"Ah the city of Roma, (Rome) my home. I was born and raised here. I will never leave this place. I love it too much"
―Caesar Macari telling his apprentice Nikolai Kozlov about his home.
Caesar Macari
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1464 Rome


1512 Rome

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Caesar Macari (1464 - 1512) was an Italian Assassin who was commonly refered to as "The Teacher" due to major contribution to training assassin recruits. He even took on his own apprentices to train such as Nikolai Kozlov, Bianca Rossi and who he calls his best apprentice, Rocco Bianchi da Venezia. The Teacher also wrote several books during his time that were released and was often very popular in places like Rome, Venice, Florence and Greece. Caesar was loved by many and repected by all and when he was killed in 1512, not one member of the Roman assassins was unaffected by this tragic loss in the brotherhood.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Caesar was born in 1464 to a rich, sucessful banker who was his father and a poetic writer who was his mother in the city of Rome. Caesar was loved by his family during his early years. Caesar was not their first child however, their first child died during childbirth and the family was devesated. Caesar was perfectly health and attended the best school which explains his why he is so wise. Caesar was very interested in writing when he was a kid and at the age of 14, he amazed his mother by writing a story about a thief who was going over his life before being executed.

Assassin Heritage Edit

At the age of 19 Caesar was called into his father's office. His father greeted his son warming then said that they needed him. After a long conversation about problems between two "unknown" factions, Caesar's father told him that he is an assassin and that one of the factions the Assassin Brotherhood. Confused by this revelation he asked his father what he meant and his father replied that he needed to start training. Caesar was dismissed by his father and sent to a small village on the outskirts of the city. There he meet two high ranking members of the Assassin Brotherhood. Caesar was told that training started now.

Training Edit

Caesar befriended his two trainers who were brothers. Caesar learned how to free run, climb, fight with swords, shoot guns and crossbows, handle bombs and mostly learned how to use the hidden blade. Caesar had fully completed his training by the time he was 24.

Master Assassin Caesar Macari Edit

"I am pround of you mio figlio. (my son) You are now a member of our order. A master of the art and you're not even out of your twenties."
―Caesar's father to him during his ceremony

1488, Caesar walked down the aisle to his father and his teachers. His father handed him a special designed hidden blade equiped with a hidden gun, two blades incase one of them broke, poison darts, a small hallow blade for poison and it can be used on which ever arm. Caesar equiped it on his right arm despite his father saying if he was right handed it goes on the right hand. Caesar said that he should break the tradition and use the hidden blade of right handed people using it on their left hand. His father finally got the brand and spoke the creed in Italian and branded Caesar's finger. After his branding, Caesar's father asked if it hurt and Caesar replied "in realtà è freddo come I'inferno. (It's actually cold as hell)" then the father and son climbed to the top of what will be the Roman assassin's HQ and Caesar preformed his first leap of faith. Caesar was finally an assassin.

Nikolai Kozlov and Rise of the Roman Assassins Edit

1490, Caesar dyed his robes a darker shade of blue and walked around Rome. He had been tasked with recruiting people into the assassin brotherhood at Rome. Caesar knew how to attract people's attention especially since the release of a book he wrote called "Vendetta". People who knew Caesar by face congratulated him and he smiled back. As he walked the streets he saw a very suspicious man who walked around very nervously. Caesar tailed the man and observed him pickpocket several people along the way and the victims didn't even notice. Eventually Caesar greeted the man and asked him why he stoked from people. The man talked in a strange accent that Caesar had a hard a hard time understanding. Caesar told the man to calm down and asked him if he would like to join a more noble cause instead of hurting peopl, he could both help people and himself. The man thought for a minute and agreed to Caesar's demand. The man revealed himself to be a foreign refugee who can from Russia named Nikolai Kozlov.

That night Caesar returned to the future Roman Assassin's HQ and requested to his father that he could train Nikolai in the assassin order. His father agreed saying they needed all the help they can get against the Iron Tunic. Caesar asked who they were and explained that they are a religious group that wanted to return Italy to medieval monarchy and to enslave the world with the Apple of Eden. Caesar told his father his belief of it being a myth to which his father said he wished it was a myth too.

1490 - 1498 Edit

1492 - 1495, Caesar trained Nikolai and became a mentor for a young women by the name of Bianca Rossi who was visiting her family in Rome. After the two devolved a deep trust, Caesar and Nikolai, now a master assassin, rained her in the arts of the assassins. When it was time for Bianca to leave Rome, Caesar sent his apprentice with her to finish her training. Nikolai accepted the offer and they said goodbye and left. Bianca waved to Caesar while on the boat.

1496, Caesar, age 32, struck a deal with a man by the name of Jacope Moretti to help search for the Apple of Eden. Caesar informed his father of this deal but his father was uneasy saying that he knows the name from somewhere but was unable to remember where. Caesar said he shouldn't worry about it.

1498, Caesar and Jacope began exploring around the city gates of hidden secrets in the city. As the searched, Caesar asked Jacope if he would like to become a member of the Assassin Brotherhood. Jacope replied saying he was happy as he was but did wish to become a valuable ally to them. Caesar didn't like that answer but didn't understand why. As the got to the bathhouse that night, Jacope had stepped onto an empty tube and the center suddenly crumbled revealing a trap door. Caesar was confused by this and didn't think it would be this easy. Caesar opened the door and saw a small slit that looks like it can have a small knife fit through it. Caesar inserted one of the blades from his hidden blade in it and twisted it clockwise. Afterwards the slit went downwards without taking his blade. The center of ceiling opened up and a pillar holding an Apple of Eden was released. Caesar laughed at how easy this seemed when until he felt the muzzle of a pistole touch his head.

Betrayal Edit

Caesar Macari: "He betrayed me, he was working with the Iron Tunic all along."
Antonio Macari (Caesar's father): "Thats where I know him from. Caesar I should have told you sooner but I did not remember, Jacope Moretti is the leader of the Iron Tunic."
―Caesar and Antonio Macari

Jacope revealed to him that he was only using him to get to the apple and planned on using it for his own purposes. Caesar watched as Jacope approached the apple however, Caesar threw a throwing knife at Jacope and hit is arm dropping the pistole. Caesar ran towards the apple and took it from the pedastal then tried to escsape the bath house.

Caesar and his vision from Apple Edit

"What I saw broke my cuore e aperto la mia mente. (heart and opened my mind.) The apple showed me my true purpose. I must find this person."
―Caesar Macari on his true purpose in life

Caesar returned to the Assassin HQ with the apple and informed his father of Jacope's betrayal but did inform him that they had successfully recovered the apple. His father congradulated him and then left Caesar at the hideout.

That night, Caesar was studing the Apple at the table. As he looked into the center he suddenly felt himself get sucked into the core. He saw himself in a white room surronded by grid-like objects. Caesar suddenly found himself in the middle of the colossume. It was night time and he saw himself on the ground with blood leaking from a chest wound. Caesar couldn't understand what was going on. He was standing there but he saw himself on the ground there. Caesar then saw an assassin wearing assassin robes just like him albeit black dye. Caesar walked to the dying body and touched it but his hand went through. The body finally laid his head back and died. Caesar then found himself in Venice even though he had never seen the city. He saw an old man on a bench looking in the sky quietly talking to himself then the old man rested his head against the bench and died peacefully. Caesar walked to the old man and then he knew what this meant.

Caesar found himself asleep on the table and woke up. What he saw made him depressed but he felt elightened about what he calls a revelation about his life's true purpose.

Macari - Moretti Edit

Caesar Macari: "fottuto bastardo. Hai tradito non solo me, ma la fratellanza assassino! (fucking bastard. You betrayed not only me but the assassin brotherhood!)"
Jacope Moretti: "Does not matter to me because I have this! *Raises apple of Eden* I will control this pianeta senza valore. (Worthless planet.)"
―Caesar Macari and Jacope Moretti.

Caesar walked in the darkness of the night acting very stalker like and avoiding guards. The streets where suspiciously calm and quiet for normal. Caesar did not like this and headed for the rooftops where he felt it was safer. As he climbed to the rooftops, he saw many crossbow men who where showing obvious signs of alertness. As Caesar climbed down, a crossbow bolt caught him in the shoulder unexpectedly. His armor kept it from going to deep and he was able to pull it out. He let himself drop to the ground then turned around to see what shot him. He saw Jacope Moretti with the crossbow looking at him with a menacing smile. Caesar called Jacope out calling him a traitor. Jacope took out what appears to be another apple of Eden and explained he would control the world. Shocked by this, he threw a knife into Jacope's leg which caused him to collapse. Caesar ran to get the other apple but was stopped when Jacope grabbed his foot. The two engaged in a long fist fight. Caesar took a hard blow to his face and realized that his age was catching up with him. Jacope was younger then he was and stronger then him. Caesar called Jacope a coward who in turn, said Caesar was an "old fuck who was going to die" then gave him a warning about a hostage. Jacope escaped on horseback while Caesar tried to find out where the hostage was. After listening for loud screaming, Caesar located the hostage, killed the captors and saved the hostage. The hostage was revealed to be a women. Caesar carried her to her home. After arriving to her home, she thanked Caesar for saving her and told him that they would kill him. Caesar found this women attractive and told her that once she is rested to meet him by the courtsidd in Rome a night. The women accepted the invitation wishing Caesae good night.

After arriving back to the assassin hideout, he realized he had completely forgotten about Jacope's other apple of Eden. Caesar shamefully spent the rest of his night looking for the other apple.

1499 - 1503 Edit

It was a time of peace for Caesar despite his discovery of another apple in Jacope's hands. He eventually got married to the women he saved. Casear often spent time looking into the apple to see what else he can learn about the future often feeling depressed of the apple's revelations to him.

In 1500, Caesar was told by his father that some assassins would be taking refuge here and asked Caesae if he would take over the family business. Caesar was confused and asked what he meant. His father revealed that he had to leave Rome to take care of some matters in Istenbul and he probably would not return for quite some time. Caesar reluctantly accepted his offer despite the excuses his father came up for.

From 1500 to 1503, Templars have been controling Rome while Caesar had been doing his best a recruiting people into the Assassin Brotherhood. Having recruits help out was good however, Caesar knew he needed an army to take Rome back. One night, he looked into the apple that he had hidden and saw another revelation but not as disturbing. It revealed to him that he would take an apprentice of his own in the near future. This seemed to easy Caesar's mind.

Meeting Rocco BianchiEdit

Three weeks afterwards, the Templar laws had become strict and militia men were ordered to kill civilians if neccesary. This didn't come as a surprise to Caesar but it did come as a disappointment and felt it was showing him that he was failing. Caesar was sitting at the docks watching incoming ships dock however, a civilian diving out of one of the boats caught his eye. He watched the man swin to the city. Caesar felt that he needed to investigate and followed the mans trail.

The trail stopped cold at a bench and Caesar could no longer find the man. Caesar assumed the man to be a Templar spy and turned around to see the exact man being attacked by a city guard. Caesar primed his hidden gun and shot the guard dead. Caesar saw the young man on the floor and helped back to his feet. Caesar asked the man to follow him to the hideout.

Caesar asked the man for his name. The man said his name was Rocco Bianchi. Caesar introduced himself and asked why he had come to Rome during it's time of trouble. Rocco answered that he was looking for someone who had murdered his family to which Caesar asked what happened.

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  • Caesar's last name "Macari" is also the last name of an old friend of mine who died of drug abuse.
  • Caesar is based one an insignificate writer from the renaissance who made a living writing books that are now lost within history (Atleast that's what the journal from back then says.)
  • Orginally Caesar was going to be an insignificant character in my planned "series" sort-to-speak but he was lacking character development.
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