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"Sixty years we have been crafting these blades, sixty five years we have been waiting. Now you've arrived, and our task shall be done. So will be our souls, so will be our existence,"

- The twin keraton blacksmiths toward Bayu

Cakar Jathayu (Claw of Jathayu) is a name of two Keris made by a twin blacksmiths of keraton. The shortswords were later given to Bayu Cathaka.

The Sacred Ore[]

Unlike any other sacred weapons used by few popular assassins that were crafted by "Those who came before", Cakar Jathayu were handcrafted by two blacksmiths from Keraton Jogjakarta (Royal Palace of Jogjakarta).

The metal ore used to create Cakar Jathayu was an unknown metal extracted from a meteroid, found by Mpu Gandring, the legendary blacksmith known for his ability to craft weapons and fill them with various power. He often call meteroids he found as "Watu Lintang" (Star Stone), and believed that the stones were sent by Hyang Dhruva, a Hindu Deity that is believed as The Deity of Stars and Constellations.

The Blacksmiths & The Prophecy : Order of Sultan Hamengkubuwono VI[]

"He will come before you and carry a sacred insignia. A symbol that you never see before. A symbol that belong to those who fight for freedom, yet they chained their own lives to their order"

- Sultan Hamengkubuwono VI toward the twin blacksmiths

Two young blacksmiths that were twins were secretly chosen by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VI, the sixth king of Keraton Jogjakarta at 1815. These blacksmith were= told by the king himself about a secret prophecy that explained about a secret war that will occur in Java, but the effect of the war itself will spread across Indonesia, determining its future. He commanded them to craft a pair of mighty short sword, a traditional weapon named Keris, made of the sacred ore which was a legacy of Mpu Gandring. The prophecy also contained a story that a knight will born and will hold the most important role in the secret Java crusade, and will come one day to claim the blades. He told them to go to Merapi mountain and bring the sacred ore along with them to begin create the weapon.

The Creation : Melt, Shape, and Toil[]

The blacksmiths, without any hesitation, accepted the order and began to craft the weapon. The ore itself was so hard and powerful, that it took 5 years for them just to heat it up red hot. After reaching certain level of heat, they had to forge and shape the blade by using certain ancient tools which were given to them.

The crafting of the blade took sixty years. The process included toiling, carving, and blessings. Somehow, probably affected by their magical task, the blacksmiths were able to live and wait for the coming hero for 125 years.

The Arrival of The Shadow[]

"You are finally here, you are here. We are now finally free"

-- The blacksmiths as Bayu showed them the insignia of Java Assassin Orde.

When Bayu was 20 years old after he joined The Orde, he had a dream in which he is travelling to Merapi mountain and once he arrive at the slope of Merapi, two Keris come to him and claimed to be his servants. This dream continued to haunt his sleep, caused him to travel to the mountain.

After a long walk, he found a small hut with burnt ground around the place. Inside the hut there were two old man meditating. Once Bayu showed himself before them, they quickly asked if he bring a strange symbol with him. Bayu showed the insignia of Java Assassin Orde, satisfied and made them smile. They told him everything about the prophecy, about his role in the secret war, and about the blades. They gave him the Keris, and told Bayu that the name of the weapons is Cakar Jathayu, or Claw of Jathayu.

When Bayu held the weapon, the blacksmiths began turned to dust, and slowly crumbled.

Extraordinary Power[]

The first battle tasted by the blades was when Bayu ambushed a Dutch supply convoy that was on its way to Solo. Bayu rigged the road that was chosen as a route for the convoy with explosives hidden inside tree logs and detonated them once the convoy reached the spot. He then began to attacking the convoy, killing every soldiers he faced without any difficulty. But then a hesitate soldier drove his jeep toward Bayu, attempting to ram him. Bayu was about to jump away when his weapons pulled him forward, trying to make him cut through the vehicle. The next moment was a surprise as Cakar Jathayu cut the car into two pieces.