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Abstergo Finding Blade[]

Blade was born to assassin parents but he was forced to live on his own after they were brutally murdered in a house robbery when blade was 5. he was found by Warren Vidic in 2007 at age 20 and was turned into subject 11. he was called Blade due to him having a switchblade upon finding him. Vidic did sevral tests to find Blade's ancestor, Luarence Howard an english assassin in 1887.

A New Beggining[]

on December 29, 2007 some assassins broke into Abstergo and found Blade.they brroke him out.upon returing to the Mancester Assassins hideout they offically named Blade an was all good until june 3 2009, Templars broke in.but instead of Vidic another Templar was there, Fredward Hamiliton III.

The Bar[]

during the attack Blade slipped out of all of the commotion.he quickly went on a boat and got back into United States.first thing he did was go to a bar.he met a bar tender named Desmond Miles.back in Manchester some Master assassins got insignia's on their arms.Desmond poured Blade an shirley templar."hmmm...i've seen that tatoo somewhere before"Desmond said.Blade didn't awnser and left paying the tab.

Blades death[]

one day Blade was walking along the Brooklyn bride when a templar jumped out of nowere and killed our hero, then throwing his corpse in the river.