Assassins, Marie traveled to the Black Sea and managed to find the entrance to the Black Temple and enter. Marie managed to communicate with Durga learning a lot of information about First Civilization. Marie went out of the Temple to tell the Brotherhood about the existence of the site but during her return she died falling into a ravine. In 1758, Eddie Bennun and Hans Sigurdsson, two Dane-Norwegian Templars traveled for the city of Ordu to the Black Sea. The two Templars inspected all of the Black Sea coasts and the sea itself, for about six months and eventually found something. This stage was not well described in Eddie's diary, except that they through an underwater cave managed to find only the entrance but could not get in. During his failed return to Norway, Hans was killed by an ambush while Eddie was able to return to Norway. With the death of Eddie and André in 1769, knowledge of the existence of the Black Temple was lost forever.

Present day Edit

Kendrick Godwine

Kendrick Godwine

In 2015, the Caribbean Assassins sent Zachariah Oneco and his gang to locate the Temple, but was unsuccessful. This have led to speculation if the Temple is real; but in January 2017, Melanie Lemay discovered that John Standish had tried to find it and almost located it. He would send some people to try destroy it – not letting Durga stop his beloved Juno. He never carried out the order, do to his death in 2013. Melanie sent this information to Angelica Concord, who hired Kendrick Godwine to try locate the Temple. Still, she does not know about the Disks and the key that is needed to unlock the gate.

Trivia Edit

  1. The Black Temple got the name because of the location, despite carry a more blueish color.
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