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Byatwi and Byatta, originally known as Vahid and Umar Hassan,were assassin during the first century.


In 1049,they were on an expedition to China to hide an Apples of Eden before the Templars found them,until a siege attack by a pirate ship in the bay of Bengal.After days of no food and water on a wreckage,they reached the shores of Suvarnabhumi. They were rescued by a monk who was on his way back to his monastery.The monk asked them their names and their story of how they got they get here.Realizing they would soon be recognized by templars by their names,he gave them names Byatwi for Vahid and Byatta for Umar.In 1050,they built a temple in the outskirts of Bagan enshrining the apple of eden,for good.

Serving Anwartha[]

The monk sent them to the royal capital of Bagan, in order to serve the King Anawratha. They became one of the 6 key generals of bagan, other than being the 4 great paladins of bagan; Kyansittha, Nyaung-U Hpi, Nga Htwe Yu and Nga Lon Letpe.

In 1057,with the help of Anawrtha,the 2 brothers founded the Bagan brotherhood, recruiting the four paladins as the the first mentor assassins and the whole Bagan army.


In 1061,Byatta was murdered during a military expedition to China, while Byatwi died of a high fever.


Byatta had two sons left behind,the shwepyin brothers,who later became members of the brotherhood.