Bob: "Milady, if I may talk freely … May I?"
Marie Anne: "Of course. "
Bob: "Thank you, Milady. Tell me, is it worth shove your brother away like you have done? I have never met my family, so I should know how valuable it can be – and how it is to not have one. My advice for you is to find your brother and explain to him why you have acted as you have. "
—Bob to his mistress, 1793

Bob Chimen

Bob (1780s – unknown) was a stable lad employed by Grimon Chimen, and later by Marie Anne and Maurice Eymoutiers in the 1790s. He lived at the rue des Petits-Champs in Paris, along with servant-girl Vallérie during his early youth, and later at a café – controlled by the Assassins. He also later was asked to be the godfather for Marie Anne and Maurice's daughter: Domitille.

Little is known of Bob's origin. The only thing that is known of him, is that he was born somewhere in England. This can be stated from the diary of Grimon. He was on a trip to London when he was stolen from his money. He soon caught with up the boy. He chose not to notify the police simply of the reason he felt pity for him. He let the boy go, and did not think more of him. Bob is then mentioned again when Grimon just have bought a ticket to the ship that will bring him back to France. Now he was impressed by the boy's skills and decided to take him back to his own country. The boy gladly accepted – there were nothing left for him in England.

When Bob and Grimon was in Paris, Bob soon learned French – and spoke it fluently. Because of the young age, French was like a second language for him.

During the French Revolution, Bob worked at the estate alongside Vallérie until it was harassed by revolutionaries. After this, he was sent to the Café Théâtre to work as a waiter. The manager, Charlotte Gouze, taught him in everything he needed to know. Marie Anne and Pierre visited him daily to if everything was okay with him. Someday, they could not find him at the Café. Charlotte told the siblings that she had sent him to buy some food at the Les Halles. But she found it strange that he had not returned yet.

What happened the following weeks is unclear, but what is certain is that he after this became more influenced by the Assassin Order, although he never joined them – feeling it was terrible to kill someone because they believed in something else then themselves. As an ally of the Brotherhood, Bob now operated as an errand boy.

As a 20-year-old, Bob's former mistress had a child, Domitille, whom she had got with a merchant. Bob was asked to be a godfather, and he accepted – much due to that he did not had a child of his own.

Trivia Edit

  1. Bob's name and early occupation at the rue des Petits-Champs, is a reference to a character in NRK's screen version of Baroness Orczy's Scarlet Pimpernel.
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