"Wow, you really suck at this, don't you?"
―Cal about to fight against Andy.

Cal Wilkison (1960-present day) is a Master Templar, who was born in the 19th century, and was one of the few Abstergo masterminds that created the idea of training recruits with the use of the Animus machine. Born somewhere in the year of 1960, Cal grew up, living a normal life, often hanging out with his childhood friend, Warren Vidic.

However, at the age of ten, he had gained the interest of Abstergo since he had assaulted some Templars (throwing fruit at them). Discovering that he had potential to become a great Templar, he was recruited, and placed in the Animus, and relived the memories of his ancestor, an Assassin that eventually would go rouge.

As of today, he is high-ranked in the Templar Order, but after a shooting incident that damaged his back, he has since then walked with a cane.


Vidic: "Stop with your absolute nonsense."
Cal: "But if I am to stop, I have to begin, right?"
Vidic: "Oh no..."
—Cal and Vidic debating.

Cal was, in the beginning, very rude, always having the first word, and stubborn. That all changed when he was inducted into the Templar Order. Gaining a sense of right and wrong, he differed from the other recruits, as he did things "his own way." Eventually, he became a loner, and was ice cold towards everyone, finding rivals (and eventually allies) in the Assassins. Now, he is mainly calm and collected, and has a sense of humor, always responding to something, good or bad with a surprised "Oh!"


When Cal was a child, he wore a white T-shirt, with a blue flame motive. He wore green shorts, and blue sneakers. His hair was quite long, and he wore a headband. When he was young, he wore an over-sized red jacket, but for some reason it didn't have a zipper. His hair was still quite long, and his T-shirt was now black. When he got older, he would sometimes be seen with a suit, and after the incident that damaged his back, he wore a white polo shirt, and black pants, with a pair of grey shoes.


Early LifeEdit

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