Cai Mao
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208 AD

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Assassin's Creed: Dynasty

"But lord Cao Cao, haven't i proved anything to you at all?"
―Cai Mao talking about his planned execution with Cao Cao
Cai Mao was once a servant of Liu Biao but surrendered to Cao Cao after Liu Biao passed away. He would then become the man known as The Master Of The Yellow Sea and would be in their inner circle in the Order Of The Dragon.

Bio Edit

Early Life And Beginnings Edit

It is unknown when Cai Mao was born, but he was born into nobility. And by the time the game first starts, he is already serving Liu Biao, the governor of Jing Province. When Liu Biao Dies, Cai Mao quickly surrenders. And becomes a servant of the Order Of The Dragon as their navigator and spy.

The Hidden One Arrives Edit

When Qiao Zhen arrives at Jing Province, Cai Mao welcomes him and tells him to walk with him to the palace. When they arrive, Cai Mao tells the young man to wait outside while he talks with the governor. After a while, Cai Mao returns with Cao Ren, a high-ranking General who asks why Qiao Zhen is here. He explains that he is on a mission to investigate why Liu Qi is missing and that his last location was here. Cai Mao, realizing that he is a Hidden One, shouts, signaling an ambush. By the time Qiao Zhen deals with the ambush, Cai Mao and Cao Ren are gone.

Attacking Qiao Zhen Edit

As soon as Qiao Zhen rescues Liu Qi, Cai Mao appeared again to attack him by sea, but is driven back and defeated.

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