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"Caesar and I, North and South, Union and Confederacy, Assassins and Templars...we were once, and can be again, blood brothers."

Blood Brothers, also known as Asassin's Creed 4, is the fanon version of the next installment in the Assassin's Creed franchise. The modern portion of the game focuses of Stephen Orzel as he attempts to survive a Templar kidnapping as well as Juno's "brave new world". Stephen is forced to relive the memories of his Assassin ancestor Cassius, an escaped African slave attempting to re-unify the Union and Confederacy and stop a Templar plot.


Stephen Orzel, a janitor at a New York City high school, is working a late shift when he is attacked by Templar agents. He attempts to resist, but Stephen is captured and thrown into the back of a van. There, he is greeted by a man who calls himself the Doctor, who explains to Stephen that his memories are needed to save the world. He forces Stephen into an Animus, however Stephen unconciously resists viewing the needed memory. The Doctor decides to have Stephen view an earlier memory of his ancestor, an African slave named Cassius.

Sequence 1[]

It's 1852, 15-year-old Cassius, along with his twin brother, Caesar, and their mother, Cassieopia, work in a Virginian plantation belonging to Theodore Marsh. Marsh treats his slaves cruelly, and whips Cassius when he drops a basket of tobacco. This causes Cassius to suffer a hallucination of himself meeting an entity named Juno, who tells him to "have patience, because you will soon play your part". Marsh believes Cassius is ill, so he sends him to the plantation's sick ward. Cassius escapes during the night, and free-runs to the roof of Marsh's cottage. Cassius then spots Marsh beating and abusing Cassieopia. He attempts to intervene, but he is halted by another halluciation.

The next morning, Cassius goes to tell the other slaves of his mother's assault. This, along with other grievances, causes the slaves, including Caesar, to revolt. They attempt to storm Marsh's cottage, where he was meeting with J.E.B. Stuart. Stuart had arrived with a small army, who defend the cottage. Cassius takes a hatchet and kills several soldiers, but stops when notices that most of the other slaves, including his mother, are dead. Cassius surrenders, and is knocked out by Marsh. Cassius awakes the next morning to discover that the several of the remaining slaves are being sold. Caesar is then sold, and is transported away. Cassius resolves to escape.

That night, Cassius breaks out the slaves' cabin and takes back the hatchet. He stealthily moves through the plantation, avoiding patrols by Stuart's men. Cassius makes it out, only to bump into a woman named Harriet Tubman, who was there to free the remaining slaves. However, Stuart's army notices them and chases them. The two escape on horseback to the Countryside.

Harriet takes Cassius across the Underground Railroad to the Plantation, located in South Carolina. There, John Brown greets them, and offers Cassius to stay the night. During the night, Stuart's men attack the Plantation. Brown, Cassius, and Harriet fight them. Because of his loyalty and skill, Brown decides to recruit Cassius for the Assassin Brotherhood.

Sequence 2[]

It's 1856, and Cassius has trained to be an Assassin for 4 years. After hunting in the forest, Cassius returns to the Plantation. Brown tells him that they are heading to Kansas in order to put an end to a Templar plot to take control over the region. Brown and Cassius attacked a Templar camp at Pottawatomie, capturing several men. Through the interrogation, the Assassins learn that the Templars have discovered the Key, which is said to unlock the fabled Core Nexus, a location used by the First Civilization.

The two then help the antislavery forces in the Battle of Black Jack in order to get the Key from Templar and proslavery commander Henry Clay Pate. Pate threatens to kill two of Brown's sons if the attack continues. Brown orders a momentary ceasefire, and during this Cassius moves stealthily through the village and captures Pate. Cassius then takes the Key from the Templar, and returns to Brown. Pate releases Brown's sons, and the Assassins begin on their journey home. However, they are interrupted when the Templars attack them at Osawamtomie. The Assassins make their way through the town, helping the antislavery militia defend parts of the town. Eventually, the two escape on horseback.

"Don't you understand, boy? You are inferior to me in every single way possible. Your kind will never achieve greatness, never will achieve glory. You are a stupid, young fool for believing that you could somehow impact the world. You are nothing."
―Theodore Marsh to Cassius

They return back to the Plantation to discover it has been burned and that the workers there are being killed by a Templar group led by Marsh. Cassius attempts to kill them, but he is captured. Marsh insults him, before stabbing him in the back with his own hatchet. The group then rides off with the Key. Cassius, despite being severely wounded, makes his way through the Manor, rescuing several people, including Harriet, from the fire. Cassius then makes it to the basement just as the rest of the Manor burns down. Cassius then passes it out.

Sequence 3[]

It's 1859, and Cassius survived the attack and organized a list of the Templars responsible for the attack. They are:

  • Theodore Marsh
  • John Wilkes Booth
  • J.E.B. Stuart
  • Champ Fergerson
  • Lawrence Branch
  • John Adams
  • Lewis Addison Armistead
  • John Sedgewick
  • Barnard Elliot Bee, Jr.

John Brown tells him that they have picked up a lead on the possible location of the Key in Richmond, Virginia. Cassius travels there, and attempts to pick up information at a tavern, but he is soon attacked because of his color and his "northern sympathies". The Assassin fights them off, but a squadron of guards tries to attack him. Cassius kills them as well, and becomes Notorious in the city. After escaping and hiding, Cassius is approached by Francis Harrison Pierpont, who offers to lower his notoriety in exchange for freeing slaves that are about to sold in the southern district of the city.

Pierpont tells Cassius to rips wanted posters down, which he does. Cassius then bribes one of the several telegram operators found at Telegram Stations. Finally, he assassinates a Confederate Captain, making him Incognito. Pierpont then asks Cassius to uphold his end of the bargain, so the Assassin travels to the poor district.

Cassius frees the slave in the market, but he is attacked by Templar agents led by none other than Henry Clay Pate. Cassius kills the agents, causing Pate to flee. Cassius eavedrops on conversations and performs a few pickpockets, and learns that Pate is hiding in a factory. Cassius free runs across the factory, and air assassinates the Templar. Before Cassius can finish him, Pate offers the location of the Key in exchange for his safety. Cassius agrees, and Pate tells him the Key will be transferred to Harper's Ferry on October 16, before being shipped to an unknown location. Cassius then ties Pate to a pole and leaves him at the factory.

Cassius returns to the Plantation, and tells Brown of the information. Before they attack, Brown decides to give Cassius the rank of Assassin. He gives Cassius the hidden blade and robes, and they have a ceremony in the basement.

On October 16, Brown and Cassius rode for Harper's Ferry. While Brown would raid the arsenal as a diversion, Cassius would infiltrate the USS Destiny and retrieve the Key. However, the Templars had discovered their plan earlier, and used the Key's hypnotic effects to force the townspeople to fight Brown. Despite being outnumbered, Brown continues to fight. Cassius infiltrates the Destiny and sets fire to the ammunition deposit, but he is attacked by Bee. Cassius gains the upper hand, and is about to kill Bee when he is blown off the ship by the exploding ammuntion. The Destiny then staggers into the city, with the Key in Templar possession. Cassius returns to the Arsenal, only to discover that Brown was captured by soldiers.

Cassius finds the carriage containing Brown in the Countryside. He sneaks through the guards and patrols, and makes it to Brown. He offers to free him, but Brown denies. Brown then says the he himself must be a martyr for the Assassin and antislavery cause, and become a national icon and rally the nation. Cassius then slinks back to the woods and watches as Brown's carriage departs, leaving him as the leader of a damaged and decaying Brotherhood.





Theodore Marsh[]

J.E.B. Stuart[]

Harriet Tubman[]

John Brown[]

John Brown was a staunch abolistionist and used violent methods to fight slavery. After a tough time which included the death of ones of his sons and his wife, he moved to the city of Springfield, Massachusetts. He was moved by the city's deep involvement and support of the antislavery movement. It was also here where he was recruited into the Assassin Order, and learned more about the Underground Railroad and abolitism.

After the passing of the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850, Brown organized the League of Gileadites, an Assassin band dedicated to prevent the capture of escaped slaves. He advised the members to act "quickly, quietly, and efficiently", which helped the group grow. His influence and notoriety expanded, and in 1854 he became the Mentor of the American Assassins. However, the issue of slavery divided the Assassins, causing several of them to leave the Order. Following the burning of the Plantation, Brown was in charge of a weakening organization.



Cassius' missions takes him throughout the Confederacy. Cassius can explore the cities of Charleston, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; and Richmond, Virginia. The vast expanse connecting these cities can be traveled and is known as the Countryside, and is nearly the same size as the Frontier in Assassin's Creed 3. It is not as empty, as several quests, missions, and activities take place in it. There is more travelling in the game than previous, so the Underground Railroad acts as the fast travel mechanic. Fast travel points can be unlocked by renovating stations along the route.

Tree running returns in addition to the usual free running. Cliffs, difficult hills, and natural elements can be scaled, as well as jumping, ducking, or sliding to get past obstacles. Inside the cities, ziplines can be renovated, allowing to move through the cities much faster.

Reunification and Building the Brotherhood[]

Reunification missions takes the place of Liberation missions found in Assassin's Creed 3. Helping the citizens fight Confederate guards or completing tasks for them gains Reunification points. Once enough points are gained, Cassius can complete a final mission and reunify that particular section of the city back to the Union.

While doing this, Cassius can recruit up to 36 members to the Brotherhood, with 12 for each city. Using a Telegram Station, Cassius can send the recruits to fight in battles during the war. Which faction to fight with can be chosen, and each side has its own rewards and number of experience points. Recruits can get to higher ranks and eventually reach the rank of Master Assassin.


Cassius can dual wield weapons, which include two Hidden Blades, a hatchet, a Bowie Knife, a calvary sword, revolver, and a bow and arrow. The Bowie Knife is used to skin animals in hunting. Automated enemy selection returns, and offensive actions are emphasized because they are more deadly and efficient. "Double counters" and "execution streaks" are featured in combat. There is no medicine, and Cassius has regenerative health. In order to regain his health, Cassius must escape combat and rest. When faced with a firing line, Cassius can grab a soldier and use him as a human shield. Cassius can perform assassinations with weapons other than the hidden blade, such as a rifle or the hatchet.

Economic System and the Plantation[]

When in the Countryside, Cassius can hunt animals, such as hares, foxes, and deer. He can also sell the resources gathered at General Stores. Shop quests return, with each General Store owning a specific item. Cassius must gather certain resources in order to obtain the item. For example, when exchanging for 6 wolf fangs, 5 bobcat pelts, and 2 elk antlers at the Spotsylvania General Store, Cassius obtains the Commander's Sword.

Naval Warfare[]

Naval Warfare returns, with Cassius given control over the Malfini. Equipped with the powerful but slow reloading Dahlgren gun along with smaller powder guns, the Malfini is able to fight in naval battles across the southern coast, helping the Union continue their blockade of the Confederacy. The Malfini can fight against Confederacy in missions, but can fight ships on both sides during free roam.


101 Confederate flags can be found in the cities and the Countryside. Cassius can remove these flags, and once they are all removed the Confederate Cape is unlocked. When worn, Cassius is permanently incognito.

Notoriety is the same as it was in Assassin's Creed 3, the only difference being that Cassius can reduce his notoriety in the Countryside. In order to do so, Cassius must bribe messengers found around the region. Also, posters are marked on the map.

To gain full syncronization in memories, only 1 challenge needs to be completed.


Multiplayer is presented in-game as the third and final training stage for Abstergo recruits.

A new Team mode called King of the Hill is included. Two teams of four compete to control a location on the map. The spot changes from time to time.



Roger Thompson was a former butcher in Atlanta, with his fine meats gaining huge prices. His skill was noticed, and the Confederacy recruited him as a doctor. However, he soon discovered that torturing the wounded soldiers was much more enjoyable for him. Theodore Marsh learnt of him and recruited him to interrogate captured Assassins. He operated in a camp in the Countryside until Cassius assassinated him. The Butcher uses a cleaver to strike at his enemies.


Jonah West was just a simple farmer in the Countryside until a Union attack destroyed his entire farm. Seeking vengenge, he went on a rampage, decimated Union soldiers left and right. Hoping to harness his rage against the Union, Marsh recruited him and sent him to commit attacks on the Union in northern Atlanta. His reign of terror finally ended when Cassius assassinated him. The Farmer is equipped with a large pitchfork.


David Gordon had the best shot in his small Countryside village, and soon became famous for his skills across the south. He put those skills to good use in the Confederate Army, and was soon recruited by Marsh to help gain control over the southern section of Charleston. The Marksman comes equipped with a rifle.


Emily Milton was raised by her Templar and slaver father to believe that she was superior to every other person. Because of this, she developed a violent streak when she believed someone had bested her. Marsh used her violent and superior personality to help them take control over western Charleston. Their plan had worked until Cassius assassinated her. The Rebel uses a dagger.